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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Nearing the Breaking Point...


Hello everyone…. 

First know this, I am a bit embarrassed about placing this post here, It likely won’t last long.. I had always been able to fend for myself and my family, until about 15 years ago when we lost the company and most everything else followed… even then until I had a few accidents I did ok in providing for the family. Please forgive me....

Today I am begrudgingly going to come clean on a small part of our current situation… 

There is just some days I can’t take it anymore and those days seem to be growing. 

On the positive side… I have now lost 25 pounds due to a gut healing program Amy put me on and exercise, my knees have been pain free for about two weeks now, I can’t tell you what it is like to wake up and have no pain after 10 years… I am caught up and in fact ahead in the roof bidding proces since finding a new roof contractor… and have sold one job, I know this doesn’t sound well but it usually takes a few months to learn of whether you got the bid or not… keep in mind this is what I know best and if I can get it fine tuned and on the same page as the new roof contractor[s] it can be a very good way for me to earn a living with my limited abilities. However…. I am in the waiting period not only to get paid but to learn of any other successful bids. 

Each day is a battle, the last few days and trying hard not to think about it, I was able to write a few articles, today didn’t start out so well… once again I am down and thinking again of doing something drastic… a positive thing people. However I am emotionally and spiritually tired… Although I am very grateful for several peoples generosity in helping us through this seeming never ending battle… I just can’t do it any longer. Today is my oldest Granddaughter birthday and we have no money for a gift… today as every morning I took my son to Seminary, all the while staring at the gas gage, and when I get home to our fifth wheel trailer which we have by the way because of a very generous man… I start worrying about the increasing cold and worrying about ways to keep the wind and cold from getting in. Have any of you ever seen your wife crying because she went grocery shopping and couldn’t get what we need because of ever raising prices and the lack of money to begin with? I have, and I don’t ever want to experience it again. I want a home, one that someone isn’t going to boot us out because the real estate market is souring or any other reason.

For these very few reasons I have given as a peek into the ironic life I live, I have decided to stop thinking about it and act upon the only things I have of value other than my family… There are certain projects I decided to give away, they are the most proven, with the most evidence, provenance and most exact instructions, these are the ones I know exactly where they are. Unfortunately or is it? they are in Mexico. Before I simply “give them away” I am seeking a serious would be investor to get actively involved, some one willing to in a small way compensate me in all that I have put into this since 2002, I don’t want much, I just want to survive and should we succeed a small percentage. 

The first hard part is done, the research, we know where it is, we have establish communication with the land owner with permission granted. But the second hard part is yet to come, the recovery, getting it to a safe place and converting a portion of the spoils to credit. And IF for whatever reason it just seems to be gone… because no matter how good the evidence and research,  there is always a 50/50 chance, it is there or it isn’t… but then, we’ll move to the next one and there are 5 locations at this time. If I have to publicly give one location away in order to show the validity of the project and the probability of the others? Then so be it. 

So now, in an effort to build up to the evidences and establish a foundation of knowledge to any possible capable person, and to simply share with my friends and supporters, I want to post again pertinent and important foundational information pertaining to these projects. The first one will be reposted today. The next trip south of the boarder is being planed now… fortunately I have friends in Mexico, and a couple of people who are not afraid of going down to Mexico and among those wonderful people south of the border. This can be done people… despite fear and skepticism.

WATCH For The Hidden Treasures of New Spain

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