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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Part 4 (My Take) Hereford Photos

 Once again let me say, I could always be wrong.... that happened once long ago, and then I realized I had made a mistake.... But seriously folks... This is just my take, my current opinion and is based on evidences gathered.... What ever the truth is... is what I seek, keep it fun...

Monday, June 28, 2021

Jesse's Kids? Part 3


Jesse and Myra Belle's kids?

I'm not sure exactly where this photo came from but because it was found on the internet at a tintypers web site, I can only presume it came from EBAY... Some collectors of tintype photos really seem to go off the deep end, every photo they have acquired from their ebay experience seems strangely enough, always someone of the great historic past, and if you do not believe them, just ask them. This photo if I recall was presented on the tinners web site as an authentic photo of Jesse, Archie Clemons and Zerelda Mimms who was Jesse's cousin and the wife of Charlie Bigelow, and as I said, if you don't believe it just ask him.

Now I must admit, in my effort I am really no different than the tinner previously described who presented the photo as Jesse and Archie etc.... So... once again, it is my opinion but again based on circumstantial and extenuating evidence. I do not believe this image is Jesse, Frank and such. But I did take notice of the photo for other reasons. If the tinner bought this photo off of ebay then I'd say he might have got down right lucky... because I have reason to believe that these 4 young adults are the children of Jesse James and Myra Maybelle Shirley and these same 4 children may very well be present in the Hereford Photo. These children are presumed to have been born between 1865 and 1875, which would make these children IF in the Hereford Photo, around the ages of 45 to 55 in the Hereford photos.

Here are the 4 faces believed to be Jesse and Myra's children, see if you can find them in the Hereford Photo.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

An old Spanish Monument

 In August of 2005, some friends and I were traveling up a well known canyon when I gazed to my left and up high and saw what appeared to be a monument.  We pulled over but not for long as we had some Woolsey Trees to go see... Taking out the binoculars and spotting the suspect  monument, it was quite clear it was indeed a monument, but who built it?... I had my thoughts at the time and suspicions that if it was indeed an authentic monument, what message did it carry? why had none of the so called experts who had spent many years in this area never mentioned it? I wouldn't know the answers to these questions for another 16 years... 

Over the years and driving past this monument many times, each time I would stop and look still wondering... I don't know why but I just never went up to it to see. A few weeks ago we were traveling the same canyon going on a recon mission to investigate a very strange site, once again we stopped and looked... but this time I decided it was time... I knew I wasn't going to hike up to see it so instead I found the roads that lead to a half mile from it just as it was from where I stood, but at least it wasn't a half mile straight up. Not able to find contact information for the land owner, I decided to contact my very loyal friend, Tracy Gardner, who has a drone. Today Tracy went to the site but not to fly the drone, I should have known better, he makes it look as simple as it use to be for me... Today I finally got my pictures and although still uncertain of a few things, I'm pretty sure it is an authentic Spanish era monument and it does indeed carry a message which points to the Red Ledges some 4 leagues away. Gee, I wonder what could be there? 

Anyway... thank you Tracy for all you do.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Who Are They PART TWO


Who Are They

Part Two

Before I get started on identifying the individuals in the previous article Hereford photo, let me say this, regardless of what my opinion is in all of this, it is just my opinion. That is not say that my opinion is not based on some form of evidence which is largely circumstantial evidence surrounding events about the first man mentioned in the previous article. This post and conclusions will seem to be purely based upon photo likeness which I can only respond with, it is definitely at least a small if not significant part. So... skeptics bite your tongue, as I am certain you could not definitively contradict my conclusion with anything any more factual that I will give here. And keep in mind, there is so much more to this and the conclusions I will make. Regardless, Enjoy.

I am going to start with the second man mentioned in the first article... His name is barely known to even the civil war history buffs, let alone as the father of the first man. The second mans name is Lieutenant Colonel George Strother James. Below are two of the only photos of him that I know of that exists. Mr. James is known as the man who fired the shot of the Civil War, that was heard around the world, to be more accurate he is the man who gave the order, and it was likely a signal shot.

Lieutenant Colonel George S James

Can you find him in the Hereford Photo?

He would be about 92 when the photo was taken.

History has it that this man was mortally wounded and having died at age 34 on February 2nd 1862, however this is not the case. George was married to a lovely lady known only to a few as Molly (Elizabeth?) Dalton.

Molly Dalton

Can you find her in the Hereford Photo? (In her Late 80's)

By the time of his supposed death, George and Molly had 3 sons, a daughter and possibly 2 more children. The boys were from oldest down, John, Frank, and Jesse with a purported twin sister to Jesse, Rebecca Younger, wife of Cole Younger.

By now I am certain you know the name of the suspect first man, but lets talk about his incredible wife, Myra Maybelle Shirley, NOT TO BE CONFUSED with Bell Star who was a horse thief. The confusion began with a name in which Myra Belle had for a short time used as an alias spy name, Belle Starr, and long before the woman who stepped into her shoes, Belle Starr the 2nd ever used the name, no one really knows who she was. I sometime jokingly wonder if it wasn't Myra Maybelle who shot her...

Myra Maybelle Shirley

Can you find her in the Hereford Photo? (Age about 72)

I doubt the public will ever know what this woman went through all in the name of defending the Republic.

This brings us the the first man who most everyone has been taught to believe... was a Murderin, thoughtless, blood thirsty, womanizing, brutal thief of a man... and yes, Jesse James was some of those things, and he was a whole lot more. Jesse was a primary operative spy for the Confederate underground, his main function was the weaken at every opportunity, the forces of the North who were funded and backed by the elite families of England. Jesse's most favorite people during his life were the African people, the Indian people most particularly the Sioux Indians, and the Mexican people. In case you have not figured it out yet, the south wasn't fighting that war to keep their slaves, they were fighting to keep the freedoms of America and they failed, if you doubt this of which of you is not in bondage and captivity?

Jesse Woodson James in his late 30's

Can you find Jesse in the Hereford Photos at about age 73

Jesse, his Wife, his Father and Mother were true hero's regardless of the loss to the world Bankers. Jesse's best friend and body guard through all of that war and even unto death was John Trammell, and ESCAPED Black Slave.

Jesse and 3 of his long time friends, John Trammel (Left)

Lucky Johnson, and Gene Robertson (Right)

John was once known among the bare knuckle fighters as the Black Cobra. The whole slave issue was designed to gain the support of the American people in that Civil war, and it worked, the majority fell for it hook line and sinker. The Victors in the war overthrew our Constitution rendering is useless and have converted the America people into merchandise to be bought and sold... They incorporated in 1871 and now, you swear allegiance to their flag created out of their law, Title 4 USC 1. You have no Constitutionally Protected rights, as your fathers before you and of your own doing through ignorance, bartered them away in exchange for civil rights which are not rights at all and which can be taken and are nothing more than corporate rule. Most refer to this foreign and domestic enemy as the Fed.

Jesse was a gentile man, but ruthless when needed, he was kind and a good friend to those who loved our country, but had no tolerance of those even out of ignorance who supported the bankers overthrow. He was a womanizer yes, but had to be, he had several wives and every child of his he knew of and those not his he took care of them, even if they never knew he was their father, he even took care of the children of some of the men he killed such as the fall guy Charlie Bigelow's kids and his widow who went down in history as Jesse's wife and she never talked. Jesse's aunt however who went down in history as his mother, just couldn't keep her mouth shut and in later years Jesse killed her. He cared for the poor and the widow and often provided for them, he was a very wealthy man aside from the wealth of the Confederacy which is staggering and has never been realized.

The Confederacy had nothing to do with Lincolns assassination, but the powers that be wanted you to believe they did. Jesse later in years even helped Abe Lincoln's cousin William S Lincoln, who knew well and good the Confederacy wasn't responsible, track down and let him witness the assassination of John Wilkes Booth, killing two birds with one stone. Now with Lincoln dead and the hired man dead, those responsible could let down their guard.

William Simpson Lincoln

After the war Jesse and a majority of the Confederate underground moved to Texas. Jesse lived out his many lives still weakening the enemy when ever he could, and taking advantage of them for his own personal wealth. Two of his most prominent and successful alias's were (Senator) William A. Clark and Captain Harrison Trow. As far as public showings William A. Clark kept a low profile with only his double Carl O. Clark, making public showings, most of Clark's dealings were managed from Hereford Texas where he showed himself publicly as the elegant Captain Harrison Trow.

In 1925 just 5 years after the Hereford photo above was taken, with himself getting older along with his Wife Myra Belle also getting older and posing many years as Missouri Ann Jesse, Interesting name by the way... I can only surmise that Jesse had a gut full of trying to manage so many alias's and who knows maybe someone was getting close to discovering the truth. But on February 24th Jesse did what he had done many times in the past and staged again his own death, first the death of Captain Harrison Trow, and 6 days later, the death of William A Clark. Jesse at this time was 83 years of age. I often wondered if Jesse's kids knew who he really was... but being suspect of 4 of Jesse and Myra's kids being in the Hereford Photo, I don't know how they could not know.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Who Are They?

Who are They?

Part One

In the above photo taken in Hereford Texas in the year 1920, there is at least 4 significantly important individuals, unknown heroes from the Civil War era, two men and two women, can you find them and identify them?

SOME of you know the answers, please don't spoil the fun... yes, to me it is fun and I thrive on it, there is nothing more invigorating than discovering the truth. “And the Truth will set you free!

It will be years if not decades before the American society comes to the knowledge of the actual events of the Civil war. As it would seem some are beginning to figure it out and apparently, the powers that be seem to be threatened by that, I can't imagine why... I would elaborate on this but feel it would go unread and without any concern where in if one would delve into it and learn the truth of it, they would be shocked... if they cared at all...

For the same previous given reason is also why I will not at this time reveal the 4 individuals... If I were to tell it would create disbelief and scoff. “Some” from the world of the academics simply could not even consider it and why? Because the curriculum has so carefully taught or should I say indoctrinated the student, they dare not question... I don't claim to understand but it is so well taught, many loose the ability to think otherwise or for themselves....

Now... Concerning the 4 individuals....

The first man and most significant is most always portrayed as a thoughtless, ruthless, blood thirsty, murdering, scoundrel and thief, and he was some of those things yet he was so much more and is one of Americas greatest bona fide yet unrecognized heroes. A man who truly fought for the freedoms of the Republic and against the worst enemy we have ever had, still have and will ever have, However, “Great will be the fall!”

The second man is the father of the first, yet you will not find this in history and I'll bet you can't guess why?... Remember the Victor writes the history and it is the Victor of that war who is now trying to erase that history, they don't want you knowing these men were heroes nor why. This man is known for his first act in the Civil war and because of orthodox history, (the Victor), most would never hold this man in any kind of regard, they would instead hold up and build statues hailing another man, Americas first Caesar and first president to committed treason against the Republic and from his own mouth admitted his destruction of the once free Republic.

The first woman is the first mention mans wife. This was no common woman, this woman has done more in defense of the Republic than any other woman since, except her mother in law. Behind every great man, is an exceptional women...

The second woman is the mother of the first man mentioned and yes, the wife of the 2nd man. Like her daughter in law, this woman has done more in defense of the Republic, along with her daughter in law.

It isn't the propaganda or what history has fed the public for the last 160 years that the Victor is trying to hide from you, it is the truth of what that war was really about that they are trying to get rid of, because there are many who are awakening and beginning to see the truth, the victors worst enemy is NOT truth, it is growing knowledge of the truth. They know that a lie can never stand against exposed truth.

Perhaps in a few days I will identify the four individuals and maybe four others in this photo from 1920.