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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Faces of the Past

Over the last 30 years or so, I have investigated and gathered information from every mystery that pulled at me... many are considered a hoax by those to narrow minded to consider... I don't roll over that easily, I have always weighed the possibilities in an effort to "Prove or Disprove" which is the only way to find the truth of any given mystery...

Over the years of these topics deemed a hoax, and claimed to be proven as such, with no proof to support and with this so called proof being nothing more than what is plain to those who see.... as nothing more than a controlled decision of those who fear loosing their status, funding, or "good standing" with their peers... Truth or knowledge does not come from a paycheck, often the barking voice of those stripped of their ability to have an original thought with "I get Paid to know!" nor has the ability to regurgitate indoctrination ever materialized into intelligence or truth.

One of the many purported claims which was slammed with the hoax factor was the Russel Burrows discovery, I for one am of the same opinion as I have concluded with the Michigan Tablets, why would anyone create so many fake artifacts? The answer is always money... how convenient, yet I must admit... fitting, however on the other hand, why does academia, when ever faced with discoveries to incredible to fathom, always deem those things which do not fit the controlled system of Manifest Destiny, as a hoax? my answer is fear... fear of truth, what if it were true?

Regardless...  the decision is yours whether your foundation is is built with facts or the whims of those who mistake intelligence with indoctrination... I will not argue with a one sided skeptic.

The following presumed artifacts were created by some one, and as you will see some are of the Burrows collection and some from a discovery ten years later some 50 miles away from the Burrows site. If in fact the following images are authentic, who were these people? I mean the clearly intended portrayed individuals found carved upon them? And there are hundreds of them.

I am puzzled at how two reported hoaxers from two different time zones and near 100 years apart could come up with what appears to be the very same image of a particular figure of the past?

I for one do NOT subscribe to any Egyptian EVER coming to this continent, I believe the Egyptian were a people who rose to power by oppression, they were lazy, they never went anywhere unless it was on the back of those whom they oppressed, the Hebrew. The Egyptian couldn't build a shopping list let alone a building. If there is evidence of Egyptians on this continent, it is here as a result of Hebrews, not Egyptians, and this is what those of Smithsonian fear... and what the earliest of explorers prior to Smithsonian knew without any doubt, the evidence being far above substantial.

The following images are not placed here as proof of some discovery, idea or concept, they are here simply for you to observe and hopefully encourage you to remain open minded in these things, regardless of how damming the evidence may seem... the truth will come, in due time. Examples from 3 separate discoveries are below, two of which deemed by the so called experts as a hoax, the other was never reported, I wonder why?

I have placed them here simply out of wonder... Who were they? Specifically... we may never know... especially as long as those who control our history, are afraid of what the truth may be.

I don't care what the truth is, as long as it is the truth.

The First two images are from two different sites, discovered 90 years apart and are about 1200 miles away from each other... It seems clear to me, both authors had the same idea, concept or knowledge of a creature we today, do not know of... how is this possible?

Image of the Copper Plate found in Cottonwood Canyon 1916
Note the unknown creature bottom center and another top just left of center

stone discovered about 30 years ago at an undisclosed site 50 miles from the Burrows site.
This creature has been portrayed on many artifacts scattered all over this continent but because it is not understood, it is always hushed...

My departed Skeptic Ute friend Paul, two weeks prior to him leaving us, asked me if I had any photos of the Burrows Stones... I replied with yes I do and he asked to see them.

Paul was in the habit of "calling a "BS" on anything that had no evidential support, After bringing up the pictures he asked if I knew why he had never given me any flack about the Burrows Stones find, I responded with "well, now that you mention it, why haven't you? 

He proceeded to tell me of an experience he had as a kid, he told me that not far from where he grew up he was out hiking and in the distance he spotted what appeared to be a cave, hiking some distance to the location he found it was indeed a cave. He told me that at the site above the cave were strange symbols or hieroglyphs which I now have copies, he entered into the cave to what he described as an altar about waste high for an adult, on the altar was many stones, stones which he said were exactly as the Burrows Stones bearing the same images and writings... He told me he gathered up a handful of them and took them to his grandfather, upon holding them out to show his grandfather, his grandfather sharply slapped them from his hands and scolded him and told him, "you gather those stones up and put them right back where you found them, that's the cave of death! and you stay away from there!"... Paul did as he was told, but before passing in 2002, he shared with me the location.

This location that Paul found and held these stones is on Ute reservation property and is located some 1200 miles from where Russel Burrows would reportedly discover the same type of stones, 20 years later. Paul told me the stones are identical in every design... how is this possible? Paul was one of the most forthright honest and humble people I ever knew...