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My name is Daniel Lowe, some call me Digger. I am a private researcher of the past, an amateur archaeologist to be politically correct. I have no certificate hanging on my wall to evidence my knowledge or experience. I grew up in Utah County and have been in the business of Roofing my entire life but I have no certificate to prove that either. My involvement in the hunt for the hidden truths of this nation and it's treasure began at a very early age. My mother and my father were constantly heading for the deserts and mountains following up on stories handed down often from my grandfather, Ira Thornton who in some accounts had personal knowledge of the events. My family has a rich history in days of the founding of Utah; my family was a part in a large way of those first immigrants that came here. Although I enjoyed chasing the stories of bank robberies, stage coach or train robberies and the like, my interests were much deeper. My interests have always been in the mysterious Native American Indian, as to who they were, where did they come from, who wrote upon the rocks and what does it mean? Because of these things and the fact that Utah and Arizona seem to have many periods of the past which has changed the geography, and drastically in many cases, and having a belief in a young earth as apposed to a 4.5 billion year old earth, my interests have also included the ancient geography of the west and especially in BC times.

My main topics of interest are the ancient geography, the Native American and those whom they descend from, today’s DNA research although still in its infancy, has brought to light validation of many things I had supposed for so long, even things none had considered. My interests lie in the Native American Petroglyphs and my studies of near 30 years of them has proven to me several times over that it is a written language, just as the Egyptian hieroglyphs but with some different rules. It has also proven to me that it is a simple form of hieroglyph in fact, and likely, the original hieroglyph symbol base system for most if not all hieroglyphic writings known today. I am still to this day looking for just that one student who is interested enough to continue my research, and the research of LaVan Martineau whose theory of the Native American Petroglyphs is a written language and to take all that I have acquire with respect to it and take it even further than I have ever supposed could be done.

My research and my interests in the past history of constantly digging deeper into the many very old publications written at the hand of those early explorers who first came and saw this place and encountered those who were here, talked with them and lived with them and wrote there legends and stories in order to preserve what ever this people still remembered or knew about their past, it is because of this; that my path has often came to the Spanish lore of hidden treasure.

As fascinating as it all is and laden with mystery which is the thing which drives me most and the thrill of finding the truth of it, I could not help but entertain the stories, collect them and study the things they spoke of. It seemed to fit right in with my already love of the mysteries of the past. Although not my main interest, it would seem that the more I was disinterested, the more others would open up and seemed to be more willing to share what they knew. I have been very fortunate in the materials and information I have collected over the years.

In return and to cure my need to share, and my need to support my young family as injuries of the past have left me limited and I’m just plain getting old, I have written several books for the purpose of sharing my findings of many years and I have created this blog to extend the need to share and continue this research, not only for the purpose of encouraging others to get out of the house with the family, turn off that lying TV and get out there and experience the truth, to delve into the hundreds of books of the past which contain many things that would astound you! But also for the purpose of finding those who are capable of helping to further this research by donation, participation or even both. Regardless, I sincerely hope that you enjoy and appreciate all that I hope to share here at Tuscoro.com.

If you really have absolutely have to get in touch with me do so at tuscoro@gmail.com

My colleagues and friends are many and from many professions in life.