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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Part 3 Nine Mile Canyon

More Images in Nine Mile Canyon

Large Grainery to the right

Fom here go around where you will find more glyphs

Monday, February 22, 2016

Nine Mile Part TWO

A Day at 9 Mile Canyon

Part Two

More photos in Nine Mile with
Some photo examples of digital repairs

A Day at Nine Mile Canyon in 2006 FIRST SET

Some pictures are digitally repaired or reconstructed

First set

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Destroyed Missing Glyph Alert

Unfortunately unusual glyphs have a way of attracting a compulsion of those who for some unknown reason, just have to have the glyph itself in their possession, I don't know why.... It would seem to me that the authorities should have placed trail cameras at this site for the purpose of discovering who it was who destroyed it, there was plenty of time to do so. This glyph when I first visited it, was well on its way to being permanently destroyed and gone. It is now officially gone as I am told. This is why careful consideration is used before I tell where sites are located, and some, I never tell...

Keep your eyes and ears open, I would like to see the responsible party face prosecution.

 Digital reconstruction

As it has appeared for years and is now gone

Friday, February 19, 2016

The Box

Hands Down one of the most vivid pictographs sites with a mixture of petroglyphs, a great combination of various forms. Wish I had better pics, but I had my old camera this day...
Perhaps a trip is in order... when the snow leaves...

(UPDATE) One year later and I still haven't been back to get better pics... pffft

The Dutch Flat Panel Recreation

Some of you may be familiar with this panel, there are some who will also notice that the presumed older paintings are not included as it is my opinion they were not intended to be a part of this pictograph. This one of my earliest reconstructions and near impossible to get it exact due to the panel being in such poor shape...

When I was first taken to this panel many years ago, I was so taken in by it I just had to recreate it, I spent hours measuring and sketching all for the purpose of recreating the panel on a sandstone flat rock which I still have to the day, Years after recreating it, my Navajo friend Tom Clah (Clark) a renowned sand painter, also recreated it as a sand painting, now in the hands of a another friend.

Both the Sandstone recreation and sand painting hung on my wall for many years and one day it dawned on me as to the possible subject. The subject is key in understanding the glyphs and in many cases needed in order to proceed with a process I refer to as a breakdown... this one when realized, just blew me away... To me, it is not secret... it is sacred and not for the general public. Besides, if I told you, you would not believe it... The breakdown is a process I use in order to test the hypothesis of any given meaning of a panel.

Digital Recreation using physical recreation.

As it appears today...

My original recreation on stone

Sand Paint by Tom Clah (Clark)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Silver of Catherine

In May of 1901 there appeared articles concerning the old Spanish mines discovered in Central Utah, mines that clearly predated the accepted non mining expedition of Escalante, the following can be added to the blatant clues left behind that even today validate the old stories from the Salt Lake Mining Review.

(PDF Copies available upon request)

I would love to tell the story that took us to this place but it is not mine to tell. Although the project is for all intensive purposes at a standstill, it is still one of the many I hope to return to someday. A friend of mine had shared a story with me along with the providence of it, a map drawn by those who had found it in 1927. Most stories you hear share what seems to be the same old story, they find something, they take nothing, leave and when they come back, and they can’t find it again. This was not the case in this story at least not entirely. These men actually loaded up their packs, but 15 years later after the depression and the so called anti hoarding laws, they did return, but could not find the same place and could only argue about which slope they were on. However years before they drew a map with the key features they both remembered.

After the story was handed to me, weighing the clues I decided the best way to approach it was to backwards analyze the clues. My wife and I traveled to key points given in the story which were said to be seen from the cache site. Looking towards the suspect area we made our plan deciding the area which needed to be search.

As we examined the USGS maps into the area we could see there was a trail going right where we determined we needed to go.. How convenient I thought, little did we know… but when we arrived at what we considered the main trail it quickly became apparent this trail had been here a very long time.

“Mine Ahead” You can see the ax marks plain as day...
This is a common found glyph, this one is  carved into Mountain Mahogany the glyph which many excuse as a forest service trail marker, because many of them are, where do you think they got it from? However many are not.

This one has about 4 inches of overgrowth making it according to an expert in the field, carved over 400 years prior, this is one in which I want to core date. 4 wheelers are allowing to and a little past this point.

Not far past this Tree and now knowing we were on a very old and well used trail, I spotted to my left a fallen monument. Traveling further up the trail several more tree carving were found, some which appeared as if, it were intended to disguise it by carving over it, likely by a forest serve employee, of which it was not much successful.

 Utah Juniper
(I may have tree pics reversed)

Another monument next to the old trail and partially hidden in the trees. Notice the Crustose lichen growth? The purpose of the two monuments I will withhold.

Arriving at a point of about a half mile from our suspect area, I noticed something which crosses the trail.

Silver anyone?

After this point, no other trail marker meaning mine ahead were found other than one found further up the trail but facing the opposite direction. Arriving at the location we felt was applicable, off to the right I spotted another monument. 

Examining the Crustose Lichen... or passing a Kidney stone... I forget which...

Again I inspected Crustose lichen to determine if it was of recent construction. I am of the opinion that it was not. This monument has since been destroyed and scattered, it is not likely the individual who did it will read this, but should that occur, I am fairly certain as to who it was, and why, but unfortunately, it was in vein. This now missing monument along with the previous marker was not expected in the slightest. Several trips have been made into the area, it is not an easy place to get to now due to addition BS Travel restrictions. Need I define BS?

This location holds some of the best evidences of Spanish occupation long before Escalante that I have ever seen, and needs to be seriously documented and the trail needs to be traveled even further in.

This is a 3 day camping expedition in the future which will require horses… But horses is only half the battle, the most restrictive culprit is… you guessed it, Money… Fortunately, I am not a miner, and contrary to popular belief, I am not a treasure hunter... but if it is a mystery to be solved, I'd like to sink my teeth into its back side and get dragged to death....