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Friday, February 19, 2016

The Dutch Flat Panel Recreation

Some of you may be familiar with this panel, there are some who will also notice that the presumed older paintings are not included as it is my opinion they were not intended to be a part of this pictograph. This one of my earliest reconstructions and near impossible to get it exact due to the panel being in such poor shape...

When I was first taken to this panel many years ago, I was so taken in by it I just had to recreate it, I spent hours measuring and sketching all for the purpose of recreating the panel on a sandstone flat rock which I still have to the day, Years after recreating it, my Navajo friend Tom Clah (Clark) a renowned sand painter, also recreated it as a sand painting, now in the hands of a another friend.

Both the Sandstone recreation and sand painting hung on my wall for many years and one day it dawned on me as to the possible subject. The subject is key in understanding the glyphs and in many cases needed in order to proceed with a process I refer to as a breakdown... this one when realized, just blew me away... To me, it is not secret... it is sacred and not for the general public. Besides, if I told you, you would not believe it... The breakdown is a process I use in order to test the hypothesis of any given meaning of a panel.

Digital Recreation using physical recreation.

As it appears today...

My original recreation on stone

Sand Paint by Tom Clah (Clark)


  1. Spiritual in nature, I believe. I get a real sense of an 'Exodus' analogy, with the 'Snake Man' representing a kind of Ark of the Covenant, quadropeds the people, the central figure a Moses of sorts. The book The Rocks Begin to Speak indicate these peoples may be ancestral to the Hopis. What say you, digger?

    1. I say turn to the last pages of my firt book... if you don't have it... why not? ;-)


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