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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Valentines day one Year ago

Valentines day 2015 couldn't have been a better day. A day with emotional offsets and struggles yet at the same time, spending it with old friends, new friends and family. As I strolled down memory lane remembering the time so long ago, and the reasons I was there so many years ago, it was nice to return regardless. A week or so ago I realized a few of the sites I had not been to in 28 years I had nothing but scanned 35 millimeter photos, and I decided to revisit these places to re shoot the panels. 8unfortunately, there was allot of shooting, but it wasn't by cameras... This first panel I wasn't even sure where it was, but although my mother cooked with aluminum, we did find it. Thank You to all who participated and literally risked their lives to look for it as bullets ricochet around us

Nick named by Ron Lee many years ago, the Barry Manilow Glyph. 
I had not seen this since Ron and I found it about 28 years ago.
Back then however we did not have bullets ricocheting all around us.
It was a little nerve racking getting these photos.

Below the Barry Manilow glyph.
I had forgotten this one even existed

Above the Barry Manilow glyph.

Lake Mountain Glyph
This is a virtually unknown location of which I would prefer to keep it that way, as well as the next few photos near this site. When we arrived, some one had just set up his shooting range and was about the pepper the hillside, Fortunately we were able to inform him of the glyphs and to please be cautious of his aim.

This is the second panel I had ever found and still unknown to 
BLM and State Archaeologists to my knowledge.
This photo is digitally enhanced due to heavy lichen overgrowth and darkness of the patina.

This is how it looks now... It was hard enough to find 30 years ago, now it is even harder to find...

MY FIRST PANEL  which I found over 29 years ago.
Digitally enhanced as I have never been able to get good lighting on this one.
The patina is very dark and I would dare say, these last two are among the oldest glyphs in the state.

The following image is how it looks without the enhancements, it is very difficult to get a 
good image of this one...

There is an interesting story that goes with the glyphs we visited this day and some we did not, perhaps some day I will tell when the sceptics are subdued, this may be art to some, but it was not intended to be, it is a message from the past, for a future generation. To each his own... I have better things to do than argue with academic know it alls... 

Of all the site I discovered in my first three years the following site use to be amazing to visit, it now stands as a monument oblitrated to all those who claim to be concerned, claim to exist for the purpose of preserving this nations history of the Native American, this site I have watched with a tear in my eye, shot to pieces, panels stolen, and the last time I visited the site, the remaining panel seen below had taken a bullet hit, I don't know how it has survived this long as a back drop for a gun range... I doubt it is still there, I don't want to go back to see... However my thanks goes out to the only BLM employee and only individual who did all he could with red tape tied hands... Perhaps if we would stop viewing it as Art and see it as history.... if not, maybe we can start viewing our old books as nothing more than art...

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