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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Following the path of the Ark of the Covenant PART 5 2nd Part

Well… I am going to let you read this for yourself the concluding words concerning the treasure by placing it here in the following images of the two pages of the translated edition which talks of the treasure. Keep in mind, I am not saying there is no Aztec Treasure in the regions North of Mexico, I am simply saying NO Aztec let alone 2000 of them loaded up tons of worthless Gold and Silver to take it back to a place where in there is more than they could haul with 2 million men. However there were certain items of sacredness to the Aztec, brought back to the area of the Caves and further North to their ancient home of Aztlan, it might just surprise you where that is or was.

Although I hold in high regard the works of Tezozomoc in what I believe to be the most accurate record of the Aztec available, I highly recommend Diego Duran’s History of the Indies as it reads very much as Cronica Mexicana By Tezozomoc and it has been translated into English.

From the recently translated book
History of the Indies of New Spain by Diego Duran 1588

There is a story that appears in the Aztec record some years prior to Moctezuma II, in Chapter 27 of Duran’s rendition, Moctezuma the 1st decides he wants to discover the Land of his fathers, the home of his ancestors and begins to make plans to send emissaries and an army North to find this place to see if anyone was still there. Moctezuma tells his War department head, Tlacaelel or prime minister of his plans and this apparently throws up red flags and Tlacaelel tells the King that this is not a good idea and that he should not send his warriors which would appear as intent of war, but that he should send his elderly magicians and sorcerers.

The king agrees with Tlacaelel and laden’s the magicians with Gold and many precious things, a treasure which could satisfy any 60 sorcerers which is the number he sent according to the record. The Sorcerers depart and go to a place some 40 miles to the north of Mexico in the Province of Tula to a hill called Coatepec and there they supposedly trace magic symbols on the ground invoking the powers of the evil one to help them find this land and with this the evil one supposedly turns them into animals and birds and the evil one takes them and their gifts to the shores of a large lake with an large Island or hill. At this they resume their human figure and supposedly find the mother of their pretend god and the people who remained behind so long ago. But these people do not grow old and are very light and because of the ways of the Aztec and the heavy foods they eat they cannot ascend the hill.

After meeting with the mother who descended the hill, and who was a nasty dirty looking woman due to her supposed morning of her son having not returned, she accepts their gift and returns them with a message for her son. 40 of the sorcerers return and tell Moctezuma all that supposedly occurred and he buys it hook line and sinker. Now you’ll have to read the account for yourself, but I include it because it is a supposed return trip to the home of their ancestors but they were not perused by an enemy.  Strangely enough 20 of the sorcerers did not return to which the remaining tell Moctezuma that the evil one must have taken them in payment.

Personally I think the sorcerers knew damned well they were not going to find this place nor were they in any condition to undergo the trek due to their old age or having other motives. I believe they went 40 miles north of Mexico and conjured the whole story to satisfy Moctezuma of which 40 of them wished to return while 20 did not and took the treasures for themselves with an agreement between all of them never to divulge the truth or they would all be put to death.

So to this point, I still do not find in the Aztec Record, any evidence of anything of the treasure the Spaniards wanted as to being taken back to their ancient home.  In the following chapter however I do find the possible evidence we seek. But before I continue with that chapter, let me give you a possible scenario which is just a hypothesis and I have nothing really to support the idea, or do I?

In the story likely created by the sorcerers, as an urgency to return the god or the sacred bundle they called a god, rather than for the riches and inability to perform the task, is it possible that these sorcerers or at least twenty of them were actually righteous men or at least men who saw the importance of taking this sacred artifact back to its resting place until its purpose would again in the future resume and knowing well and good it was no God, and was the reason of so much suffering and death among the Aztec? Is it possible they used this incident as a ploy to make a replica of this sacred item and placing it in the position of the sacred bundle or god in which no one was allowed to see, switching it out and carrying it out with all the other things the king had given them to take to their ancient home? Could it be that with mutual consent of the 60 that the sacred item was returned by the 20 who never returned to Mexico? Also is it possible that Tlacaelel was in fact a righteous man and that this whole scenario of the Aztec Nation is in fact a type and shadow of the Israelites in Egypt? Could Tlacaelel be a type and shadow of Joseph of old, second to the Pharaoh? I can’t help but wonder why Tlaceaelel turned Moctezuma’s mind away from the idea of sending an army to the land of their ancestors he supposed as to being the prime minister or head of the Aztec war department and that Huitzilopochtli could not have a part in this whole incident. After reading the entire history according to Duran, this part just does not fit.

In a previous chapter and in 1424, Tlacaelel at a younger age, carries out a noble act in that when the Aztecs were under threat of annihilation by the joining kingdom of Azcapotzalco, the Aztecs as a whole convinced King Izcoatl, being the fourth King or Emperor of the Aztec, he decides at the will of the people that rather than being defeated in war convinced they had no chance that it would be better to go to the King of Azcapotzalco and submit themselves as slaves and that they should carry their god Huitzilopochtli to Azcapotzalco and deliver him to their new ruler. This is indeed a strange act and worthy of ponder.

Tlacaelel who was the Nephew of King Itzcoatl, hears this and steps forward exclaiming to the King and the Aztecs, asking them what is this! Have you lost your wits? The King who apparently had his hands tied in the matter was well pleased that his Nephew had stepped forward as the King thought this was a slavish act that his people were about to perform, and expressed his desire that he would rather have a court to honor them rather than dishonor. Turning to the people, the King asks  them after Tlacaelel’s speech, if they still wanted to carry out this cowardly act, and no one would speak, the new plan required sending someone to Azcapotzalco to propose peace where in when asked for a volunteer, again no one would speak. Tlacaelel steps forward again and bravely volunteers to undergo this likely fatal act as the people of Azcapotzalco had been instructed not to allow anyone from Tenochtitlan to enter their city and should any of them try, to kill them.

One reason Tlacaelel proposed this idea is that it is said in the Aztec Record that the Aztec highly believed that they should never incite war and that they after suing for peace were unsuccessful then they were justified to defend themselves in war. I wonder where this concept came from. If you recall, the Nephite were of the same belief and it was because of ignorance to this law, that they were defeated and destroyed as a people.

Now I may have carried on more than I needed to but I wanted the reader to become somewhat familiar with this so called god, Huitzilopochtli which was not a living man but and object of sacred background of which no man was allowed to see other than certain designated priests and that they had made an Image to pacify the people giving them something to look at and keeping the sacred object hidden away. The priests who were the go between from this sacred item and the people, claiming that it talked to them, obviously were not talking to some God but it would appear that Lucifer had stepped in to have his time with this fallen people.

Now there was one thing about this Sacred Artifact among the Aztec that baffled me for some time and kept its true form from me, and that is that the Aztec gave this thing a name, a birth place, mother, brothers and sisters in fact hundreds, this seems very strange indeed. How could this sacred artifact have a birth place, mother, etc?

I also wanted the reader to make the connection if not already, the strange similarities of the Aztec religion and Buddhism. It is generally presented to today’s public that the Aztec was a heathen race, a barbarian culture due to the focus given to their human sacrifices and flaying of men ritual in which I would agree was indeed barbaric. But in reality the Aztec was a highly religious people doing ONLY what they believed their gods wanted them to do, not understanding that the majority of which came from the wrong source through corrupt priests. In reality, the Aztec religion was a bastardized version of the Buddhist religion, that in and of itself had already strayed from its conception due to no one writing the teachings of it for near 300 years but more likely 600 years after its inception.

The Aztec likely learned the more fundamental parts of their religion from two sources, that of the surviving Nephites after being expelled from their homelands of Aztlan, carrying with them their former beliefs and sacred items, and that of those whom they most likely intermixed with being the descendants of those who once inhabited the 7 Caves and are likely very well connected or the very same people of the Queen of Sheba and those of the Ajanta Caves. I wonder what response we might get from those of the Buddhist belief if they came to understand the possibility of Buddhism having been in a large way, its origination HERE on this continent and taken back to India through the people of Sheba after their Queen had been taught by Solomon!

Before parting from this chapter I want to address the idea that this strange object the Aztec had made their god which had a mother, brothers and sister etc… I was talking with a friend of mine about this very thing, in looking at the Aztec religion and their belief that their King was the very incarnation of their god Huitzilopochtli, the Buddha religion is the same believing that their religious leader is the literal incarnation of Buddha. I could not help but wonder where this similar idea came from but it would seem it may have came from the same source.

Since the creation of the Ark of the Covenant, there has always been one key figure who was in direct authority over the Ark with Moses being the physical creator under the command of God the Father. Certain priests or religious figures were the care takers of it just as in the days of the Aztec. However, Moses died and his successor Joshua took over, then King Saul followed by King David and then his son King Solomon. Many of us have read the many events involving the Ark during the days of Solomon and we are fairly certain it was last reported as being in Jerusalem only to disappear. But my reasons for bringing this up is in that it would seem it was always over seen by a worthy or authoritative figure. It would appear the events of the creation of Buddhism possibly being the Queen of Sheba taking the teachings of Solomon back to her people, Sheba no doubt knew of the Ark and it would not be long before it made its way to the New World, which is actually the old, old world. Prior to the time the pre Aztec religion merged with from Buddhism some one was in charge of the Ark. Who ever this individual was prior to the Aztec departure from Aztlan and prior to living in the caves for near 2 to 300 years, this individual was likely highly regarded and was considered as the literal incarnation of Buddha, Solomon, Moses or God its creator. I would suspect at the time they departed from the caves their religious beliefs had certainly been altered now encompassing a large part of what they formerly believed as well as the Buddist like religion. Believing this highly regarded individual as the incarnation of the God or creator and being a manifestation in the flesh as the sacred item itself of which the Aztec believed, would fully justify it having a mother, birth place and brothers and sisters. But where was considered the birth place? I suppose the one individual regarded as the creator could be just about anyone in authority over the Ark or a fine mixture of the many that have been.

It is said that the Ark or what they called Huitzilopochtli had several hundreds of brothers and sisters; this may not be far from the truth. King Solomon had hundreds of wives and concubines, how many children do you think he might have had and what about his father David? If Solomon did indeed take the Queen of Sheba to wife and she had a son, this some would have had hundreds of siblings. In Buddhism it is the original Buddha whom it is believed as being the one incarnated, I would suspect it would be the same with the Aztec,

Now I don’t know who the authoritative figure was at the time of their departure from the caves, but it would seem he had passed on or murdered and it was his sister who accompanied the Aztec in their migration or at least until they and their new found false god found her as a threat and left her behind. It is likely the priest of evil design had taken over at this time given the many recorded things whispered to them from their supposed god. So with this knowing speculative idea, we begin to understand how the Ark known as Huitzilopochtli, could have a mother, sisters etc…

Now, earlier herein I mentioned that I have not found any evidence of anything being taken BACK by Aztecs to where it came from, however I do find the possible evidence we seek, in fact two possible evidences, one in the following chapter, and the other in the next paragraph.

According to supposed Indian tradition, if the source is accurate, "an expedition of well-organized and warlike men some dressed in the beautiful feathers of the Quetzalcoatl bird, had come from the south escorting a long line of slaves, dragging boxlike containers shrouded by skins. The party went directly to the Grand Canyon and descended down from the south rim, the exact place they descended is known to only a few.  The treasure was placed in a cavern that evidently had been chosen earlier. The slaves were killed on the spot, while half of the men remained as a guard and the others returned to the south. It was probably planned by the Aztecs that they would recover the cargo once the Spaniards had been driven into the sea, however, months and years went by without word for the garrison at the cavern. Eventually, they intermarried with the local Paiutes and told them tales about a great Indian empire in the south with their emperor, who would return in the future with an army to bring prosperity to the Paiute tribe. Until then, the treasure must be guarded from discovery by anyone. It was a responsibility that meant annihilation for the Paiutes should they permit the hidden cache to be stolen. I can’t help but wonder if this wasn’t the same event in which Moctezuma the 1st sent his priests in search of his ancestral home and the mother of  Huitzilopochtli, the war god. However," I feel this is a glorified version of the real story...

3rd part of Part FIVE withheld....

Monday, September 23, 2019

Following the path of the Ark of the Covenant PART 5 in 3 Parts

Ark of the Covenant among the Aztec?
Part 1 of 3

There are many legends and tales from the Native American Indian of what would have undoubtedly placed the Ark of the Covenant among them, including and primarily the Aztec, whether a replica, representation of it and how did they obtain a knowledge of it? Due to the many details found in my research, I had long supposed that those who make up the Aztec which means by the way… people of whiteness, whom according to their chronicles, is of the Later Group of Families who came from the North East is non other than what Mormons call Nephites. In addition to them who became a part of them in AD times being likely those of the Roman Colonies and or Welsh, there are those who originally or first came to the land near 4400 years ago from the Tower of Babel as indicated in their 1st migration. The former were in fact of Hebrew Origins and likely the people of Lehi and or Mulek according to Mormon belief, regardless, the Haplogroup X DNA in and around the Great Lakes Region cannot be denied.

Haplogroup X distribution

Of the seven tribes or families of the second migration found in the record, it has been long suspect that those originally called the Aztec or People of Aztlan, Aztlan meaning whiteness or place of the Herons. These people were called Aztec long before they migrated south and after the other families or tribes had left the 7 caves, they changed their name to Mexican, Mexica, or Mecitan in honor of their priest and Lord who guided them on their migration whose name was Meci. Later after acquiring the land of Mexico they would take the name Tenocha from the tenochtli or prickly pear cactus. All seven tribes originally came from Aztlan but for some reason left and as a result of this untold reason they found themselves according to the record, in humiliation. Perhaps they were cast out by others of their kind, or were defeated by an enemy, both are possible but I would lean towards a curse upon their land in which they knew they had brought upon themselves, great changes in their land due to earthquakes diminishing the living waters that fed their land making it a near paradise. After leaving Aztlan the tribes together found their way south to the place of grottoes, the seven caves or underground cities in which were long abandoned by the previous people who were the ancestors of those whom they would eventual join, the Toltec. It is said in the Aztec record that the entire course of the migration from Aztlan to Mexico was near 400 years and that these tribes occupied the caves for near two to three hundred years of the 400. 

The first tribe to leave the caves migrating south and eventually to Mexico was the Xochimilca followed by the Chalcas, then the Tenanecs and Colhuas and after them the Tlalhuicas and Tlaxcalans. The Aztec remained behind for a time as a result of a divine command given of their God or what they thought was a God. These people affirmed that their God had promised them this land for they are the people he held dearest. It is clear to me that these people at this point were taking an ancient promise, and extending it and isolating it to apply only them. As you will see, what they thought was their God whispering to their priest and visiting them in their dreams was in Fact Satan, taking advantage of their fallen state and by use of a sacred artifact which was likely in their possession, or their own mimicked version of it having lost the original or lost the means by which to posses it and worthiness to use it with the original safely hidden away.

In the Aztec religion, Huitzilopochtli [Ark of the Covenant)] Huītzilopōchtli [wi:t͡siloˈpoːt͡ʃt͡ɬi]), is a Mesoamerican deity of war, sun, human sacrifice and the patron of the city of Tenochtitlan. He was also the national god of the Mexicas, also known as Aztecs, of Tenochtitlan. Many in the pantheon of deities of the Aztecs were inclined to have a fondness for a particular aspect of warfare. However, Huitzilopochtli was known as the primary god of war in ancient Mexico. Since he was the patron god of the Mexica, he was credited with both the victories and defeats that the Mexica people had on the battlefield. It is important to remember that the defeat of their patron deity meant the defeat of his people. This is one of the many reasons why they were concerned with providing exquisite tribute and food for him. Not only was it important for him to survive his battles, but the fate of the Mexica people would have rested in the victory of Huitzilopochtli. He is referred to as: the Dart-Hurler, the divine hurler, and a terror to the Mixteca. Originally he was of little importance to the Nahuas, but after the rise of the Aztecs, Tlacaelel reformed their religion and put Huitzilopochtli at the same level as Quetzalcoatl, Tlaloc, and Tezcatlipoca, making him a solar god. Through this, Huitzilopochtli replaced Nanahuatzin, the solar god from the Nahua legend.(Wiki)

The visual Idol rendition of Huitzilopochtli
Of which the people were allowed to see.

This god was given a name, brothers and sisters, a mother and a personality, not much of one but none the less. According to the Aztec record, the object not the statue rendition seen above, was carried by four men or priests by inserting two poles into the sides of it and carrying it upon their shoulders. It was kept covered and no one was allowed to see it or touch it, to do so meant death. It was always carried before them in war, for which they were always victorious.

According to the Aztec record the Aztec arrived in Mexico some 300 years after the previously mentioned tribes. In their travels in search of this Promised Land their god kept promising them and was actually leading them from, they found themselves somewhere North of Mexico. Before I expand upon this location, the Aztec record tells that when they left the caves, they took their principle god with them, his name was Huitzilopotchli, he had four custodians to serve him, I did not know what this meant until later in the record it is explained that these four would carry this god on their shoulders. Any god that needs to be carried isn’t a God. The people held this God in great reverence to the degree that no one but his keepers dared approach or touch it. It came concealed in a coffer of rushes, so that none of the people had ever seen the form of their God. It is likely that this god was in fact the Ark of the Covenant or a cheap Memorex.

It sounds to me as though Satan had a good thing going back then, mimicking the True God promising them things they had long before been promised and not realizing they were already in the land which was promised to them in Aztlan and even prior to coming to Aztlan and they likely did not understand that that promise or fulfillment of covenant would not take place until the final gathering of Israel when Jesus the Christ returned to Rule his Kingdom. They were in the Promised Land when they arrived on this continent some 1500 years or so prior, but their occupation upon the Promised Land or stewardship is and was conditional until the fulfillment. In other words, you are welcome to the land and free to be here, but you will keep my laws and worship the one true and living God. Apparently they had lost this knowledge and now their pretend god was leading them FROM the Promised Land, with false promises of a promised land, it is customary that Satan mimics the true and living God.

After leaving the Caves, they arrive at some undisclosed beautiful place along the way and their god instructs them to deceive a portion of their people at their request of having some of them remain at this place because of its beauty, he instructs them to wait until a portion of them go into the lake to bathe and while they are bathing to steel their clothes and leave them behind. Strange god indeed…

This god also had a sister whose name was Malinalxochitl (wild grass flower) who apparently, Satan … er I mean he who was posing as Huitzilopochtli was threatened by. She is described in the record as beautiful and of spirited disposition but then the record tags her as a very clever and cunning woman, skillful in the use of magic and sorcery. It says she caused much harm to the people and that they only tolerated her because she was the sister of Huitziloponchtli. The people asked their god to get rid of her of which he complies and tells them because of her evil ways and being dangerous to them and because of his love for them, he instructs them to wait until she slept and her servants and leave them behind with them not knowing the way he intended they would not be able to find them and remain behind. Wow, this is indeed a strange god! My guess would be that she was constantly trying to get her people back on righteous path and consistently foiling their pretend god’s plans, knowing well and good who it was and who was truly leading the people. This perspective of mine comes from what occurs years later.

At some point prior to the following incident Huitzilopochtli becomes angry with the people according to the priests who claim revelation from the god because they arrive at another beautiful place and the people wanting so bad to remain there they begin to rejoice insinuating that this is the place and wanting to celebrate because they were finally there! And the god answers the priests saying, Who are they who disregard my will, who object to my decisions and try to contradict them? Are they by chance mightier than I? Tell them I will take vengeance upon them before tomorrow so they will not dare give opinions in those things that I have determined and for which I am here. At this point they apparently had made a humanoid physical rendition of this god or had it all along for the people to see as apposed to the one no one could approach or look at, and they say that the face of the idol become ugly and frightening with a diabolical scowl and the people were filled with fear.

At midnight they heard a great noise coming from the divine ball court and skull rack, both sacred places dedicated to this god. When morning came they found the primary instigators of this rebellion together with the woman called Coyoxauhqui dead with their breasts torn open and their hearts removed. This was the incident that caused the Aztec to began removing the hearts of their sacrificial victims believing their god only ate hearts. Ya… this is a god I’d follow.

The sister of this god, Malinalxochitl who apparently had remained behind with her servants or followers as the record calls them, (Remember you ALWAYS have to take into consideration who is writing the story) and according to the record, (Diego Duran’s 1500’s version),  she establishes a place called Malinalco which carries the same name to this day. Malinalxochitl who was said to be a wicked sorceress, later gave birth to a son, the record says she taught him all her tricks and witchcraft. My guess would be she taught him to walk upright in the Lords way. After this son grew up she shared the experience of being abandoned by her people at the hand of this pretend god Huitzilopochtli, Her son’s heart becomes filled with wrath at the sight of his mother tears and promised to seek him out and destroy him and his followers with his arts and cunning. When the mother saw her sons determination she told him it was her desire as well and helped him to prepare for his search and to incite all the nations to destroy Huitzilopochtli with their most fiendish skills and cunning. Her sons name was Copil, meaning diadem or crown, interesting....

It would be my guess this son was a rightful heir to the throne or leadership of these people and like his mother desired to break the bonds which Satan had upon their people and free them from his deceptions and the wicked priests who had charge. Copil learns of Huitzilopochtli’s arrival at Chapultepec and he goes from town to town telling the people of this plan to destroy this evil [My words], the record written by the faithful followers of Huitzilopochtli reads that he was kindling the fire of wrath provoking the hearts of the people against the Aztec, inflaming the other nations so they would destroy them. Copil was successful in his attempt convincing all the cities round about to join in and destroy them attacking all at once. Then the record says; when the evil Copil saw that his scheme had been successful and the plan was about to be carried out, he went up to the top of a hill at the shore of a lake where there are some famous hot springs to watch the destruction of the Aztec. Huitzilopochtli warned the priest and instructed them to go to the hill where Copil was and prior to the attack capture him, kill him and bring him his heart of which they did and were told to cast his heart out into the marsh.

The surrounding cities carried out their attempt to destroy the Aztec of which they were almost successful but they managed to cut there way through to an abandoned city. However the armies managed to capture the king of the Aztec Huitzilihuitl, not to be confused with Huitzilopochtli, and killed him. But the Aztec regained their strength and their charlatan god begins to deceive them again.

He cons the people again into going boldly to the Lord of Calhuacan to ask for land in which they can settle, the Lord not wanting them around but hesitant to annihilate them consults with his council and they agree to give them the worst land around full of vipers and poisonous snakes thinking they would eventually be destroyed by them, at first the Aztec were horrified and afraid but later became accustom to them and eventually began to capture them and made them their principle food. Eventually they were all but gone of which this amazed the people and Lord of Caluacan gaining a little favor in their eyes.

Again their god having a thirst for blood and war tells the priest that they need to look for a woman who will be known as the woman of discord and will be known as their Grandmother or mother in the place they will dwell. He tells them again to prepare for war and tells them to go to the King of Calhuacan and ask for his daughter to serve him, he explains that the King will give her and she will be the woman of discord. The king seeing this as a way to end strife and maybe tame the enmity between them and enthralled by the idea of his beloved daughter regarded as a Goddess and he agrees.

After taking her with the King thinking she is to become a bride to the Aztec god and mistress to the Aztec, then O’l Huitzilopochtli tell them through the wicked priests they must kill her and sacrifice her in order she become their mother, then he tells them after she is dead to flay her! And dress one of the principle youths in her skin and then invite the king to come and adore the Godess and offer a sacrifice. Well the King falls for this hook line and sinker and calls all his dignitaries together to go and worship his daughter. The people not really wanting to go, accept the Kings invite and they go to the Aztecs. The King goes into the temple and discovers in horror what has happened and runs out calling his people to arms to destroy the Aztec for the evils they have done and to avenge his daughter! The people of Calhuacan attacked but the Aztec were prepared having their own invention of weapon called by them fisgas like a harpoon [or what archaeologist today call Atlatl] (See Alma 49:4) brought with them from Aztlan, they manage to flee and escape the people of Calhuacan. This is when they finally reached the place where they built Mexico city, and of course their god finds a cactus with an eagle and proclaims his prophecies of leading them to the Land of Promise to be fulfilled. Years later the Aztec through talks and gaining favor by their great accomplishments, become the dominant power in the land.

300 years later the prophecy would prove to be a lie. Cortez invades the land and the only thing said about this god of the Aztec is that an image of the god was stormed by the Spaniards reaching the top of the temple and threw it down the stairs. Where the actual god, or the bundle which require four men to carry go? Contrary to popular belief I have yet to find any mention of the Aztec loading up hoards of Gold and Silver and taking it back to the ancient home of their ancestors. In fact there is a mention of the treasure found beginning at page 558 first page of Chapter LXXVIII titled in part, Which treats of how Don Herman Cortes, Marques del Valle, after having conquered Mexico- Tenochtitlan left that city in good order…. WHAT!?.... good order? Well I guess it is true, evil will destroy evil.....

Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Stripling Warrior Cave

I’m going to get a little more personal in this article than I would normally do. I hope it is taken well and not too much read into it, however this article will shed some light on why I do what I do, it is the core of what drives me and has compelled me to dig deep… to find what so many do not know to uncover, find it too difficult, or more often than not, just don’t care nor see the importance of it… they would rather hold onto their idol’s coat tail. In this article, if you are paying attention, you will find me tippy toeing into a side of me that many of you did not know, even many of my close friends, into a spiritual side of it all.

Sometime in about 1989, I was going through some of the worst times of my life, or so I thought, these were the days just following the days where in I was on top of the world and I knew exactly where I was going and what I was doing… Or so I thought… on this I will simply say by way of intended advice… be careful what you pray for.

One day I was out hiking searching the mountain which had become a favorite place in my pursuit of my sanity and what would become my new found love, the study of the Native American Petroglyphs. I had spent 3 years on this mountain alone searching every possibility I could devise. These were the humble times wherein I lost myself in the one thing that was not about me and my troubles, and it seemed to keep the gun out of my mouth.

To this day if you were to go to the Salt Lake BLM office, there are some very large books which contain USGS maps with notations and dots placed upon the maps of the many archaeological finds throughout the state, many in places you would not think. Upon a couple of certain maps are the very dots I placed upon those maps working with the BLM archaeologist of the day, Mel Brewster, a pleasant and large 6 foot 6 full blood Indian, half Paiute half Goshute.

Mel accompanied me from time to time to this mountain, to this day I believe I had found many panels, many which he had never heard of nor had anyone else mentioned before, I placed many dots upon those few maps, and I showed Mel many of the sites he had not seen. But there were just some sites I felt at the time, compelled to keep to myself for some unknown reason, and keep them obscure. These are the days where in I was learning to listen to that still small voice, which today I refer to as listening to my gut, or follow my gut, actually today I have no choice as my gut gets to anyplace I am going before I do.

One particular site I kept to myself, I had spent many weeks on, studying the glyphs trying to discern the intended meaning. It was a strange site, a site just like two others I had recently discovered, what I mean by “strange” is, there was the feeling of a presence. I knew the glyphs I was looking at was speaking of a cave, and somehow was giving instruction as to how to find this cave. After several months of trying to discover the answer I felt that it just wasn’t time, and I knew someday I would return to this site and hopefully by that time I would have better understanding. It would be 18 years later before I returned.

Sometime around 2007, I met with a friend and colleague, in talking about various projects he perked up and said, “Oh I have to tell you something”… He told me of a man who made a very strange discovery and had a very strange experience and he went to his Bishop and told him about it, and after hearing it the Bishop told him, “You need to get in touch with this guy, (Being My Friend) and tell him.

The man came to meet my friend in the mid 90’s as I recall and my friend asked him to tell his story… the story went something like this. He said he was over on the (Directions given) of a particular mountain hiking when I came across some petroglyphs. These are the very same petroglyphs I mentioned earlier, and I knew it and my ears perked up because I knew what was to follow, I knew the location, but my friend did not know this yet. The man told him after looking at the petroglyphs he hiked up further and found a small opening which was under a small white ledge, being curious and having his usual hiking items such as a flashlight he decided to investigate the small hole. He crawled in on his belly where it opened up and to his surprised he was met with some very amazing things. He said to my friend, I never knew we had anything on this continent like this… my friend ask what do you mean? He said, “There was all kinds of strange artifacts like Egyptian things, [BUT NOT Egyptian] there was weapons, armor and many other kinds of things! I just never knew” “ it freaked me out and so I hurry and started crawling out of the opening and just as I am coming out I notice these two large feet wearing sandals standing in front of me! I followed up his legs to see a large man wearing the same armor I had just seen! And he raised his hand pointing away, and told me “Go from this place and never return least ye die! You have been allowed here as a witness for others that will come!” then he says to my friend, by the way, what is a Stripling Warrior? My friend asks “why” He then says, “well he told me that he was a Stripling Warrior and that it was his commission, calling, or that he had been ordained as guardian over this contents of this cave."

After hearing this and forcing my mouth shut, I headed out after 18 years to see those glyphs again and to hike up again where I had been 18 years prior, looking for a cave. Not 5 years later I would hear the exact same story from another person who also met with the finder. I am told he has not nor will he ever talk about it again, 

Make no mistake people… And feel free to take this with a grain of salt… There is more of these things in this area than you would ever think.. The question is, why? Within 50 miles of this place has been reported, 7 cloth wrapped mummies in a cave, the largest being 7 foot 9 inches, another cave found around the 30’s said to contain “many Aztec’s" sitting in a circle, and they had their horses with them!” Several wrapped mummies in a cave near Fish Springs resting on shelves, and other things I ought not tell. Extending out 100 miles even more incredible things and 250 miles to 300 even more…

As it turns out, and I never knew it would come to this, but there are certain glyphs to look for, and in certain places… but as it would seem… has it all been for nothing, a way for me to function and keep my sanity? or for some unknown purpose not yet realized? I don’t know but I admit, I grow week in all respects… regardless, I am grateful for the experiences.

This is just another of the many types projects on my list...

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Piles of Gold Bricks and the Trappers

Early Utah Trappers
And the Gold of the Red Ledges

The following is just one of the many research projects that I have accumulated as a result of 30 plus years of gathering information of unsolved mysteries pertaining the mysteries of this land, strange stories of discoveries, Mummy Caves, Caves with Unusual artifacts, implications of what can only be underground cities, Gold, Silver, and Platinum Caches left by men of the past, be it Romans, Spanish, the Confederate Underground, or some other. To this very day I am still looking for one individual or even a team to pursue that which is becoming more and more difficult for me. I have a few whom I trust explicitly, however they can hardly handle even one as a result of being roped to a job… For the most part, the majority of these projects have progressed as far as I can take them, barring new information, however the majority is at that point where in technology is seemingly the last and only resort, something I can no longer afford. The provenance of some is as good as you could hope for and some are very poor but with very compelling evidence. However the details is what will or will not convince you… Often times in these years of research I have often thought that certain projects can go no further, when out of the blue someone sends you new information. I have decided to share one of the many that some of you have heard before.

The following story has been told prior in another publication found in my good friend, Dale Bascom’s Book, Following the Legends, of which I highly recommend. The descendant of the prime story teller in Bascom’s book is my good friend David Bullock. David is the Grandson of Ben Bullock, however the story I intend to tell deals only with the core of the story, rather than the perspectives told in Dale’s book.

The basis of the story you may see at the end of this article.

My past Article with early research, PRIOR TO, “New Information”

It was about mid 2007 when my phone rang with one of my colleagues calling, asking if I had read the story of the trappers, Yes, I replied but it had been sometime. He wanted me to reevaluate the story as if it were a new and fresh story without all the perspectives of those who told the story for publication.

The first thing for me to do was to determine the possibility of the story ever happening. I would have no doubt that someone showed up in the area of Springville at the time of Ben Bullock and Bishop Koyle’s mining days, but I would seriously doubt the man’s name was actually Johnnie Rasmussen. Although it is possible to have a name of Danish or Norwegian decent and having come from Mexico, in all likely hood he was using a fake name. Having come from old Mexico as the story goes, provides but a small clue…

Having studied the contents of the journals of Ogden, Kittson, Provost, Ashley and other fur trappers, it is highly likely the event occurred as it coincides with a couple of trapping parties at the very time mentioned in the story told by Ben Bullock, keep in mind the story told I am sure was quite accurate, but only as accurate as Ben remembered It being told to him. The point being, this story is told 3rd hand… With this said and as a result, I will say, normally, I wouldn’t have given this story any consideration other than a friend asked me to investigate it. Having made the determination that it could very well have occurred, what would have been the motive for any of those passing the story along to tell a tall tale such as this? Although there are many with some very wild imaginations, and I am sure could come up with some answer to this question, I just don’t see it.

There was an event told in one of the histories recorded in the journals that “could be” a reference to the very event described by the man who came up from Mexico to search for his G Grandfathers gold discovery. If it is the same even, it would appear some embellishing was involved in the official report given by Provost.

“Etienne Provost, a Frenchman operating out of Santa Fe under Mexican license, entered Utah in 1824 by way of the Green River country. He made his way tothe Wasatch Front and very possibly may have entered the Salt Lake Valley. 
If this is so, he would have seen the lake before Jim Bridger. Provost's party was attacked by a band of Snake Indians in the fall of 1824 and most of the men were killed. Provost and the other survivors escaped and made their way to the Green River in eastern Utah, where they spent the winter at the mouth of the White River. The actual location of this attack remains unknown but is thought by most historians to have been on the Provo, Jordan, or Weber rivers.”

It would seem another location is just as fitting for this attack but this will be withheld until I find someone who has what it takes to investigate. Later in the same document it is said:

The discovery of Warren A. Ferris's Map of the Northwest Fur Country (drawn
in 1836) has shed new light on the topic and adds considerable, although not
conclusive, support to the argument that the Indian attack occurred on the
Jordan River.

Contrary to this statement, I see absolutely nothing in the Ferris Map that validates this statement, Continuing on….

Ferris's narrative states that Provost was attacked on "a stream
flowing into the Big Lake that now bears his name." This would be the "Provo"
River. The Ferris map clearly indicates that the river known to the mountain
men as the "Proveau" is the modern-day Jordan River. The fact that the attack
occurred on the Jordan River, combined with Provost's apparent familiarity
with the route through Weber Canyon to the Great Salt Lake, points strongly to
the probability that he was at the Great Salt Lake in the fall of 1824, well
before Jim Bridger tasted its salty waters.

Again I see nothing that implies that the attack took place at the Jordan River, and it certainly is not a “Fact.”

Whether the attack incident is or is not the following account of an attack is neither here nor there as my only motive in evaluating the expeditions of fur trading did in “fact” occur in the time frame given in the following story.

Without inserting the contents of the story first made public, I will give the synopsis without all of the perspectives given of those who added to the story which in and of itself is at least 3rd hand information. It is the fact that if you listen to the details given whether true or not, and you are able to find the existing places, features etc which give the story credibility, then there is a probability that the story in general is plausible.

As the story goes….
About 1913, a stranger emerges in the town of Springville going by the name Johnny Rasmussen, he begins asking questions about details regarding an old leather map he had which is presumed to have been made by his Great Grandfather and containing the clues to follow. Johnny eventually meets John Koyle of the Dream Mine and eventually Ben Bullock of the Golden Relief mine. Both entertained Johnny sharing their beliefs as to why Johnny’s map fit their area and mine, Johnny struggled with their details but being a little more convinced of Ben Bullocks location.

What Johnny, John Koyle and Ben Bullock didn’t know is that Johnny’s grandfather’s treasure cave was nowhere near their locations. All they had to do was read… carefully and pay attention to the core details… As the story went, Johnny eventually just disappeared. As far as I know, no one is actively looking for this treasure cave and I have to wonder why, It is possible to find, whether it be boots on the ground or technology, but before that happens, the correct location must be found, and even more important, the searcher has to be satisfied that it is the correct location.

The root of the story and details given in the original publication are as follows…

“The description of the treasure location was:
1. Two and one half day's ride from the south end of the salt sea and follow a river which ran northward from a large fresh water lake located in a beautiful valley southerly from the salt sea.
2. One half day ride southerly from the east shore of the fresh water lake to sugar loaf peak.
3. Sugar loaf peak south easterly above springs that make a valley at foot of mountains and supply Indian camp with water.
4. Gold tunnel about three quarters mile southerly from sugar loaf peak and high on foothills.
5. Sugar loaf gold tunnel below rusty red ledges.
6. You look to the southwest along mountain and the valley closes.

“This was all brought about in about 1825 when Johnny's great grandfather was with a trapping party in the Rocky Mountain area. It was getting along to early fall. Fur bearing animals were becoming more scarce so the trapping party held a powwow in a meadow southerly from the south end of the salt sea. (We think the Grantsville area.) This search was for future trapping streams. It was decided to separate the party into groups of three and spend about ten days to two weeks fanning out in all directions to thoroughly explore the areas for next springs trapping. Rasmussen and two companions were sent in a southerly direction following a large stream. For two and one half days they explored branching streams but kept to the course of the starting point stream as a guide line. When they entered a mountain narrow southerly from their starting point they beheld a beautiful valley with a large fresh water lake south of them. In this valley a number of streams flowed from the mountains to the east which they explored but found no evidence of beaver dams. To the south the valley closed so they engaged in following streams as far south as the canyons fed. One little stream had a beaver dam in it so they followed its course southerly toward the mountain. A sugar loaf stood out at the base of the mountain for which they were heading. They made their way through cedar trees in the valley and saw the Wickiup of an Indian camp westerly from sugar loaf. Not knowing weather the Indians were friendly or not they skirted to the north of the camp and headed for the hills. The stream they had been following was fed by many springs between the Indian camp and the mountain.

When southerly from the camp and ascending the foothills they heard and saw a party of Indians coming from the south. They forced their horses higher up the hills and through the cedar trees. One of the Indians sent an arrow which lodged in the back of one of the trappers. He hung doggedly to his saddle until they saw a badger come out of a large hole on the side of the mountain. One rider jumped from his horse and found the hole large enough for them to crawl down into a larger opening. They abandoned their horses by swatting them on their rumps. The trappers hurried down into the badger hole, pulling the wounded man down into the hole with them. It was now evening time and getting very cool. A pile of sticks and brush had been dragged into the hole by animals and from these eventually a fire was started to warm the wounded man. One knotted cedar branch made a good torch and was taken from the fire to light the cavern to its depths. Not far along the way the trappers found piles of bricks which proved to be gold ingots.

He hurried back to his friends with the news of his find and the two men ran back to look at the gold. They were very excited with the great treasure. After some discussion it was decided that the gold bars were too heavy for one man to carry without horses and the gold could not be continually hidden. When found out they had had it. Their lives would be in danger until they told where their wealth came from.

They came to the decision that the best thing would be to keep in mind the guide posts that would lead to their find until paper and pen could be had to draw a map and write a thorough description which would lead them back to sugar loaf gold. This decided they hurried back to their wounded friend to tell of their good luck but found he had died from his wound. They pulled his body back to the piles of gold bricks and completely covered his body with bricks of gold to keep wild animals from ravaging him. From fear of being discovered by the Indians the trappers waited for days before they dared venture outdoors. The hour was late, they crawled out of their treasure tunnel, and walked the long distance back to home camp on the shores of the salten sea.

It is not known how long Johnie's great grandfather stayed with the trapping party  but he kept his golden tunnel treasure of sugar loaf secret, and firmly in his mind  until he had paper and pen to make a permanent record of it.”

If the information has been handed down correctly, the fact that he mentioned "Bricks" and "Gold Ingots" rather than "bars" or other tells me this is likely NOT a Spanish Cache, it is left by some former culture and by vague information, but by common sense and reasoning, has an estimated value of 500 Million plus.

You now have all the information I had to start with, can you find the right location? I may be right, and I might not be... but I can tell you the profound evidences without a stretch of the imagination are all there...