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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Unreliability of Radio Carbon 14 Dating

And those who promote it…
“They” are free to believe as they will…
“They” will find exactly what they seek…

Even if it is a lie…

The original article reads 10,000 years, but whose counting right?

NOTE: My articles are not written with the intend to persuade anyone nor convince them of the errors of their ways, ALL shall remain as theory until proven with facts, I do not care what others think or believe, man has a God given right, whether they believe in a God or not, to believe as they choose… Agency, it belongs to all, even if they “choose” not to use it, or use it poorly…
“As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.”
The backbone of the theory of evolution…
Charles Darwin proposed the theory of universal common descent through an evolutionary process in his book On the Origin of Species in 1859, saying, "Therefore I should infer from analogy that probably all the organic beings which have ever lived on this earth have descended from some one primordial form, into which life was first breathed."
An interesting choice of words, What did Charles actually mean? I often wonder if this Christian was grossly misunderstood, his words twisted, could he have meant this “one primordial form” alluding to a God? Why would he say, “into which life was first breathed" if his intent did not include a God in the equation of life, why didn’t he say, “when life first breathed”? Someday, maybe I will read his book to discover his true meaning…

Evil-ution, I just can’t seem to spell that correctly… is in part today described as:
“Evolution is change in the heritable characteristics of biological populations over successive generations. Evolutionary processes give rise to biodiversity at every level of biological organisation, including the levels of species, individual organisms, and molecules.”
What they do not see and never will, is that the God process also gives that same rise, but also gave them the ability to write the above statement, I would like to see “Natural Selection” do that. Continuing on…

“All life on Earth shares a common ancestor known as the last universal common ancestor (LUCA), which lived approximately 3.5–3.8 billion years ago, although a study in 2015 found "remains of biotic life" from 4.1 billion years ago in ancient rocks in Western Australia. In July 2016, scientists reported identifying a set of 355 genes from the LUCA of all organisms living on Earth.”(from the all knowing Wiki)
I suppose God may have lived 3.5-3.8 “billion’ years ago, but I can’t help but wonder how he might feel about being called the “last universal common ancestor” by his descendants 3.5 billion years later and by those who were not there… and Thank Goodness! For “a Study” when ever you see this noble announcement of reference, you can now rest assured and with all certainty know without any degree of original thought, intelligence, doubt in any form or any thought whatsoever, believe what is to follow… is gospel…  just shut up, ask no question and believe… because… “they” have done A Study!! Wow, I have chills running up and down my spine. It must be that “Evolutionary processes giving rise to that biodiversity at every level of biological organisation” in my body, did anyone notice that “Natural Selection” is an oxy moron? “Selection implies… no no… demands intelligence, and Natural implies an preexisting organized plan. Ok, I’ve had my fun, let’s move on…
Did any of you notice the erroneous dates given in the above Wiki quote above?

What is Carbon?
Carbon is all of what the academic world says it is, although misunderstood to some degree, and then some. Carbon is the final stage of the purification process of the bio mass of the planet, it exists as a result of decay. Decay is as a result of any living thing which no longer has the ability to receive or transfer energy. The decay rate of this planet has not always been the same, this is evidenced by how long things lived in the past as compared to how long they lived today. To my knowledge there is no science that came and measure how long something lived, or is there? The Neanderthal man which science has created out of their lack of knowledge of a God, carries the characteristics it does not because of its early evolutionary pre modern man development, but these characteristics observed such as the enlarge brow bone is as a result of longevity of life. In other words, if man today lived as long as people did in the days of Adam, a large brow bone would no doubt develop. The point to this is that the reader understand that Decay in the first thousand years was near nonexistent. After the events of the division of the earth in the days of Peleg, and I do not mean the Pangea THEORY which is another can of nonexistent worms, those things living began to decline in the longevity of life as a result of those principles which enable an increase in decay, that increased of decay rate came as result of those thing which once protected this planet that was changed lost and altered as a result of the division of the earth in the days of Peleg. Are you confused yet?

Decay, or should I say the decay rate is the underlying problem with Radio Carbon 14 dating. But before we enter into this profound error of understanding let’s talk about the other problem, pride. It is one thing to be educated in the field and excel at it with knowledge, correct or incorrect… it is another to be so proud, that when they discover the very curriculum in which they were indoctrinated with for 4 to 8 years and payed thousands of dollars to receive, is false, but still they present the fallacies knowing it is falsified… the words integrity, honesty, education, intelligence and knowledge goes out the window and they have wasted their very being… “they” know who I am talking about…
Radiometric dates are scattered, and anomalies are often not reported:
Here are  just a few of the hundreds of unpublished quotes…

"Improved laboratory techniques and improved constants have not reduced the scatter in recent years. Instead, the uncertainty grows as more and more data is accumulated ... " (Waterhouse).
"In general, dates in the `correct ball park' are assumed to be correct and are published, but those in disagreement with other data are seldom published nor are discrepancies fully explained." (Mauger)
" ... the thing to do is get a sequence of dates and throw out those that are vastly anomalous." (Curtis et al)
" ... it is usual to obtain a spectrum of discordant dates and to select the concentration of highest values as the correct age." (Armstrong and Besancon).
"In general, strong discordances can be expected among ages deduced by different methods." (Brown and Miller)
The God Particle…
Back to decay, decay exists as a result of what even physicists call, “the God Particle.” Even though I am certain a majority do not believe in a God, they know there is something there and they just can’t understand that it is not “a particle” it cannot be measured, seen under the microscope, or identified in any fashion, in reality it can only be known by faith… it is the very thing which gives life, gives energy in all of its observed applied and measured ways, it is what makes light possible, gravity, it is what regulates time as we know it and what we don’t know, it is what causes nature to organize… naturally… it is what makes existence possible.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and when he divided the waters from the waters and then there were two, the waters above the firmament and the waters below the firmament from which he caused the dry land to appear. The waters below the firmament he called the seas of this planet. However Moses does not expand upon the waters above the firmament. Without explanation these waters formed a canopy around the earth which at the time was much needed in order to protect the living from the immense inundation of that very God Particle that the academic world knows of. This is why “decay” in the first 1000 years was almost unknown and at a minimum and why men lived to be a ripe old age. The incident of the earth being flooded was only the beginning but this temporary event and disturbance of the distribution of this God Particle was only the beginning. After this event, the canopy must have remained or reformed to some degree as the life span of man slowly began to decline. It was not until the event some 300 years later when the earth divided in the days of Peleg, when this planet lost its canopy and protection from the bombardment of this God Particle, and rain, unheard of prior to the great flood, became the norm. 

Carbon 12, 13 and 14…
EVERY element on this planet is capable of existing in the four known sates, solid, or it’s frozen state, liquid, gas, and energy state or should I say EMC squared? Close but misunderstood.
Carbon 12 and 13 are for the most part the same thing, one of which may be more susceptible in reaching a liquid state which is almost unheard of with Carbon. Carbon is perfectly content in seemingly bypassing the liquid state. Two things regulate the state in which an element exists or may exist, Temperature and pressure. In the case of Carbon, one must manipulate the pressure factor in order to see or experience Liquid Carbon.

Carbon 12 and believed to be 13 exist in solid form and considered “stable.” Any element capable of reaching the point of its energy state is considered to be, or the process known as, “Radioactive.” Carbon 14 is considered as Radioactive but not dangerous, however an element such as Uranium due to its instability, is dangerous where as carbon 14 is not.  In short, the quicker an element can move from its solid state to its energy state, the more dangerous it is, manipulation by man makes it even more dangerous. Truth be known, there is enough potential energy trapped in a common household spoon that if released all at once, could level a city block if you can find a way to take it from solid to energy, instantly, this is the manipulation than makes Uranium even more dangerous than it already is.

Cosmic rays are high-energy radiation, mainly originating outside the Solar System. Upon impact with the Earth's atmosphere, cosmic rays can produce showers of secondary particles that sometimes reach the surface. Composed primarily of high-energy protons and atomic nuclei, they are of mysterious origin. Data from the Fermi Space Telescope (2013) have been interpreted as evidence that a significant fraction of primary cosmic rays originate from the supernovae explosions of stars. Active galactic nuclei probably also produce cosmic rays. [WIKI], no seriously… they did “a study”
Cosmic Ray action?” Buzz lightyear to star command… It is believed today that C14 is created by cosmic ray action, and as many times as I have read it, I just don’t understand how they derived at this, it was during those years in which Buck Rogers was popular, it gets more ridiculous the deeper you dig. What puzzles me is that educated men believe these strange publications by men who were not there in the beginning, but do not believe the writings of those who were there… C 14 is as a result of the remaining decay process of Carbon, in the beginning of time in the days of Adam, decay was MUCH less than it is today, so the C 14 available to measure contained in anything of that time period would be next to nothing. Without going into exact amounts, science today measures the percentage amount of C 14 contained within a given former biological object. Although there are many circumstances even today that can alter these levels from place to place, the academics have establish what they believe to be a constant. Although they do not see it and would never admit to it, “a constant” of any kind is the biggest enemy Evolutionist have and those who promote Radiocarbon dating.

It is said that the half-life of C 14 is approximately 5730 years, my first question is, who was there 5730 years ago to count and Measure the norm at that time? Wait until you read how this method was determined, and these so called degree carrying men actually accept this.

The presence or creation of C 14, a product of the decay of Carbon prior to the crucifixion was significantly less than it is today, even much more so prior to the Division of the earth in the days of Peleg and by reason and comparison to the life span of man BY DOCUMENTATION IGNORED… prior to the great flood, C 14 existence was near nothing at a reasonable estimated ten times less than today.

Just for perspective, It is said that in nature, for every 1 trillion Carbon 12 atoms there is ONE C 14 isotope, sounds like allot doesn’t it? It is estimated that there are 100 Trillion atoms in one human cell and estimated the same number of cells in the human body, that’s 100 C 14 isotopes estimated per cell of the human body the human body is presumed to be about 18% carbon.

Radio Carbon dating if it were not plagued with many other seeming superficial variances, and if it were not for the problem of “Consistency” Radio Carbon dating could be fairly accurate with many other  evidences to back it up of “known” items in AD times, for the most part it is. However prior to 2000 years ago the numbers begin to become unreliable due to a diminished decay rate as compared to today, and for those things which existed prior to the Days of Peleg, the numbers become extremely erroneous not only due to an almost nonexistent decay rate but the pride of those who adhere to the theory of evolution which appears the story of is told based on episodes of Buzz Lightyear and the Emperor Zurg…

A highly recommended read is found here at 

The more the academic world attacks the publication of an author refuting their claims, the more they expose themselves and the clearer we can see their nakedness.

Friday, June 9, 2017

What Happened to my DNA?

Editing By Tracy G

There is a growing trend among people throughout the world that want to know who they are. They are asking the questions “where did I come from? why am I as I am? how did I get where I am?” and wondering what historic people they might be a descendant of.
DNA is no easy thing for most to understand and I do not profess to be an expert in the field, however, my understanding and studies are sufficient to see the underlying problems within…
The Academics describe DNA as in the following…

DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms. Nearly every cell in a person’s body has the same DNA. Most DNA is located in the cell nucleus (where it is called nuclear DNA), but a small amount of DNA can also be found in the mitochondria (where it is called mitochondrial DNA or mtDNA).
The information in DNA is stored as a code made up of four chemical bases: adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C), and thymine (T). Human DNA consists of about 3 billion bases, and more than 99 percent of those bases are the same in all people. The order, or sequence, of these bases determines the information available for building and maintaining an organism, similar to the way in which letters of the alphabet appear in a certain order to form words and sentences.
DNA bases pair up with each other, A with T and C with G, to form units called base pairs. Each base is also attached to a sugar molecule and a phosphate molecule. Together, a base, sugar, and phosphate are called a nucleotide. Nucleotides are arranged in two long strands that form a spiral called a double helix. The structure of the double helix is somewhat like a ladder, with the base pairs forming the ladder’s rungs and the sugar and phosphate molecules forming the vertical sidepieces of the ladder.
An important property of DNA is that it can replicate, or make copies of itself. Each strand of DNA in the double helix can serve as a pattern for duplicating the sequence of bases. This is critical when cells divide because each new cell needs to have an exact copy of the DNA present in the old cell.
And after reading… you are none the wiser…
DNA is like a fingerprint, yet not necessarily unique to only you as a finger print is. DNA shows the fingerprint pattern of your lineage with markers which can also be found in your ancestors, unique only to your ancestral lineage.

The reader must understand that even though we are able to do the remarkable things using DNA that we do today, DNA is still in its infancy in understanding… what one needs to know as this article is related, are the two types of DNA used in determining your ancestral lineage. The Y chromosome which follows the male line from Father to offspring, and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) or maternal, exclusively passed down from the Mother.

The growing problem…
Many today are now going to private organization businesses such as Ancestory.com and Family Tree to get their DNA testing done thinking that this is going to allow them a clear view of their past. To some degree it does, but the problem that frequently pops up is that many who know without a doubt, and those whom it is rumored among their family as being of Native American descent who are being tested are finding that it is not showing in the results of the DNA Tests. It is such a frequent problem that it has been asked many times in help forums linked to the DNA test provider. After reading the many answers provided by the testing provider, explaining to the people who paid less than $99 to peek into their past, why their Native American DNA didn’t show up, it is clear to me that there are two underlying problems… One- you get what you paid for, and the other- you need to remember the people who conduct this DNA procedure are geneticists not historians of the known past nor soothsayers of the ancient unknown…

First let me point out… there is no such thing as “Native American DNA” and you may as well know it, there is no such thing as a Native American unless you are referring to those who first arrived on this continent 4400 years ago, not 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 years ago or some other erroneous date establish by a flawed system of belief and dating methods (such as those created by evolutionists using Radio Carbon dating which is in and of itself a flawed system of understanding and THEORY). There is however a certain grouping or pattern of DNA that may be considered by geneticists as a “Native American Pattern”. However if they do not know the history they could not make distinctions of certain occurrences of the past, but the markers are there so they have to put it somewhere…

For the purposes of this article the reader needs to understand- the only time the term “Race” is accurately used on this planet is when it is applied to those OF this planet who have different fathers from the beginning of this creation and there are only two, the children of Adam and the Children of Cain. Some would say Asian is a different race than a European. This is incorrect.

The 3 Super Groups (Macrohaplogroups)
Of the Y chromosome following the male line, there are only 3 groups of DNA of which we need to understand. Known as the 3 super groups, but rarely talked about, they stem from the 3 sons of Noah. European DNA coming from Shem, Asian coming from Japheth and African coming from Ham, or more correctly as a result of Ham and his wife having offspring. The whole idea of the THEORY of “Out of Africa”, created by an evolutionist, in my mind, is bigoted and racially driven as it more than implies that we all came from Africa but have evolved into white people and Asians and that “black People” are still as such because they have not evolved other than they are no longer considered the nonexistent Neanderthal or monkey? Why does the general population not see the truth and continue to accept this crap? I can’t wait to see the reaction of the academic world when they discover that man did not come from monkey, but monkey came from human.

The accepted theory is that mtDNA Haplogroup L is Eve and what everyone seems to forget is Eve had a mother as well… where does this DNA chain begin anyway? Eve is not a name, it is a title, and there were 3, two of which seem to appear in the DNA chain and confuse those who are paid to evaluate the data. Like the Native American lineage there are also many who seek the African lineage as well whom are told they are descendants of, it simply is not true. If you are not a descendant of mtDNA L2, you are likely not a descendant of the known African.

Missing DNA? I don’t think so…
Recently a man had his DNA testing done through ancestory.com.  It was a known fact that his father was 50% “Native American” (Tribe Unknown) yet his DNA results showed no sign of what is termed as Native American DNA, or did it? Had I not known better I would have had a good laugh at all the excuses he was given by Ancestry’s support group, but let’s face it they are limited in their understanding as well. As I have said previously there is no such thing as Native American DNA just as there is no such thing as “Iberian Peninsula” DNA, any more than there is Polynesian DNA. What they mean by using these terms is that your DNA shows your ancestral affiliation with these “AREA’S” of Ethnic Groups through comparable results matching the area. This does not mean your ancestors came from there…

OFTEN times the answer to your missing DNA is the lack of understanding of the origins of the Native American people, who are by all rights NOT Native… they came here just as you did. The reason no one seems to know this is one of a few; one is they lack the ability to see deeper than what is generally and widely accepted as the orthodox belief which is often for a lack of better words… a lie. They just don’t care enough to want to know anything other than the general consensus. The second reason is that they have removed God from the equation of life and therefore have no reason to seek any further than the previously given orthodox belief. The third reason is, they do not read nor speak Spanish or Nahatl and did not know that the most comprehensive history of what is considered as the Indigenous, was kept by the Aztecs. They were meticulous record keepers. It is taught as a fact that the Aztec’s records were destroyed with only a few surviving scripts. Although this is in part true, the Aztec’s records survived and are preserved through 3 primary sources. Those sources have been kept hidden from the Catholic rule even to this day. 

The first of these sources was partially translated (Motive driven) to support another existing belief. It was written by Mariano Veytia who wrote his version of the Aztec history in the mid 1700’s. I find his version not as credible as the two following sources simply because his works are not original and were likely taken from the two following sources with his own perceptions presented mixed with the perceptions of those who translated his works in the 1990’s. I believe they had their own agenda. In my humble opinion Diego Duran’s record would be more believable than that of Veytia for two reasons; his understanding of the Nahatl language and being raised among a more pure form of Aztec and through sources he knew having access to the original record kept hidden in that day. Diego’s version written in the late 1500’s has recently been translated to English and seems to be lacking an agenda, other than it is clearly written from the Catholic mind set and differs little from the following record which I believe is most accurate and for the most part free from an outside agenda other than the previous mentioned Catholic view. The best preservation of the Aztec and untold history of this continent in my opinion is that of Fernando Tezozomoc also written in the late 1500’s. He himself was an educated man of the Nahatl people, raised among them and educated in the ways of the Spaniards and their God, but most importantly Tezozomoc was the grandson of Moteczuma himself. He first wrote the record in the Nahatl language from the ancient hidden records that were in the Nahatl language or hieroglyphs and hidden from the Catholic rulers and then he wrote it in Spanish. His record has yet to be translated, unadulterated, into English.

There is another source for the untold histories of this continent that nicely coincides with the evidences and the record of Tezozomoc and the many legends told by the Indigenous but that has been ignored by the general population. Keep in mind that this must be taken as my opinion but this opinion is not without extensive research with an agenda to prove, as WELL AS disprove and without additional agendas other than that mentioned. I will allude to this source in the following manner, if YOU have a problem with the story and foundation of the Mormon people, just remember it is YOUR prerogative, YOUR loss and YOUR problem. Condemnation without EXAMINATION, is pure undeniable IGNORANCE. However, this is not intended to be an evidentiary article, the point being, if you want truth, you must examine ALL possibilities… regardless of seeming hypocrisy…

Native American DNA?
According to ALL of the evidences and sources, that if presented would fill volumes of books, the first people on the American continent after the great flood of Noah, circa 4400 BC, were of the children of Japheth. These people are the fathers and mothers of ALL Asian people in existence today. Chinese people thought to have existed for 10,000 years plus, were not even a thought. It is no coincidence that the Japanese derive their name from the first of their family- Japheth. Who were these people? Today the closest in present form to these most ancient people would be the Altai Mongolian who are the very most direct descendants of Japheth, whom are also considered one of the few peoples who are referred to as by geneticists, one of the melting pots of Human expansion. The DNA groups which identify the Father of the Asian people are evidenced as mtDNA Haplogroup A, B, C and D, this make-up is in part what geneticists are calling “Native American DNA” with the recent discovery of Haplogroup X .

I must pause for a moment to elaborate upon those of our past who fall into the category of the A, B, C, and D mtDNA. This group of people, stemming from Japheth, who are the Asian people of the world, can quite literally be traced in their ancient migrations and especially to the Americas through the many evidences available, forensic, physical, geographic, direct, circumstantial, analogical, DNA, documentive, etc. They are the Asian people of the world and are the very root of those considered as the Indigenous of this continent. A microbiologist of the recent past thought he had found the nail in the coffin as to the Mormon backbone, by presenting to the world the fact that the root of the Indigenous is Asian, not Hebrew… Big deal I thought, some of us knew that long before he went to college.  The problem lies within the book of Ether wherein we are, through superficial reading, led to believe that the people of Ether’s day were utterly destroyed and wiped from existence. This simply is not the case. They were however destroyed as “a people” and as best as I can put it, an organized people living under the laws of which they were bound by. The average Mormon would believe the Indigenous title goes to what they call the Lamanite, who was among the migrant Hebrews who came out of Jerusalem in about 600 BC. These people are the very cause of the Haplogroup X DNA found in smaller amounts among many western tribes and profoundly in the Northeast and are the root of the Mississippi mound builders (Adena/Hopewell).

The reader should keep in mind that the mtDNA attributed to identification of Native Americans is not exclusive to America, after all, they came from somewhere else also. The key to understanding seemingly missing DNA is to know and understand who the Native or Indigenous (as they are called) were and what cultures make up the many obviously different tribes. The Y Chromosome DNA should be no exception.

An example of missing DNA comes from the practice of those delivering the 99 dollar results to you, and they do so by way of giving you the ethnic groups the DNA they found within you are found most frequently.  I understand why they do this because most people are satisfied with generalities and are completely unfamiliar with the actual listing of haplogroup types which tells the average person nothing.

If you thought you were of some Native tribe but it does not show, it may be right before your eyes but the reason it is not listed as Native American is because it is likely listed in the ethnic group area where it is most frequently found. You have to know who was here in the past and unfortunately the accepted history just doesn’t reflect that. Each and every time a culture came from what is considered the “Old World” it was common practice for the invading party, after conquering, to intermarry their nobles into the conquered peoples governing families. This has always been the best method of establishing peace and maintaining it, causing them to become one people. One example I will give, without divulging the reasons why, is if you are looking at your DNA results and you have missing Native American DNA (according to the report) I would bet you have a fair percentage of what the report calls “Iberian Peninsula” and you are wondering what is this and believing you are decent from Spanish people? Also your missing DNA may be masked under “western Asia” (Which is NOT Asian) “Asia” or even one of the many listed under Europe.

So what is a Native American?
Now, without explanation as to when, how and the many evidences to support the must be considered theory, those who have come here in the past starting with the first arriving about 4400 years ago, but not limited to, and no it was not by some damned land bridge… we will call them the Altai Mongolian, the first Americans, and fathers and mothers to ALL Asiatic people. The second to arrive at some time after the previous first and the original Americans. Another arrived circa 1200 BC likely in Central America and was the migration and colonization of those from India or what some may call Hindu people and are the children of Shem. However, the religious belief of Hinduism nor Buddhism had not yet been established among them. Although many do not see it they are the reason the New World was referred to as the “West Indies”, not because Columbus thought he was in THEE Indies when he arrived in Cuba as you have been taught. The “West Indies” was well known long before Columbus was even a thought. A Hebrew migration took place by several families who came out of Jerusalem in about 600 BC, and who are also of the children of Shem. These were followed by expeditions of Chinese (at that time an existing people) as early as 400 to 200 BC. Not long after that those who would be considered of Greek origin, (not long after the conquest of India beginning with Alexander the Great as early as 326 BC and circa 100 BC with their new conquered knowledge) arrived on our coasts with intent to colonize; this was successful for nearly 300 years. Then their oppressions were over thrown by the previous inhabitants and they were exiled, destroyed and or assimilated. The next evidences show another small wave of Chinese and a big wave of Roman colonies lasting another 300 years before they too were finally expelled by what we know as the Toltec (who were those mysterious Pueblo anyway?). Those from Portugal, Wales and others from 500 AD up to 1300 AD also came here trying to obtain the Promised Land, the last European invasion beginning with Columbus and Cortez. Each time a culture of the past has come to this land there were mixtures and the invading colonies were eventually wiped out by the existing inhabitants and ran out of this land and/or assimilated into the tribes of the nomadic original first Americans. These events changed any DNA results that might be viewed today. So when you get your results back from one of the many sources consider this, those who conducted the tests do not know who was here in the past, they only know what we have all been told and what is now the accepted history of this land and in all practical sense is a fabricated and intentional lie.

There is also a recent uprising of those who for some reason are pushing the theory of Egyptians as being among one of our many migrants of the past. There is absolutely NO DNA results evidencing they were ever here, Egyptians did not go anywhere, they did not build anything and ANY evidence seeming to be Egyptian on this continent is as a result of those who came OUT OF Egypt, versed in the ways of the Egyptians who were once in “Bondage” to them NOT SLAVERY, and those responsible for anything and everything the Egyptians have always been credited for… The Hebrew.

Where is your Native American DNA? There really isn’t any, however, what you seek is likely there you just have to look a little harder. Those of the 19th century academic world who were a part of the doctrine of Manifest Destiny did not count on the modern technology of DNA which tells the truth, but only if understood. I am a firm believer that if it walks like a duck, acts like a duck, and talks like a duck... It is in all probability, A duck...

Friday, May 12, 2017

Butch Casidy and the Sundance Kid

Everybody's favorite outlaws of the past, I wonder what they were doin up around Mosby in the Uinta mountains...  and no, they were not looking for the Lost Mines of Thomas Rhoades...

History tells us that it was after 1896 when Butch and Sundance  got together... but...

Although difficult to see in these old pictures, the date reads 1891. There are two locations where these names are found on the trees some 6 miles apart, and no sign of FWC. This clearly was not the way up and over the mountains into Wyoming, I wonder... I hope to get better pics in the near future...

Many thanks to Curtis Shupe for these pictures taken long ago, may he RIP. They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I'll bet his son is the first to raise his hand to go get better pics... and try to discover what these two renigades of the past were up to...

The trees pictured above were carved along an old Spanish trail leading to the very place were Mel Fisher was taken  and did some digging in the late 80's if I recall correctly...  just above those diggings, is the second set of trees bearing the names of Butch and Sundance... Things that make ya go hmmm....

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Jesse James, In Utah?

First panel discover many years ago and kept secret until recently

Jesse James considered one of thee most notorious outlaw in the history of the west… and in this authors humble well researched opinion, was and is gravely misunderstood. I was looking for original source material and I usually start with WIKI, not because they would know but because they generally list every author who SHOULD HAVE read the original source material, in reading the section under “Rumors of Survival” it says,

Jesse James

“ J. Frank Dalton claimed to be Jesse James; he died August 15, 1951, in Granbury, Texas. Dalton was allegedly 101 years old at the time of his first public appearance, in May 1948. His story did not hold up to questioning from James' surviving relatives. FN 66”

and that’s all that was said… the footnote #66 leads to ONE man’s book, out of 91 references!!  pertaining to Jesse James, now I haven’t read this mans book and likely will not, because if he had knowledge of J Frank Dalton and wrote his book in 1998, I am quite certain he read the ORIGINAL source material which I have read, written in 1975 based on an interview with Jesse James purported Grandson, and no where in that book does it make any implication that “His story did not hold up to questioning from James' surviving relatives”  What I am saying is, it is the authors own opinion which has now been dragged into the infernal fire of misinformation, the all knowing WIKI…

With this said, and understanding that in reading that original source material in which the J. Frank Dalton claim was made public in writing, many incredible claims were made throughout the book, many even I had a hard time with… and so, I decided to take each claim made, and do my own research to see if the claims made were at least plausible… My findings were, of all the claims made only a few I did not find evidence of factual claims.

If I had to make a call I would say, J. Frank Dalton with a 99% certainty was Jesse, and Jesse lived for near 25 years as William A. Clark, (one of The Copper Kings of Montana) and to this day W. A. Clark is considered the richest American that has ever been, worth 250 Million to 300 million at his yet another, staged death in 1925… at today’s currency values that would be near 30 Billion.

Every scar and bullet scar Jesse was known to have, was verified to have matched 
J. Frank Dalton's own scars 

I never really had an interest in KGC, or Jesse James for that matter, but years ago several petroglyph panels popped up here in Utah, that one of the most plausible source for their creation was Masons or KGC. It wasn’t until a certain individual sent me a map of what is believed to be a KGC, (Confederate Underground) depository map thought to be in Montana. As always the coincidences began to roll in unsolicited… and today, thanks to a friend from Vernal no less, I now have verification of Jesse himself and his brother Frank James and one other individual with the initials of L.A. here in central Utah, and as I suspected when the site was first brought to my attention by another friend living in central Utah, there was more to be found… My thanks goes to those two friends and their efforts…

Classic Jesse James Mark

Alexander Frank James rock signature, F leaning into the J in order to additionally form an A.

It is a given that if you have found a bonafied signature (Mark) on a rock of Jesse’s initials which is the back to back J forming an anchor so to speak, there is without  doubt a Jesse or KGC cache nearby. I knew verification was somewhere near the panel that was found many years ago, and today we got verification.

Another nearby panel recently discovered along with other writings...
(signatures slightly darkened in this photo)

Now having recently discovered that Jesse James is a not so distant cousin to me, I am all the more excited about this one.

I can’t wait to get back down there…

Not easy to see but this is an eagle like that found on the late 1800's early 1900's 
Gold Eagle coin,  with Alexander Frank James rock signature below it... 
I wonder why he scratched this out?

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Lost Cities of the Ancient West PART TWO

The Discorvey of the Ancient City of Tontonteac

Is this the undicovered City of Abacus nuc Granada ?

Lost Cities of the Ancient West

Part One

We hear of lost cities of the past, cities that seem to be lost forever, and because they haven’t been found, it is easier to call them a myth and pretend they never existed, if in fact they are factual… Cities or Places such as Aztlan, Avalon, Atlantis, Shambhala, and Eldorado…

Artist  Rendition of Ancient Troy

Many cities of the past have been found such as the city of Troy which was well on its way in the academic mind, to a designation of mythical… and in some cases, cities that were unknown until they were discovered such as was found in 1819 in India an underground city, monument, monastery or whatever they choose to call it, carved out of the very landscape.

One of the many Entrances of the Caves of Ajanta

Even here in North America we have our own lost cities, these cities have appeared in many of the writings of those who glorify the facts in order to sell books. These are known as the seven cities of Cibola, they have been portrayed as caves as well as underground cities and this due to those who read with narrow eyes, or just didn’t care because truth doesn’t seem to sell books.

Although the caves without explanation, actually do exist, at least I have seen enough evidence to feel comfortable in saying that but it is the cities which are not caves that has my interest at this time. These cities actually existed and have been ignored by the academic world for various reasons, none of which I understand. Again it seems that rendering the whole idea as mythical is much easier… The 7 cities surrounded the North and West side of Lake Copala, the mythical lake of Spanish lore or the 33 million year old lake the academic world calls Lake Uinta, but we will just set aside for now.

Lake Uinta with the Uinta Mountans in the back

You can read more about this ancient lake Uinta (Copala) by clicking the link at the end of this article.…

Did you know other than the 7, there are more of these cities? But unlike the 7 cities, these cities had names and had appeared on the old Latin and Spanish maps  for over 200 years along with the 7 un-named cities of Copala, were these cartographers just plain crazy? Why would you continue to write about these cities and place them upon the maps if in fact they never knew whether they even existed or not? I am curious however how the Academic world would react should they discover one of them… would they blame it on the Pueblo? I guess that would be ok if they knew what a true Pueblo was…

Well it turns out that two of these cities have been discovered, but for some reason the academic world has never acknowledge the blatant fact that these two cities are exactly where the old Latin maps say they were.. However, the academic world instead of saying with bold letters in the publications of the media of the day, “ANCIENT Cities of the OLD LATIN MAPS discovered!” “The city of Marata found!” or “The Principle lost City of TONTONTEAC has been DISCOVERED!” No… instead, when Marata was found no such thing happened. Oh sure the people were amazed and managed to salvage a dozen or so structures or what was left of them calling the people who built them Pueblo people so that you would believe they were built by the indigenous rather than the European colonization’s of the past and J.W. Powel making sure no evidences of this being made public…Of course they didn’t tell you it was Marata! This would draw your attention to the many old maps, many of which the information on them was known long before Columbus was a thought let alone his arrival in Cuba! It was so much easier for Smithsonian to control and dominate the project and call it Pueblo Grande and blame it upon a none existent Indigenous Fiction! And the people bought it hook line and sinker.

 Nova et rece terraum et regnorum Cali-fornae 1600

The Same thing happened when the most ancient city of Tontonteac was found, but at the time I would doubt they knew of the names it has carried in the past nor its most ancient name and history long before it was called Tontonteac. In 1827 Jedediah Smith likely unaware that the exploration documents spoke of this city long before he stumbled into it, happened by one day and made notes of its existence. Mark Raymond Harrington was the first Archaeologist/Anthropologist to visit and excavate a very small portion in 1924., and he being widely known at the time. It is said that the most develop portion of the Pueblo is “partially submerged” at the North end of Lake Mead, as a result of the convenient location and building of Boulder Dam, “Partially submerged” by the way translates to FIVE miles of the city being under the reservoir. Had they built the dam some 40 miles upstream they could have had at least 3 times the water supply, but I’m no engineer, and the lake as a result would not have covered the controversial massive ruins… It would seem something similar was going on upstream near the same time, welcome to Lake Powell.

 A few of the Ruins of Tontonteac 1924

It seems it was easier to strategically locate the dam in order to hide the archaeology of a vast ruins, rather than to have to explain the numerous out of place artifacts that would have no doubt surfaced, and once again downplay the extensive size of it, and convince you it was built by a fictitious non existent Indigenous group.

Even today there is an all out effort to hide the past, recently a friend of mine told me he had just had his DNA checked through Ancestory.com and the results were back. None to my surprise, they don’t tell whether the results are based on the Y chromosome, or Mitochondrial DNA and they do not tell you the DNA Haplogroup type they found. What was the point? He told me wondering what it means, “It says I am 13% “Iberian Peninsula.” and 1% Native American, Forgive me but… what is Iberian Peninsula? Did you know that like the terms Pueblo and Fremont, the term Iberian was created because they have NO IDEA who they were? Or do they? Giving these unknown people a name subdues the inquiries and satisfies the curiosity. My friend is 1/8 Ute and 1/8th Sac/Fox by the way, and if I had to give that of the Iberian Peninsula an Identity it would be many, but it is the Place where in the French and Spanish are from, the Castilian, the People of Septimania and in part the Roman Colonies… all of the groups who I am saying are responsible for building the pueblo cities in question and have actively in the past demonstrated an effort to relocate the cities. The answer to my friend’s question of the missing “Native American” DNA percentages is the Iberian, or should I tell him he is part Pueblo? What Haplogroups did they find to designate "Native American?" A, B, C, D, or did they find the controversial Haplofroup X? ... or combination?

Of the 3 super group DNA categories, Asian, (Japheth) African (Ham) and European, (Shem) Haplogroup X is of European decent but, (More specifically the area of Jerusalem) where as of these 3 super groups the majority of the western tribes from south America to Alaska are Asian or better said because Asian people did not exist, from Japeth or the Altai Mongolian.  The short of it is, when he was told 13% Iberian Peninsula, it is as a result of his ancestry occurrences HERE and not the Iberian Peninsula. IF YOU, go to Ancestry.com to have your DNA done, tell them you want the DNA Haplogroup types in addition to the titles or areas they designate it, otherwise what’s the point? What exactly are they calling “Native American DNA? Why is it they don’t want us to know who we really are? Why is it they don’t want us, even today, to know the true history of this Nation?

According to the Spanish Expedition documents, the City of Tontonteac was a principle city, it was not their Capital city, the capital city is seen on the maps as Abacus nuc Granada. I wonder why that name is not mentioned specifically in the Spanish exploration documents selected for your review? Perhaps it has something to do with the blatant Latin name… The excavation reports of M. R. Harrington and edited by the tentacles of Smithsonian are seriously downplayed, all one has to do is read the Newspaper announcement of the discovery and the works of Harrington, yes, I know, the newspapers were just trying to sell newspapers, however I believe Smithsonian had a much greater and more believable motive…

Now lets come back to America… the cities still missing are, but not limited to, are Tignus and Chuhuco, (somewhere along Meadow Valley Wash), Chuco, (Virgin River Drainage St, George area), Abacus nuc Granada, (Likely the same as Montezuma’s City Hualapai Reservation) Chirana (Likely Under Lake Mead South of Tontonteac) and Ceuola (Cibola ???) considered to be Oraibi of the Hopi people which is not the ancient city shown on the old Latin maps. And then there is the 7 cities of Copala or should we just call it Aztlan? It is in part my goal to find these missing cities, Please understand, in about 900 AD the northern and western regions of the Colorado Plateau suffered an enormous earth quake, it is highly likely that those cities which once existed at the foot of the mountains, have been utterly destroyed and are now in some of the higher regions, it is unlikely a majority were ever inhabited again. But there must be something left behind to give credibility, and in some cases so far, there is…

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The Hidden Treasures of Nueva EspaƱa PART 5

Editing of Part 5 by
Tracy Gardner    

Ok, so, why were these people coming here? Meaning, why in the 1500’s and for the next 200 years were the French and the Spanish apparently looking for this elusive lake Copala?

Some of the readers may find the following as vague, but this I cannot help, as we must face the facts, there is a large population out there, and quite frankly, the majority does not need to know of the finer details.

The following is not placed here as a matter of fact, it is and should be considered as a hypothesis. Some in the academic world would likely say it is ridiculous, speculative and some may even bark the words “profoundly subjective!”  But this is primarily because they will not see the evidences that corroborate the hypothesis and this because I will not give the evidences here, and they even on their best day would never think to look for them. I could place the evidences IN THEIR HANDS, and they still would not believe… because the have no belief.


Something of the ancient past has drawn many cultures to this land, and it would seem with some distractions of wealth, or should we just go with greed?  The target area seams to be a place the Aztec refer to as Aztlan, others have called it by slight phonetic differences such as King Arthur’s said to be, “Mythical” Avalon, and Plato’s Atlan-tis. What is this place and what is it about it that draws the people from ancient times to seek for it? Why is so much emphasis placed on the Aztec? Well if anyone would take the time to read their history one might find that in the Aztec history, there are accounts of many people coming to this land. Although Aztec is not their very ancient name the people who make up the Aztec people have been here since the land was first inhabited since the great flood, yes the one mentioned in the Bible. These people have not only been around since the beginning, but they are also a make up, a mixture, of nearly all those who have visited this land in the last 4500 years when man first set foot on this land around 2400 BC, which land had been swept clean about 300 years prior.


The origins of this seeming mythical place may begin as far back as the beginning of mankind, no, I do not mean the monkeys whom some believe they are descended from, maybe they are, but I am Adamic Man. I’m talking about those people of the Bible known as Adam and Eve who originated on this planet in what was known as the Garden of Eden, and I am very sorry… but… no it was not in Africa. Why is it when the academics can’t come up with an original idea, they always point to Africa?

There are many hypotheses of where this garden was, but my belief, based on intensive study and research of 30 years, and not due to some orthodox belief, places its location here in the west. My efforts certainly do not make me correct, but my effort and evidences certainly make it more plausible than the orthodox belief. I never could get used to doing or believing something, just because the majority is doing it or believes it… In fact I have found that whatever it is the majority believes or does, is likely the wrong thing.

Now although I suspect it pertains to another land, other than a Promised Land, “a land of Milk and Honey”, there is an odd incident that occurs in Numbers 13 wherein Moses sends out “Spies” to the land of “Canaan”. I will leave it to the reader to ponder, but at this time I suspect this land of Canaan in which Moses sent his spies, is not the Promised Land, the land “flowing with milk and honey". The Israelites were also given a chunk of desert along the west shores of the Mediterranean, I must be honest however, my play of words suggests that God gave them a wasteland, if truth be known, in the days it was given, Jerusalem and its surrounding area was a beautiful tropical land. What happened?


King David is said to have traveled to this Land of Promise before his son Solomon, or should I say King Hyrum who was sent by Solomon, to a place many have speculated about. We don’t have much by way of King David but his son Solomon gives a fair account which has had many of the academic world looking in… you guessed it… Africa. Why? Lets just say we do not consider the same books… In the first book of Kings, Hyrum returns from this land called Ophir, and immediately the story of the Queen of Sheba begins….

I have a belief, that man has been circumnavigating the globe at least since the first boat was built as recorded in the days of Noah. However, the place wherein King Hyrum, who was the King of Tyre, went and returned from and the place where in Hyrum and his men taught the servants of the Queen of Sheba concerning King Solomon, was here in the west. No sooner than Hyrum returns from Ophir is the story of the Queen of Sheba told, more likely the Queen of Shem-bha or Shem-Bhala, (Children of Shem). Now we begin to understand how the great country of China, with the Tibetans has lost one of its greatest, now mythical, cities; Shambhala. Why can’t they find it? Because it isn’t there…


However if the Mahayana Buddhist would think a bit, specifically of the Mother of Buddha, Maya… they just might find this mythical city of Shem Bhala, at the place wherein the name is given to the people of Maya, the Mayan people, yes, those of the Yucatan. What does this mean? It means the Queen of Sheba, who was not African but who was a Queen of India, the queen of a group that had migrated to the Americas and had colonized it long before, had heard of Solomon through her servants who met Hyrum and his men as they explored the regions of this mythical place that would later be called Aztlan. The evidences of this Hindu people in place names are all over the Americas and even in their religion from which Buddhism was derived, is rooted in the Aztec religion, and has left its mark upon the Hopi, Navajo, Apache and others. Some say it is purely coincidental that the story of Sheba occurs right after Hyrum’s return, but how would they explain the two verses of 11 and 12 of 1st Kings concerning Hyrum’s journey being  interjected right in the middle of the story of Sheba? Another strange coincident I’m sure.

Was the Queen of Sheba, Maya? Mother of Solomon’s son? Or was she the wife of Buddha? He is known for his immense wisdom, beyond any other man… other than one- Solomon. I didn’t loose you there did I?

If the foregoing implications have any merit, the entire foundation of Hinduism and  Buddhism, its very creation, is based on a simple Biblical story that is often read over with narrow, and superficial eyes. The forgoing story would no doubt have been passed down within the bloodlines of Solomon. The Davidic Kings, whom I am certain journeyed to find this place in which Solomon’s friend, King Hyrum visited in his 3 year journeys... I would be happy to discuss the evidences Hyrum brought back…

One of two Mayan Temples found in… Indonesia, archaeologist can’t deny, nor explain.

They claim is was built in the 1400’s

Tonatiuh the Aztec Sun God on a Hindu artifact? You tell me?


How many other cultures came to this land during the next 300 years is unknown, perhaps none, however according to the Aztec, Mayan, and some western tribes and according to the (controversial to some) text of the Mormon book we find that about 600 BC another people came to this land in at least 3 separate groups. If true, these people came for religious and physical freedoms, in fact according to their story, they were “brought” here…


According to the Legends of the Chinese, Emperor Shi Huang set sail in 219 BC to a place they apparently already knew as Fusang. The reason for this first voyage would lean towards religious purposes. A later expedition however in about 400 AD gives much more details and a description of a place that in my mind, can be none other than the Grand canyon. Interestingly enough of all the descriptions concerning the indigenous found to be living there, it is said they were a well disciplined people yet had no religion, and so they (the Chinese) taught them of Buddha to the point wherein it became well rooted. I find it ironic that the people who taught the indigenous of that day, were teaching the descendants of those who taught their own ancestors. It is said the indigenous were living abroad in well organised cites, and in large Caves within the Canyon.


It was in the last century BC wherein the shores of the Americas would begin to see the first wave of Europeans since the days of Solomon during the last days of the Roman Republic and the Indo-Greek Kings and as a result of Alexander the Greats campaigns in India. I am certain sensitive historic maps and records were discovered among the ancient royal people of the Queen Sheba, or should we just call her Maya? This seeming accumulation of information seems to have sparked a wave of expeditions to follow beginning as early as 100 BC. I am certain this information corroborated the existing information in the hands of the many European Royals.

Allow me now to veer lightly from the topic- Consider this silver coin found in India bearing the profile of what is believed to be a “100 BC local ruler wearing Roman-type helmet with bristles”. Are they kidding?

I don’t see an Indian wearing a Roman helmet, I see a
Mohawk, Mohican or Pawnee Indian.

Not much is known about the early colonization efforts of the Greek Colonies as it is only mentioned in a later record found on artifacts believed to be from 1000 AD. However it occurred during a period from 100 BC to about 300 AD and these colonies were presumed to have been overthrown by the Indigenous and run off, assimilated or annihilated. One might consider at this time… Just who were these Ancestral Pueblo people any way? It is however quite possible they are those who built the many named cities which appear in the old Latin Maps, the same maps that the academic world never addresses, and even those unnamed 7 cities around Copala. You can read more about this mythical lake Copala and the 7 Cities by clicking the Link found at the end of this part...


Now comes a famous British King of the Past, but before I give him a name, let me ask if you have ever heard of “ Recent Studies” Because Wiki sure quotes him a lot but I can never find his sources. When I do it amounts to nothing more than another guy often quoted by the name of Orthodox Belief. I am sorry, but I am going to go off into a tangent for a bit… not because I cannot control myself, but because we need to understand these two individuals often quoted in the works of those in the digital scholarly Pharisees pages of today- Mr, Wiki! with his buddies Recent Studies and good old Orthodox Belief… Well I would like to introduce them to a friend of mine as it appears they do not know him… His name is “Original Source” oh how I wish they could play nice…

Just one simple guy named King Arthur has received much attention on the all mighty and powerful pages of Wiki, but in the lengthy and largely useless article laden with footnotes at the end, we find 108 footnote resources. What this means is, no less than 100 (educated?) opinions. Keep in mind, if any of them have any credibility regarding the subject of Arthur, they would have all had to have read and studied the original source material! Why oh why, do they always have to rationalize simple meaning… telling us what the author actually meant? Have you ever noticed that in past times writers never said what they meant nor meant what they said? Aren’t we lucky to have the scholars of today to explain it…

King Arthur in the early 6th century was known for his traveling to a mysterious Island called Avalon, the place where his sword Excalibur was forged. The evidences are few, however other things lead to the possibility that Avalon and Aztlan are one and the same. It is said in the “Arthurian Legend” that after being wounded in a battle he was taken to Avalon to heal, later after his death he was taken there and buried… Of course no one seems to know where Avalon was other than a stab in the dark guess at the Canary Islands, but it was so much easier turning this Welsh History into a legend…

Needless to say, I now cannot look at the pictograph, and petroglyph of the Kings panel in Dry Fork Canyon near Vernal Utah without pondering the possibilities of whom it is that is entombed nearby…

I could be wrong, But I think Arthur might have found where
King Hyrum was going… If not, he certainly came very close…

 Roman Jews?

Now comes, in 700 AD, the Roman Colonies. The majority of the evidence of this exploration or better yet migration and colonization, comes from a discovery that was made in 1924. It would seem the skeptics were a little slow in jumping all over this one as it was no doubt an authentic find with authentic artifacts. Do you have any idea what effort it would take, to create 31 lead artifacts, some of which were 90 lbs, out in the middle of the desert in 1924, headed up by a gravel pit worker, and the study it would have taken to create a story using authentic old Latin and Hebrew? AND THEN encase the objects in caliche of all things, (believed at the time to indicate great antiquity) in such a careful fashion that a team of archaeologists, who recovered a majority of the artifacts, would not notice? What was the motive? The very substance of caliche had been formally used as evidence of the great antiquity of anything found within it, and NEVER something made from historic times, of course until this discovery. Now the evolutionists are admitting caliche can form very quickly… how convenient…

Notice the Latin words, and although I know most will not see it,
there is also Hindu origin words

Anyway, the story told upon the artifacts tells the story of Roman Colonies in 700 AD, coming to the place of Calalus (Mistranslation of Calicuas) which strangely enough is the very word used and found on the earliest known Latin Maps. It tells of their bringing the Toltec into submission, bondage and Captivity. Funny… why were the Spanish of the 16th century using old Latin maps? Did they speak Castilian or not? The Castilian language (Latin Based) came from those of the Castile Kingdom which came into existence about 1000 AD ending around 1300. These are the very people who were derived from those of Septimania of 500 to 700 AD after the Muslim conquest. Why is this important? These so called Spanish Maps of the New World, are laden with names associated with those of Septimania, and the old Latin language prior to what is considered Castilian and the Castilian influences.

None to my surprise, it was very clear in reading the many expedition documents starting with Columbus, and including Juan Ponce de Leon 1513, Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, Friar de Niza, Antonio de Espejo many more and even Coronado, were ALL OBVIOUSLY looking for existence of PREVIOUS Castilian occupation! WHY?

One last little note for some who may see… When the Roman colonies arrived in 700 AD they were the typical Roman Catholic, but for some reason 300 years later after finally being expelled by the Indigenous peoples (being the Toltec this particular round) they returned to their homeland (except those who were had intermarried and remained) as Roman Jewish Catholics. Of course the papacy had to accept it, who was going to argue with the Royals? To this day we have in the world Roman Jewish Catholics. The question is, who did they meet here? And where did this Jewish twist come from? I think before it is all said and done, we my find that these people who they met and who taught them Jewish traditions are the true Pueblo.


Well it didn’t end there… 170 years after the Roman Jews returned to their origins Prince Madoc of the Welsh History made his voyage to the Americas, but once again history in Wales has been converted to legend in America. It is unclear, by what has been written, if Madoc was even looking for the place the Roman colonies found, the former cities of the  Indo-Greeks who were here some 400 years prior.


Again those who control the people rose up against their own in 1300. We could talk about the Knights Templar who frequented this land, but I am pretty sure even though they knew where others were focused, that they had better things to do… I think some give them way to much credit in some things, and in other things not enough… Without explanation, I assure you they did NOT haul tons of treasure to this land, they did not come here to hide a cup, and they had no idea where the Ark of the Covenant was… lets not beat this dead horse any longer, it stopped looking like a horse when Orthodox and Hollywood took over…

The Spanish Conquest

A little over 400 years after Madoc, another attempt to conquer the indigenous peoples  and find the heart of the promised land and to satisfy the ever growing lust for Gold came- Columbus, followed shortly thereafter by Cortez and the ruthless Coronado. There is much more to the story of Columbus, he didn’t just wake up one day and decide he wanted to sail far into the unknown west to see if there was anything there. Columbus knew damned well the earth wasn’t flat. Columbus first went to the Royals of Portuguese, obviously he knew they had knowledge of this place and were part of the colonization of 700 AD to 1000 AD. A remnant of the Portuguese remained here and are a large part of the Melungeon Indian ancestry. The Melungeon were found in the areas of Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky by the first Europeans of the 1500’s, Melungeons are known as a mixed race of European and Indigenous, some go as far as to say they are in part African, yet I find absolutely no evidence what so ever in support of this. I don’t mean to hurt any sensitive feelings but in those past times, Africans did not migrate to other lands, nor colonize, ever…

Being turned down by the Portuguese, Columbus approaches the Royals of Spain, it would seem very clear that Spain had much information to support Columbus or at least to see that he wasn’t just heading west aimlessly to the Indies which they very well knew was east. It is suspected that Spain had quite a jump on the French, but it is clear in the French Lahontan’s long river expedition, that he at least knew of the existence of the target lake but apparently had no name to attribute to it. Lahontan never made it to the lake he pursued, turning back somewhere along the upper waters of the Missouri. Yet somehow the cartographer of the Moll Map still managed to capture the very shape and essence of the elusive lake Copala even though they never found it? these guys were good!... In the cartographer notes he states that the map was made from earlier drafts How early?

Moll Map of Lahontons Journey aside the 33 million year old Lake Copala

The Unnamed Emporer

I am certain others have come to this land in ancient times that we do not know of. The latest of which you may not believe was a King and Emperor who came here himself in 1918. He seemed to have no trouble finding his way to a key location in the Uinta Basin, and even bought up much property. No one really knows exactly why he was hear, but it certainly was NOT to secure the wealth of the Rhoades mine, which was known to this man as chicken feed compared to what he was seemingly searching for. Circumstances overseas eventual required his attention to the degree that he had to abandon his efforts and his properties were eventually sold off by his representative with the last piece selling in 1943.

The Question

In all that I have written in this part 5, I have not really answered the question, “Why were they coming here?” Let me answer by saying that many but not all who came in the past knew this was the very place promised to the Israelites of the ancient Abrahamic covenant. As a result many have tried to obtain this land for themselves there are things here that are of ancient origin and of great archaeological value, what they did not understand however is that the promise to the Israelites carries a curse as well, “that who so ever shall posses this land shall be free from bondage and from captivity and from all other nations,  if they will but serve the God of the land, who is Jesus Christ,” otherwise they will come into bondage and captivity or when they are ripe in iniquities, they will be swept off. But lets just write that off as a mythical hoax and leave it to Recent Studies, Orthodox Belief and their new friend WIKI.