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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

History of the research project, The Mexican Banditos Cache Sites

I have received many requests for more details of operations of  projects in Central Mexico, I am never able it seems to give any of the finer details although if one were to skim the many articles I have written one could put together a majority of the story but without identifying details. A big part of why I have withheld many of the details is in that I refuse to put the operations of nearly 16 years, and those involved at any risk due to leaking information, in short, loose lips sink ships… But, I have decided to write a documented history of the research since the first day the information found its way to me, and how I was able to identify the exact sites of not just one mentioned in the document, but 5… There are 14 sites mentioned within the document. Although I have located two more locations but not the sites, we lack the finer details in order to discover the exact site, unlike the first 5 of which we have exact information.

The Map with details removed
January 13th 2002
On or just before the date above, an acquaintance whom I will call Bill, sent me some documents and a map telling an incredible story. I still to this day I do not quite understand why he sent them to me, I can only suppose it is due to a recognized ability to think outside the box. It is also understood that it was a project beyond his means, as there is just too much here in our own back yard. What he may not have known, is that the biggest difference between Banditos Cache sites linked with documentation written at the hand of the Bandito Captain and Spanish cache sites here in the Northern regions is, with this kind of documentation, we have EXACT instructions, something you do not usually get with a Spanish cache site, I have only seen a couple here in the North.

Upon receiving the documents I of course read the story, I was absolutely floored, of course I called him to learn how he had come by the documents, what he had given me was a transcription of the English Translation created by a semi well known Treasure Hunter whom I will call John, and who made several attempts to resolve the location in the 70’s.

As it would seem, John was operating somewhere near Veracruz on a sunken ship project, when he was approached by an inland villager working on the coast. Recognizing John as a presumed professional, he approached and ask him if he would be interested in helping his family to locate a treasure documented by their ancestor, and left with their family. As it would seem, those who first received the documentation from their ancestor were very superstitious, no one made any attempt in 150 years to locate the fortune. Interest diminished and place names were forgotten.

Some who have read the many treasure hunting books would know the real name of the treasure hunter if I were to give a real name, but no real names will be divulged in this history. John agreed to look at the document, stunned at what he had read, he asked if he could make a copy. Permission to do so was granted, it took near a week just to find a Zerox machine to make the copies. Taking these copies back to Utah where he lived, he had the document translated. The original copies of the Spanish written document have since been burned by his wife who was sick of would-be treasure hunters coming to her door after her husband John had passed away. The treasure hunter sought the help of an individual who was at the time gaining notoriety at his abilities in the treasure game, this individual was the afore mentioned Bill. They agreed to meet and the translated document was left with Bill. Fifteen minutes later John changed his mind, being the typical non trusting treasure hunter I have seen so much of, however unexpectedly upon returning to get the document back from Bill, he had already made a copy of it and the original map with John’s own maps from his own attempts to locate the hoard, and without John’s knowledge. John would not find out what had happened until many years later, not long before his passing.

How long Bill had held these documents is unknown, but they were shared with me about January 13th 2002. After reading the story, like John, I could not believe the magnitude of what I had just read, for a couple of years I found every effort to learn more of the locations, in those days I was very well set financially. The first Topographic maps of the area in question had not been around long, created as late as 1985. I managed to find these maps and ordered them. Google Earth had just been released and this proved to be a much needed tool and largely helped in finding what no one had been able to do in 200 years. The Topographic maps I received were of pretty good quality, however unknowingly at the time there were several place names on the maps that were very difficult to see. In fact I didn’t even know they were there until years later as a result of the much better quality PDF versions. When the maps arrived I did not open them, but loaded them in my truck and headed to work to meet with some of our Mexican National sub-contractors.

Sitting in the favorite coffee shop, one of the subs whom I will call Juan, came to meet with me, I have always been interested in the Aztec and those peoples of Mexico and out of habit I asked him what part of Mexico he was from. To my surprise, he named the very town suspect of having been in the heart of the search area. I ask him if he wouldn’t mind looking at some maps, he eagerly agreed, and upon unrolling the maps he was shocked to see them, he said that he had worked for the company that made these maps prior to coming to the states, he said his job was to field check and validate old place names using the history contained in the local libraries, county, state and villages. Shocked at this coincident I asked if I could throw some names at him to see if he was familiar with some of these old place names, “sure” he said, and as I gave him some of the place names mentioned in the document with little effort he would circle his finger around an area on the map and saying about right here… I would later discover he was very close.
With this new knowledge I continued my search in the area finding every possible source by which to discover the points mentioned in the translation, efforts were also underway to find a copy of the original Spanish text which eventually and miraculously come about. I continued using google earth in creating a kmz identifying as many as the place names as I could, and creating an overview, it wasn’t long and I knew I had found it, but how could I prove it?

Just weeks before I felt I had done the impossible, at least up and to that point, another friend of mine whom I will call Mike, visited me, this was about 2005. Although at this point considered a good friend, he was still a secretive type as he was one of those unknown treasure hunters that the would-be treasure hunter only heard rumor of, he simply did not like exposure however upon meeting him years prior, I don’t know why but we just hit it off. On this day he brought me some documents he wanted me to look at, taking the documents I began to read and recognized the document and noticed immediately the place names removed. I perked up and told him, I know this story, he almost indignantly responded with “You couldn’t know it” I insisted that I did and offered to fill in the blanks, which I did, Furious and baffled he said “how did you know this? this document was well guarded and kept by my X partner, where did you get a copy?” This is when I told him of  the Bill mentioned earlier, and as it would seem John was Mike’s X Partner and he had given him a copy long ago before their parting. Immediately he knew how Bill had come by the document as he was familiar with the initial visit between Bill and John. When Mike told John who he still communicated with, he was furious and wanted to kill Bill for making copies.

Not long after this incident, my financial wellbeing took a dump, as it would seem, I decided to retire from my position in the company, one of my “thought to be trusted” friends was whining about his retirement and how he was not going to be able to pay his bills Like the friend I can be, I recommended him to my partner for a replacement, my partner accepted, long story short, this so called friend began creating his own company, added himself to the corporate record as a manager to our company which is illegal the act of which is still a matter of public record… then he dissolved the company. Finally he and one other perpetrator sent emails to all our clients telling them we had changed the name of the company removing from us our entire client base. The state would not reinstate the license and we lost everything. That just needed to be said…

Ok so now, knowing I had the right location I continued searching out old documents to give credibility to what I already knew. With persistence I was able to track down 4 other Banitos Captain’s final documents telling of their cache locations and their doings, two of which spoke of the same primary site of the first document and some accounts as early as 1727 and several references to robberies that began as early as 1600. Also due to persistence I was able to track down one individual in Mexico who believed he may have the same document that I had but in the original Spanish.  Through negotiations we exchanged documents and as it turns out, they are of the same source however I discovered Johns translations skills needed improvement, several mistakes were found but nothing that changed the final location. I asked this gentleman where he had obtained this typed copy from the 1970’s. He told me that he knew the family that had it and one day they showed it to him, excluding the map. He asked at that time due to the age and obvious deterioration of the document, if he could type out the text of it, and this is how he ended up with it. He sent me a copy of this typing of the 1970’s. This event alone told me the whole story was in fact, factual as there is no way a guy in Mexico could have possibly typed a document in the 1970’s that just happened to be the same story I would receive but in English, some 30 years later.

Not to many years ago I was searching for better quality maps when I came across a web site that had these maps in PDF format. Of course I downloaded them and to my surprise, they are OCR and searchable not to mention much easier to read… One day while reviewing the maps I noticed a word on the maps I had never seen before, one of the key place names I had asked my friend Juan about years before. There it was right at nearly the exact location he had circled with his finger, and then another and another and low and behold, everything was just as I had decided without knowing for sure of these locations, but instead by all the clues and information I had gathered, these had to be the correct locations and sure enough I was right on.

As far as placing a value on this site, lets see what you come up with, it is described as a natural “cavern” I will leave it up to you as to how big a “cavern” is… In the beginning of the 1600’s when the organization was created and the continuous robberies of Spanish Mule trains began, the Captain of that day, vowed to fill this cavern with Gold ONLY… This goal according to documentation was fulfilled at the end of the 1700’s, and in the document it is pointed out that they filled it to the point that they could not place the carved fitted lid back on the opening. So they took out the obstructing portions and placed the lid on one last time, and then buried the overflow nearby of which I also have exact instruction as to how to find it. It is stated, in the documents, where all the silver was placed over the many years nearby, and yes, I have the instructions for it as well.

Earlier I mentioned that other documents were obtained over the years of other accounts of other captains at other locations and times. One of the documents which I later discovered was actually published back in the 40’s or so in Mexico. Of course pertinent information was missing from that document but with the first document and this one, one could complete the search except… one small detail. One day while doing the research trying to learn the location of this once presumed village, there it was… I had to know where it was in order to know the path of the road mentioned in the document, you see, I knew the location of the other end of the road mentioned but needed the name of the now nonexistent village in order to find the correct path and after 20 minutes or so, we had concluded another site search, this was about 2012 or so.

Much has happened in these last 6 years, the land owners were first contacted about 6 years ago, I can’t say much about the events but lets just say it has taken longer than expected but it is fully understood why. The last visit there was ‘boots on the ground’ and my colleague was escorted to the general area and visited two of the primary sites, the escort never knew what he was looking at. When he returned, the first thing I said to him was, I gotta know, you visited the two sites personally? Yes he said, I responded with the question that has weighed on me for over 10 years, Am I crazy? He told me Dan, I am here to tell you, you are not crazy, everything was just as you said, and other things verified which I cannot disclose. Another, and key visit is in the works.

Just a few years ago, another fortunate development occurred. In the original document brought to me in 2002, there was a key site mentioned in a comparable statement to the primary subject of the document, it gave no reference as to where it was, it simply mentioned it. About the end of 2015, a friend sent me a message, asking me if I had ever heard of this coral which by name is clearly the same, uh… yes?... I said, why? Then he told me that he might just have a very interesting document for me, and he sent it to me. It turned out to be exactly what I thought not possible, in short it was the transcription of the English translation of yet another Bandito cache site, the very one mentioned in the original document received in 2002.
This document was among an early 1900’s Historic researchers private papers. It seems, as he was to investigate a certain history of the place he was from, he heard of an old woman who had discovered an old document buried in her garden in an iron chest 100 years prior. However she was illiterate and the paper, unknown to her, ended up in her pile of papers she used for patterns. It was a neighbor friend who happened upon the paper as she began to cut it up for a pattern when she notice the wording and stopped to read the document, having read it she knew how important it was. Eventually the researcher was able to obtain a copy and I presume he created the translated document. We believe the original Spanish transcription is still in his personal papers at a well-known university. I am anxious to get there to search his papers preserved at the university, but financial setback has been the prevention of this, I really don’t need it, but my meticulous nature wants it.

With this document, another of the most famous Banditos Cache sites and strongholds has been discovered with NEARLY explicit instructions and no less than 20 separate caches in a trail of treasure sites leading to the primary stronghold and cache. The majority of those in this trail of treasure are considerably small in comparison to the primary at the end of the trail, however each leading to the primary location is well worth the effort for someone, but it won’t be me. Some day when I am comfortable in the conclusion of the main site near the Port of San Blas, I will gladly give this information to one of my Mexican friends… The small caches range from the smallest mentioned of 2 cargas of minted silver, (300 to 400 lbs) to “40 loads of minted silver (6-8,000 lbs) and 2 loads of minted gold” (300 to 400 lbs). This one does not come close to the potential value of the primary site which is estimated at nearly 1 billion. We have permission from the land owner to proceed with this site. I will not give an estimate of the primary site of the first document, for very good reason we may have to just let it go... The smaller of the two primary sites of the first document is estimated by figures given in the specific document at 100 Million.

Is anyone now beginning to see the irony in all of this and the dilemma I am faced with and why I am just short of weaving baskets at the funny farm? But I do not give up… I think… I need a financial partner… whom upon mutual agreement, I will give almost or near the full details, depending on the level of participation and the qualifying character of an interested party.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Tuscoro.com could use your help...

If you like what has been presented here in the past almost 4 years, Please read on as I and tuscoro.com could most certainly use some help…

I do not and have never considered myself as anything special, if I am special, each and every one of you are as well. I do what I do because I love to do it. There is nothing special about what I do, as any of you could do it as well, only if you decided to do it. The reasons I love it, is because I love seeing the past, even if at times it is only through imaginative eyes based on the evidences we actually can see, and through common sense, deductive reasoning molded by our beliefs we see sometimes clearly see what the truth may be. Belief is personal, and something we all possess to some degree, my belief is not founded upon rigorous indoctrination, orthodox belief or peer pressure, it is founded upon a foundation of my belief in a supreme being, a belief in and of itself that was obtained upon the same previous mentioned principles, not because I was taught to believe it. In the beginning I was “taught” to believe, and therefore I did, until one who really had no belief at all showed me that I had no belief and that what I had was simply borrowed orthodox belief. Although I was angry and resisted, I knew that it was true, it was unnerving discovering and realizing that nearly everything I had been taught, intentionally or unintentionally and I’m sure was with good intent, was however for the most part a bald faced lie.

I have a need to share… and will always do so but with prudence, only due to the fact that those who are accustom to and having become comfortable with the benefits of milk, and are not capable of digesting a New York steak, medium rare smothered in steak sauce. I have no issue with an education system, provided that the student is not taught to covet a piece of paper hanging on the wall certifying the completion of an indoctrination process, rising themselves above all others rather than cherish the opportunity to now use the information given to obtain EXPERIENCE all the while, retaining the ability to think, reason, test and apply those things taught in the field, promoting and encouraging the same. The student must be taught that that which is being taught is theory and not fact and encouraged to apply what is taught and to implement the concept of  “prove or disprove” in order to discover truth. Intelligence will never be the ability to regurgitate indoctrination, and truth will never come from it. I will not attempt to lecture what intelligence is, only what it is not.

With this said, I need the reader to understand that It takes a lot of time and effort to produce the many articles, reading books most would not consider, and writing books searching the vast sources trying to find original source material that a majority does not seem to know exist, and not the typical “wiki says so,” traveling the wildernesses just to get a photograph which bears some evidence of some concept, wading through countless legends of the past, expedition documents, news articles of past events Etc… Although it is something I have long done myself to support, but not without support from time to time from friends I shall never forget… and barely by the skin of my teethe these last years, a large part of my research has for the most part been shut down. It has come to the point that I once again need to turn to those who give me support by whatever means.

I know I am not wiki, I know I am not archives dot org, but from time to time even with millions of viewers they occasionally ask for donations. I don’t have the benefit of a vast following, but I am compelled to do the same, and so, I ask…

If everyone on my friend list alone, donated $10 dollars I could operate for the next two months until I again can bear the cost once again, BUT… not all my friends will donate and believe me… I get it… and do not expect it, I do not share with expectations. If you can bear $15, $20 or whatever you feel without being excessive, please do so as I have not been this far down in a very long time, anything will help and a very sincere thank you to all of you in any support you are able to or have given in the past, one day, I will get not even, but ahead…

This post will remain until I have met the intended means or found alternative resources.

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Antonio de Espejo, Utah's earliest documented European Explorer

Here in Utah, at the center of the universe, or so I have been told… for decades we have been inundated with Spanish lure related treasure stories… even to the point it would seem of a twisting of the stories and even complete fabrications are written. Where is the truth? The remaining, if any, truth lies within and after stripping away all the rhetoric exposing only what is “presumed” to be the truth, one begins to build what “could” be the truth. The academic world is no less guilty, as over the many years since the Spanish frequented our Uinta Mountains and the Northern Mountains, the game of hide and seek has come upon us, as their writers with the deception of their pens try and with great success, to convince you of the Emperor’s new clothes.

There is a truth out there, naked for all to see, and some day, I am going to tell this story, even if it is for but a few who can still distinguish the differences of being learned or educated, and of which one promotes intelligence, and which promotes a certification hanging on the wall as proof having been sufficiently strip of the ability to think or even reason. Regardless, there will always be those prim and proper and those who can only be described as gullible ready to believe anything put to the pen, regardless of the source derived… <end of rant>

Antonio (Hurtado de Mendoza?) Espejo was born in Valladolid, (His own Record says Cordoba), Espana in the year of 1540. It is believed but not verified that at the age of 31, Antonio, his wife, two sons and his brother migrated to the Americas. Antonio was a wealthy man, (whether obtained prior to coming to the Americas or after is currently unknown), he and his brother became ranchers living at the northern frontier of Mexico of the day. Circumstances unknown, he and his brother were accused of murder in 1581, his brother was arrested and Antonio fled to the Northern most outpost of Mexico at Santa Barbara Chihuahua, he is known for financing an expedition for the in part purpose of rediscovery of the Cities of Cibola reported 40 years earlier by Friar Marcos de Niza. It is said that after his famous expedition of 1582-83, Antonio was traveling back to Spain and while in Cuba he had died in 1585. (The Forgoing is according to the academics, yet a source for the information is still unknown other than what was written by Antonio himself) Now I am going to tell you the likely truth of it, based on new evidence and evidences intertwined with some common sense and what may be considered conjecture, but not really any different than the method in which the academic sources have used.

Antonio de Espejo born in Spain presumably to a wealthy family, having come from a wealthy family it is without doubt he and his brother with families came to the Americas without issue but clearly was a matter of choice for some purpose other than becoming cattle ranchers in the unknown wild or soldiers of fortune in such a hostile place. It is my estimation that something else swayed the two brother to come to the Americas and this is likely due to information passed down through his family regarding some place in the Americas and visited long ago by the ancestors of Antonio. In short he was coming to the Americas to claim his patrimony left to his family and likely documentation of this kept in the family’s possession since the days of the Explorations of the people of Septimania or the Holy Roman Empire from 700 AD to 1000 AD.

In 1581 some event occurred in which Antonio and his brother were accused of murder, there is no record as of yet as to what this was all about, but it is said his brother was arrested and Antonio fled North the outter most outpost of New Spain at the time being Santa Barbara in Chihuahua. If this accusation were true, why would Antonio rather than lie low somewhere, begin writing letters to the King of Spain in an attempt to establish a colony or Land Grant in the Northerly most parts of the most hostile regions of New Mexico. New Mexico at the time included parts of Texas Arizona, and Utah. Why would this wealthy man for some unknown reason put his wealth on the line by voluntarily financing the expedition into the virtually unknown having only been visited 40 years prior by Coronado and Friar Marcos de Niza. It is said that the expedition was for the purpose of discovering what had happened to some friars who were left in New Mexico. From the translators record it is said:

WHILE the viceroy was discussing an expedition to New Mexico, more effective measures were being taken by the Franciscan order and a private citizen. On learning through the returning soldiers that the friars who went with Chamuscado had been left alone in New Mexico, the Franciscans feared for the safety of their brethren and at once considered the organization of a rescue party. To lead it, Fray Bernaldino Beltran, of the monastery of Durango, volunteered. Hearing of the project, Antonio de Espejo, a wealthy citizen of Mexico, who was in Nueva Vizcaya at the time, offered to equip and lead some soldiers as an escort, and to pay the expenses of Father Beltran.
Through the efforts of the friar a license was secured from Captain Juan Ontiveras, alcalde mayor of Cuatro Cienegas, a settlement seventy leagues east of Santa Barbara, then in Nueva Vizcaya, but now in Coahuila.

Now understanding that by embarking upon an expedition of any kind without license could get you arrested or killed simply because it was considered as trespass on property claimed for the crown, it is clear to me that Espejo took advantage of this opportunity bypassing the process of obtaining a license himself, especially with an open accusation of him as a murderer. Espejo was on a quest, what was it he was looking for? Clearly throughout the narrative of Espejo his attention is not on the presumed “missing” friars, as you read through his narrative it is clear he is looking for previous occupation of Castilian. At every opportunity he was setting off further and further from the objective. I have noticed this constant making notation of Castilian Grapes, Castilian Onions, Walnuts Etc.. and such not only in Espejo’s expedition narrative but by others as well, I think these people knew good and well their ancestors had been there before.

Espejo even after reaching the “avowed purpose of the expedition” learning of the demise of the friars, pushed even further, at this point the majority were ready to return to Nueva Vizcaya. From the transcribers of the report of the Viceroy to the King we find…

After reaching  “the borders of the province of the Tiguas, and learned that Fathers Lopez and Rodriguez had been killed at Puaray.
The avowed purpose of the expedition had now been accomplished, but Espejo, seconded by Father Beltran, decided to explore the country before returning. Going two days east with two companions, to the province of the Maguas, adjacent to the buffalo country, Espejo learned that there Father Santa Maria had been killed before Chamuscado left New Mexico.
Returning to the Tiguas, the whole party went six leagues to the Quires, and then visited Sia, fourteen leagues to the northwest, and the Emeges (Jemez), six leagues further north-west. Turning southwest, they now went to Acoma, and thence to Zuni. At this point Father Beltran and about half of the party decided to return to Nueva Vizcaya. But Espejo and nine companions set out northward in search of a lake of gold said to be in that direction. He did not find the lake, but he visited the province of Mohoce (Moqui), and was given there a present of four thousand cotton blankets (mantas). Sending these back to Zuni by five men, with the remaining four Espejo went west in search of mines of which he had heard. After travelling forty-five leagues he found them in western Arizona, and secured rich ores. Returning to Zuni by a shorter and better route, he found Father Beltran and his companions still there.
His party being increased by another of Espejo's men, Fray Beltran now returned to San Bartolome; but Espejo, bent on further explorations, turned east again and ascended the Rio Grande to the Quires. Going east from there Six leagues, he visited the Ubates, and found mineral prospects near by. One day from the Ubates he visited the Tanos pueblos, who would neither admit him nor give him food. In view of this hostility and of the smallness of his party, Espejo now set out for home, but by a different route”
It is said that Espejo did not find the lake, and I would agree as it had been gone for at least 200 years or better, however I am certain that Espejo having been one of the first Europeans to return to this area, could see plainly the evidence of the lake he sought after, evidence that was much more obvious 480 years ago and is still visible today though more so obscured, yet evidence of which today is drowned in an extremely flawed dating system so that you would not consider...

I personally don’t think Espejo went west for 45 leagues as he said he did, had he done this there is no doubt he would have mentioned the Grand Canyon which he no doubt would have encountered. I am certain he did however head North in search of the Lake of Gold, and those 45 leagues along with other time spent, was also looking North. I think Espejo and the 4 men knew exactly what they were looking for, I would wager Espejo had with him documents handed down from his ancestors and he wasn’t going back until he knew he had found the place verifying the documents. The events that occur after they finally returned, shows he found something while gallivanting around which set him up for his next expedition of which would seem there is no record, except one…

Apparently Espejo continues seeking establishing a colony in the North by Land Grant, it is uncertain as the whether the King responded to his letters but it would be my guess according to later documentation that he got that permission in 1584. And soon he was off again, but apparently this slipped past the majority of historians and reasonably so, but based on what information would they say he was heading back to Spain and died in Cuba in 1585?

Antonio de Espejo was off again, and this time it would be 4 years before his return, or at least that was the plan, but I don’t think that worked out so well because apparently no one told the story, as it would seem it was easier to have him die in Cuba. In this expedition there is no record of who went with him, we only know that he did go… and where he went.

If you were to read Antonio’s narrative, and those of the earliest expeditions known, you will notice that not only do they continuously point out finding Castilian this and Castilian that, but they always make reference to mines they had heard about, never do the documents say they set out to “Establish” or create mines, it is always a reference to what apparently were existing mines, whose mines? Were these mines of the indigenous? Or mines of the predecessors from 500 years prior?

Now as you may or may not know, many of the projects in which I work on, have what I call an originator, this is the person who brought me the story or the document, because of this, I cannot disclose the nitty gritty details, as the originator is my friend and colleague, and to be honest, I don’t think he agrees with me on this and that’s ok. My reasons for writing about this particular incident is that even if we cannot verify the things indicated on the document, it is still considered the best and earliest evidence we have of Spanish expeditions into the Uinta mountains, and if we can pull all the other implications together from other sources or find one of the sites indicated on the map, we could also prove even earlier occupation of those who preceded the Spanish at one time of 700 AD to 1000 AD and quite possibly a much earlier migration occurring at 100 BC.

According to the originator of this document, it was given to him after getting to know a co-worker who was Apache, possible Apache/Navajo, he told him that this map with others, was taken from the Spaniards that his grandfathers had killed long ago near the four corners area. As it would seem, Espejo’s expedition of 1584 to 1588 ended somewhere on their return trip to Mexico, Unfortunately Antonio de Espejo and his men, never made it back, and Antonio without a doubt did not die in Cuba. I personally don’t have any question as to the correct analysis of the map bearing Antonio de Espejo’s signature as I trusted it to one of the sharpest of individuals I know with a great knowledge of the Uinta Geography. Upon this map which is a Land Grant area obtained by Antonio which covers some 144,000 acres in a most interesting place in the Uintas. 16 Mines two of which are specifically marked as “Castilian”, 3 presumed armor cache sites, and 2 presumed vaults.

I feel this is one of the most important projects that we have pertaining to early Utah history as it shows a history that has been ignored and suppressed. I intend to start again at the beginning, going over and recreating all the work that has already been done regarding this map, because simple details are often overlooked, we have found certain landmarks, corroborating stories and maps, that all validate not only the map but its authenticity. The research on this map/and the story behind it is extensive, even those who have been involved have not seen the half of the countless hours that has been put into this project. The project has reached the point of serious consideration and I feel warrants going over the entire project again, from the very beginning.  I am looking for a few rare types of individuals to assist, who can legitimately dedicate the time to evaluate this project tracing over the steps I have already taken, I promise you, you will be overwhelmed yet fascinated by what actually has taken place already. This is not for the casual researcher or treasure hunter, you need a computer, not cell phone, advanced photo programs and advance experience with Google Earth, USGS Maps etc… It is my desire to bring this project to the point where in trover permits are obtained and in place and plans of exploration, documentation and excavation are in place. If nothing more, this is one of the many projects I am looking for financial support so that I can do it, after all, under the current circumstances, I have nothing better to do, fortunately I love doing it… and by the time you have read this, I will already be up to my eyeballs doing it all again…

Thursday, December 28, 2017

If it Quacks like a Roman PART 2

It would seem the evidences are mounding to the point it becomes difficult to keep shrugging off the evidences, in part one of this article (LINK AT THE END) you can recap on many of these evidences and the discovery in 1927 which seems to have sparked the efforts to discredit. Well as it would seem, truth has a way of finding its way into public view regardless of what those who suppress do to camouflage or hide it.

Crustose Lichen 101

Some years ago a friend and colleague of mine, now an archaeologist, took me and showed me some very strange monuments. I was overwhelmed at what I was looking at all the while knowing, these were not built by Spanish, and certainly not Basque sheep herders. Present upon these monument was the one thing that would cause the critics to stutter, that is if they knew anything about it, and that is the presents of Crustose Lichen.  Lichenometry which is new enough science that even my spell checker doesn’t recognize it. Lichenometry is the study of Lichen growth of various types and is used to date exposer of rock surface and due to characteristic of certain Lichens, can even be used to make determination of how long a rock was “placed” where it is… There are two primary lichens used in this dating process, (Most Common light Green) Rhizocarpon geographicum, please don’t make me spell that again, and Xanthona elegans, one of the first lichens used in surface dating, also known as Crustose. Crustose is key in dating rock placement or the establishment of a surface, a simple rule of thumb is, looking for a single spore, not a conglomerate of spores, and compare the spore to a dime, quarter or what have you. The size of a dime represents about 100 years of growth since the surface was established. It is the most important lichen in my research as it is said, that if a rock with Crustose on it is moved and turned more than 15 degrees, the Living Crustose will die and new spores will begin to grow.

Crustose with spore just larger than a quarter representing about 250 years. The spore seen on the extreme right and upper portion of picture is of great antiquity, in excess of 600 years. In short, these monuments were not built by bored Basque sheep herders or even Spaniards.

Two presumed Celtic Menar like Monuments in Central Utah

“Celtic” does not necessarily mean thousands of years, one could just as easy use the terms, Greek or Roman. These monuments used for Memorial sites such as a grave yard or property designation boundary of sort, the real question is why are they here and who could have possibly placed them?

Two more presumed Celtic Monuments in Northern Arizona

Reading of and understanding the geography of these strange people who we know came here prior to Columbus, can be accomplished in a few ways, one is understanding what it was they were looking for, I have covered this in several articles however vague, I have intentionally left out most important details, but for very good cause, mostly because the general public doesn’t need to know. Other ways may be studying the Tucson Lead Artifacts and reading the story told, other ways may be in the study of one of the most misunderstood peoples of the past always portrayed as the Indigenous of this land. These Roman colonies of 700 to 1000 AD, and hidden before your eyes under a name, these people are referred to as the Pueblo, and a picture has been painted to hide the truth, a convenient act in masking what Smithsonian didn’t want you to know… The recently academic designated “Ancestral” Pueblo previously referred to Anasazi, (Navajo “Ancient Enemy”) are a different story, but we don’t need to go there… yet. These people known today as Pueblo, which we are led to believe are those whom the modern day Indian came from or are decent of, is only in a small way true in that it was common in order to maintain peace between the conquering invaders, that once conquered to marry into the captives people usually a prince of the conqueror to the princess of the captive people or visa versa. ONLY in this way of mixture to maintain peace, is the Spanish named people, the Pueblo, the ancestor of the tribes of Indigenous today. Without explanation I will say, The Aztec migration south and 6 other tribes, is as a result of the wars in 700 AD to 1000 AD and as a result of climatic changes as a result of a very large earthquake in 900 AD. Moctezuma II was decent of the Royal Families of the Holy Roman Empire…

It would seem the academics of the past were able to justify many of the ruins as being built by some advanced Indian culture, and again this is “in part” true, but some of the ruins just seemed to have certain characteristics that could not be designated as this fictitious “Indian Pueblo” people, nor could they blame it upon the Indigenous or Mexican.  Marata, a Roman city, discovered in modern times and named Pueblo Grande, and to this day, it is taught that it was built by some culture of the Native American past and it simply is not true. The city of Tontonteac, another Roman City built upon the top of an even more ancient city, was also discovered in modern times, and has been designated as Pueblo Grande of Nevada, superficial excavation done and the other 5 miles of the city hidden under Lake Mead, how convenient. As far as Chaco Canyon Ruins? Hmmm, I wonder…

Not far from Chaco Canyon, built by the Pueblo, not only has scale armor been found but these strange Menar like Pillars of New Mexico have surfaced. One was found locally but no one seems to know where exactly it came from and it presently sits in a museum, the other remains in the field in an un disclosed location. I will not attempt to tell the story of Book Author Louis Serna, but you can visit his site at www.louisserna.com and buy the book or one of his many others. A lifelong historian of Northern New Mexico and author of some 15 books.

Seeming similar Pillar found in Northern New Mexico

Another Seeming similar Pillar still standing in an un disclosed place in the Valle Vidal New Mexico area… one cannot help but think of Knights Templar...
Photos courtesy of Louis Serna
Curious indeed….

Not far from the ruins of the city Marata, known today as Pueblo Grande, lies a smaller ruins , a seeming fortification with several more scattered throughout the local hilltops, but the archaeologist just don’t know what to make of it, they won’t tell you what it is, but will tell you what it is not… “It is not Indian or Mexican built, and it is not built by Spaniards”… In fact it is said by the locals, they would just rather not talk about it… I hope to visit this site soon and get some very good Arial photos. The site resembles that which would have been built by Romans, or those the Spanish in their expedition documents were looking for and continuously referred to as “Castilian”… We are still seeking for the Capital city of Abacus nuc Granada which we know was east to the principle city of Tontonteac, but fear it was destroyed in 900 AD as a result of the spewing of Lava much like the ancient city of Pompeii, Those Romans just seem to attract catastrophe. However we believe there is a high probability we may have found on the outskirts of the lava flow, the remains of 300 acres or more of their presumed once massive irrigation and water collection system…

The larger four canals are estimated at 30 feet wide and 10 to 15 feet deep. A visual ground inspection is in the works to send a geologist to the site and to make determination as to whether the lava flow shows that it flowed “Over” the irrigation ditch which would indicate and prove these canals were in existence before the lava flowed.

Un-designated Ruins in central Arizona
Photos Courtesy of Mike Dennett and Evan Aris

7 to 8 foot high walls and near 3 to 4 feet thick
I’ll bet there is a lot of battle implements around this place…

Curious round bastion turret like guard station at two of the corners of the ruins

“Not built by Indian or Mexican and not built by Spanish”?

The ruins cover about one quarter of an acre

A curious near 10 foot Celtic Menar like monument positioned at one entry

Another Bastion like guard station?

Various glyphs carved in Texas...
Photos courtesy of Randy Bradford

Definitely not of Spanish origins....

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

There is still room to become a small part of something very big

Oh I wish I could tell...
If you have an interest, then read on and perhaps we can come to an understanding, 
and then I can tell, at least enough to satisfy...

UPDATE: Validation of 3 very lucrative and interesting projects has occurred in the last few years, (Boots on the Ground) however nothing is ever as cut and dry as you would hope and think it would be... Mel Fisher didn't just hop in his boat one day and decide to dive in a particular place, and by the end of the day, haul up loads of treasure and live happily ever after... there is so much more to it and the real work starts, is when the discovery is made... this is what has been going on for a couple of years now...

I have recently been told by one of my two primary colleges that it appears we may have our primary financial support in place, however we are still a few months out... there are still specific needs until then, and am still looking for financial support of those things, what do you get out of it for your support should you decide to get involved? All I can say is, you need to hear the story, but EXACT locations and final details must remain unknown for now... lets just say, no promises, but when success is realized, it will be very worth while... and the door will be open to many other projects still in all stages of development. Even my best of friends, do not know the finer details... Until coming to an understanding and signing of a Non Comp Non Disclosure, the bulk of the details must remain untold.

Many of my friends have already become a part, Yes, I can recall every single incident in the past where in my friends have stepped forward to help even in the smallest way, to help me get to this point. I do not forget... now what was I saying?... oh ya... I can name every name, and in most cases thee amount in which was given... don't test me... ;-)

I have recently turned down what could have been a great opportunity in a possible production, my reasons for turning it down were many fold, two were primary, one, I felt as though they were speaking from both sides of their mouths, but the biggest thing was, had I signed, I would be trapped in a contract and it would have prevented progress in many things... I owe you more than that instead of self gratification and the need to be on TV... Yes it would have possibly been a great opportunity and would have fed my family, but I just can't settle for second best, I have bigger plans...

Where I need help at this time is... making it through each month until we can implement the plans of two recoveries, my needs are small, on an as needed basis... In addition I need to get out in the field... Usually I can get things covered but these winter months are my worst, and frankly I should be in the field, winter is the best time to travel south, visit the universities and certain places where in I have tracked down what is believed to be very important information for other projects in development.

If you are interested in becoming a part in these larger projects and in those still in different phases of development, Please contact me and lets talk... If I do not know you, expect a series of questions...  After all, until about 12 years ago, I could do most anything I chose, until my trusted friend became full of greed and the need to be recognized... NONE of that however worked out so well for him... and in the end I lost everything of monetary value, but was able to keep that which is most important to me, my family, my true friends, and the research... At this time it is estimated $5,000 is needed...

Thank You!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Central Utah Tomb site

Photo's by "Wild Bill" Michael, or myself..

This is why sometimes if not most of the time, it is better to show and not tell... Here is one of many examples...

Some time ago a colleague sent me some photos that someone had sent to him, he asked me to go look for this site to investigate and document. "Wild Bill" and my soon to be archaeologist Nephew after about an hour of searching, located the cave.

What a fascinating site I thought, but as suspected, would be treasure hunters were apparently all but finished digging the place up, what they didn't know is that the "tomb" site had been long ago pilferage and the body[s] removed, whether this was done but mummy hunters of the 1800's or licensed thieves, we will never know...  You can see the the diggings pile on the right and the boulders to the left of it which no doubt once concealed this once sacred interned body. There are  two more suspect sites nearby, do you think I am going to tell? I left a nice little note for our would be treasure hunters in the cave...