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Monday, October 30, 2023

The Relativity Of Theory over 100 Years Later

 (From the Original article  April 12, 2018)

Was Einstein truly a genius? or was he deliberately put in place as an intended deterrent of events, a bokeh if you will, with the media of the day, blurring everything else around him in order to keep you from seeing the true genius and events occurring at the time?

Some may wonder what does this article have to do with the overall research? Due to the the last 150 years of intended programing, the age of misinformation, my audience in this will be limited. However I have noticed lately there is a surprising number of people who just can't get enough of truth, it is because of these people, I continue to write the following... 

There are many things in our history which the following is applicable, some of you will see it and some will not, most won't even care... There are many events throughout history, cataclysmic in nature that would be better understood if science would consider ALL things. The text in Genesis of the Bible would be better understood if the true principles of the Earths creation, existence and operation were better understood. Cataclysmic events of the past might be known and understood. The process of diffusion might begin, ridding science of all the fallacies it has indoctrinated the public with being taught as fact rather than the rubbish... er, I mean, the theory that it is. Theory of Relativity? Or Relativity of Theory? lets find out...

A hypothetical view of the displacement of stars 
compared when the moon is present due to 
Atmospheric Tide

In this generation we are seeing more and more evidence of a “Dumbing down” of the people, we see an all-out effort to hide our past and a majority of the people have taken notice of this in recent years, some long ago. Would it surprise you to know it has been going on for much longer than you think? Although this article is about only one of the many examples of misinformation that has been fed to the public with an agenda to misinform for whatever purpose, because the majority will buy into whatever crap the academic world will feed them… I will give just a short list of events from the past we have yet to know the truth of or things we have been led away from by an intentional act of distortion or even creations of redundancy and not so surprising, are accepted by the majority as reality.

I must at this time apologize for what may seem as arrogance in my writing, this I assure you is not intended, I am certainly not above it. I am not asking anyone to believe what I am saying only to consider, my weaknesses are many, and I admit, my experiences over the years has sharpened my axe to grind… For the most part I am disappointed with the academics, not so much the people involved as there are many scientists who retain the ability to think for themselves and outside the box, it is those who have succumbed to the system of indoctrination, who refuse to entertain any idea that is not in conformance with the curriculum, these are not scientists, they are puppets.

*The Civil War, what it was really all about and what the South was trying to prevent, no, it had nothing to do with freeing the slaves.
*Every war since the civil war… remember the Maine? The reason John F. Kennedy was really assassinated, ect.
*Manipulation of the original text of the Bible, an act of several occurrences over the centuries, for some hidden agenda… A few examples would be Turning God into a hell fire breathing dragon of destruction instead of a God of love and compassion. A diminishing of knowledge of the importance and sacred nature of the woman, Knowledge of the true identity of the Holy Ghost.. etc…
*Martin Luther Kings campaign for Civil Rights rather than Constitutionally Protected Rights… Why?
*Campaign for Women’s Rights where in the end result was, she has no rights despite what you may believe, and now has privileges instead under the name of Civil Rights which are not rights at all, prior to which she had the rights and protection in Law, under the protective cloak of her husband or father…
*Things of science which our fathers never questioned…. A 3.5 billion year old earth, evolution, plate tectonics and continental shift, polar wandering, the existence of a FIRST Ice age let alone a second one, global warming, Bering land bridge migration theory etc…  ALL OF WHICH ARE THEORIES and the evidences weigh heavily against!
*Radio Carbon Dating, for the most part it can be fairly accurate in “these times” meaning since the crucifixion, prior to the convulsions ignored 2000 years ago, anything prior to that the dates are extremely erroneous. Time being the most misunderstood mystery of man, what exactly is it?
*Redundancy intentionally and unintentionally given, such as “Negative Energy” “Anti Matter” “Anti-Gravity”, would you accept “Righteous Evil”? As a result of the lack of understanding it is still taught today in basic electronics, concepts of energy or the like, the principles of positive and negative, when in fact there is no such thing, there is however greater and lessor. There is no such thing as Anti this or that, however there is “opposition.” And exactly what is Dark Matter, do “they” really know? Einstein is quoted as coining the phrase, E=mc2, and the world marveled without understanding… in short it means, Energy is mass moving at 2 x the speed of light. Is this a statement of fact? Proven, or is it theory? Do you know? My first question… what force caused the mass to move at 2 x the speed of light? And if a reasonable answer can be given, then I would ask, who measured it and how?
This brings us to the subject boat load of crap fed to the people in 1919-20 The Theory of Relativity, when the academics desperate to quash a true genius, the theories of Nickola Tesla, and diminished him by creating a supposed genius (watch the birdiepay no attention to the man behind the curtain)) which to this day, Einstein’s very name is equated with Genius and the fact is, he was the opposite, he did nothing, he accomplished nothing and quite frankly was incorrect and so is his now renowned Theory of Relativity. Most of you have more common sense than he did. How many of you have heard this title and have never question it let alone tried to understand what it is? It is said today by educated men that this theory is the basis of physics today, well hell... there's the problem!… to each his own. I agree with Mr. Tesla in the following quote...

Einstein’s relativity work is a magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a king... its exponents are brilliant men but they are metaphysicists rather than scientists. New York Times (11 July 1935), p. 23, c.8  (Nikola Tesla)

Some of you might be wondering what this has to do with ancient evidences concerning the history of the Americas which is as you know, what I am all about, and… the answer is, nothing, and everything. The point to this article is to show the reader the degree of deception and fallacies in our science and what is being taught as fact for decades, I mean think about it, if the recognized laws of physics are supposedly based upon this man’s findings and the conclusions of Eddington’s Solar Eclipse experiment of 1919 which supposedly proved Einstein’s theory, what does this mean for the laws of physics which science uses to make their conclusions? If this highly regarded man and this experiment of 1919 is regarded as such an important feet in our history, to the point many, even those who should know with their certificates of completion proudly hanging on their walls, would argue the point without ever testing it themselves… How much more might we find in our education system at a larger degree the deceptions whether intentional or not? IT IS ALL THEORY, QUESTON IT! “Wo! Unto he who puts his faith in the arm of the flesh”…

Yes… I have a God… In the following I intend to show you that the results of the Eddington Experiment, were intentionally falsified, and DID NOT prove Einstein’s bogus theory, and I am going to show you how easy it is to prove what so many are so intimidated by and would not think to even try.

When I first was presented the Theory of Relativity in high school if memory serves me, it made no sense to me, just to give you a visual and a vague description, Einstein was telling the world that he hypothesized that space contains mass, and that like a big blanket or trampoline, the earth was supported upon the mass or blanket like a bowling ball in the middle of a trampoline. My first questions were… What is holding up this blanket? What force would that be? If this were to fail or the fabric in which the earth was supported tore open, would the earth plummet into lower darkness and if so, what force is it that would make it fall? Would this then be a black hole?

Example of Einstein's vision

I knew then, that space is void of matter, it is the absence of matter, if there was matter in all that darkness it would illuminate just as our sky does when the ENERGY (Not a proper term) of what we call the light the sun emanates striking our atmosphere, (Mass) yet receives from a much more distant place… LIGHT is not an energy, it is the manifestation of this ENERGY encountering mass. If space were filled with mass, we could at night, look out into the sky, and see the shadow of the earth like a column rising and extending from the earth out into space, with illuminated boundaries to either side of the shadow. We are told our skies are blue as a result of the LIGHT of the sun hitting our atmosphere, and this is true… except it wasn’t light until it hit the atmosphere… as there is NO light traveling from the sun to the earth, only this energy that is only possible to see when it encounters mass. 

Energy IS NOT the correct term simply because energy is the manifestation of the many forms of the power or spirit if you will… that emanates from the very governing planets and encountering mass. But what is the power, this spirit and by what principles does it exist and extend its power throughout the galaxies? What it is, is begrudgingly called by the academics, The God Particle. It bothers them so much that in the 1970’s they began using the term Higgs boson, receiving its name from Peter Higgs. Anyway, I just wanted to give you some background, keep in mind, there is much more to it, but to have a physicist explain it to you, is confusion as most speak in a foreign tongue and with feigned words. Let’s test this theory, the Theory of Relativity, and see if it is not in fact nothing more than the Relativity of Theory.

Testing the Theory

After reviewing the entire concept of the proposed experiment conjured up by Albert, Arthur, and likely other motive driven individuals, the basics of this Theory of Relativity, I could see the ignorance of the two men wherein they apparently ignore relativity of two of the key players in the experiment along with other basic concepts. This is where the title of this article was realized… The Relativity of Theory.

The concept was this, if space was like a fabric of mass, a blanket if you will, and the suns presence due to “gravitational forces” disrupts the fabric of space and time (time added in to make it sound really cool) which causes the stars appearance from earth to expand away from the sun because it is bending the light coming from the stars. This however cannot be observed because the light of the sun drowns out the light of the stars, except during a total solar eclipse. So as a result it was decided that during a solar eclipse, when the suns light was blocked by THE MOON, that they could take photographs of the surrounding stars during the eclipse, and compare them to photos of the same stars taken at night when the sun was nowhere to be seen, sounds reasonable doesn’t’ it?

In the following actual image taken during the solar eclipse in 1919 by Eddington, we see the sun blocked by the moon, and six sets of dashes which supposedly represents the stars captured with the inner dash representing the actual location of the same stars without the suns presence. I have never been able to learn exactly what stars were captured in the photo but it is said they were from the Hyades cluster.

Copy of actual photo and negative from 1919

To this day I cannot match these dashes to any of the stars found in the Hyades cluster that is not to say that they cannot be… however the photos are clearly to me, a manipulation and a fraud, it would seem that the person who highlighted the stars did not imagine the stars “fanning” perpendicular away from the sun and instead marked them as if they had only expanded horizontally. Is this what Albert and Arthur expected? Quite possibly especially if they thought the earth and/or sun is supported by a blanket of space fabric. However this is clear evidence of intended fraudulent and manipulated evidence.

Hyades star cluster

The Photo Experiment of 2012

In a document I wrote some time ago concerning this very thing, I made the statement within, and after what could be very easily be considered as an arrogant boast, that it would not be too difficult to prove Einstein’s theory incorrect. After re-reading this, I decided I best put my money where my mouth is, because I am just a simple minded high school dropout. So I decided to begin the process of conducting my own experiments to show that in Albert and Arthur’s experiment that certain factors of relativity, were not considered. Of the things I knew were ignored were the moons participation in the experiment and its role in the final outcome, also the earth it self’s role in the experiment or more precisely what has come to be known as “Atmospheric Tide” You see, I knew I would get the same results as Arthur Eddington, without the participation of the sun whatsoever in my experiment. I knew that IF Eddington truly got the results he did, and I have just somehow misunderstood the result, that his results were not because of the Suns presence in his experiment, but as a result of what they did not consider in the slightest, the moon and atmospheric tide.

With this I contacted several experienced in astrophotography and even one astrophysicist, all of which assured me that Eddington’s experiment has been checked and recheck several times since its conception, and all obtained the same results, then I agreed that this is likely true, but then I asked if anyone conducted the same experiment with the sun nowhere in the equation? Some stuttered but others with more confidence assured me that it had been done and that no expansion of the stars was observed. I must admit I was somewhat intimidated and tempted to abandon my experiment. But I pressed on.

I contacted a professional camera man who has elected to remain nameless, I understand his reasoning to remain anonymous, perhaps someday when it is no longer a potential seeming scar in his profession, he is welcome to step forward and accept his part in the experiment.

There is only one thing I would do differently and yes I plan to do this again someday, but what I would do is select a date where in the moon is present but as a New Moon and not a full moon simply to get more visibility of the stars, however this oversight did not affect the results.

A date was set to take both photographs and it was decided to take the photos in the constellation of Taurus, the first was to be taken at approximately June 6th 2012 at approximately 11:00 PM. The second photo was to be taken at the same time two weeks later with the moon on the opposite side of the earth on June 19th 2012, both photos taken from the same camera, same settings, same location and same constellation location. Although I have the original photos, in order to create images here to be seen clearly, each photo has had brightness and contrast adjustments to enable better viewing of the stars and the overlay photo has had key stars highlighted by placing a 15 pixel dot over each.

The following images are best viewed on a computer screen

 June 6th 2012 Highlighted

June 19th 2012 highlighted

Results of first Overlay 

2018 overlay using original 2012 photos
with contrast and brightness adjusted

Using the two photos in Photo Studio Deluxe, I experimented in many ways to align the stars WITHOUT enlarging or stretching the photos. I decided the best point or center point for alignment would be where the moon is, the result was a fanning away from the moon. In other words, when the moon is in view, it causes the earth atmosphere to distort giving the appearance of an expansion, it is the same as increasing the natural parabolic arch of the earths atmosphere as a result of the oxygen, hydrogen, and other elements being drawn towards the moons presence, in the very same way the tides of the ocean are… This is the results of atmospheric tide, and when this natural lens is distorted, it will expand the view of stars appearing to fan away from the moon in a comparative overlay.

(Not included in the 2018 article: one of the most incredible and impressive things observed which was completely unexpected was  visible evidence of an atmospheric wave following the the tidal distortion to the west)

THIS is what was observed as a result the Eddington Experiment, and it had NOTHING to do with the sun, it was a simple change in the refraction of light as a result of this distortion of the natural parabolic arch caused by atmospheric tide due to the moons presence. LIGHT DOES NOT nor will it EVER bend, light does not exist in a void of no mass, the non existent environment of space. Space is VOID entirely of matter and without matter light cannot exist. light is ONLY possible when this power, spirit, God Particle, Higgs boson, whatever you wish to call it, encounters mass! that energy that emanates from a presumed governing center of the galaxy, or even the center of the universe, but…  is there something even larger? It would seem those hailed as a result of this Theory of Relativity, forgot about the relativity of the moon and the earth… Conclusion, Einstein was wrong, don't tell me I'm wrong, show me I'm wrong, it wouldn't be the first time...

PS… Many in the past have sent me every sort of youtube video supposedly showing the bending of light, in this they are deceived, it is whether you see it or not, the results of REFRACTION due to a realigning of the natural prism of molecules (Matter) which is NOT the same as bending, it is no different than if you took a few mirrors and manipulated the direction of a laser light or light of the sun using mirrors.

The Next Experiment

As I learn more and more about what the academic believe is fact, I only wonder more… In my experiment I chose to take one photo with the moon present in Taurus and then two weeks later one of Taurus with the moon opposite on the other side of the earth. According to science, it is shown that an equal bulge of the earths atmosphere occurs opposite the moon side, on the other side of the earth, so why in my photo results did I get and expansion of the stars in one but not the other photo? The next experiment is to repeat the previous with two changes, again I will choose the date in which the moon is in chosen constellation, but this time with the New Moon present. And the second photo with the moon at NOT 180 degrees from the former, but 90 degrees from the former. Will a more profound expansion of the stars be the result? I doubt it but we'll see....

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

The Hathenbruck Legacy or Fantasy?

 April 13th 2016

The Hathenbruck Legacy or Fantasy?

A Review from the Book Utah Gold Rush

F.W.C Hathenbruck and Family Circa 1920


At no time in this report is it my intention to slander, diminish or embarrass any individual alluded to within, especially the ancestor FWC Hathenbruck. My purpose is to inform Hathenbruck decedents that the only story concerning their ancestor that has been published so far appears to be a complete fabrication. In my mind, this was a blatant and intentional act to deceive the many descendants of this man as to whom he was, or in this case, as to whom he was not.

I have compiled my findings that the descendants may know a part of truth concerning FWC Hathenbruck. I don’t mind a good fictional fantasy story, but when I spend my time, which I value, trying to learn the truth of my roots, the last thing I will put up with are the vain imaginations of what appears to be an intentional fraud for what seems to be for self-notoriety and self-gratification.

Each of us from time to time discovers some colorful individuals in our past, sometimes a frontiersman, famous outlaw, lawman, a founding father, or sometimes even a member of the past Royal families. I don’t know about you but I get a thrill in discovering my ancestry, learning of those whom I may have a physical connection.

As I research the many ancestors, from time to time we find some incredible stories such as is the case with the enigmas FWC Hathenbruck. Who was he? And where did he come from and are among the questions that would weigh on my mind.

Some years ago while researching this ancestor of many; I stumbled across a web site which seemed to have some considerable information concerning this elusive character. What I read on the site seemed a bit incredible and later in years I discovered a book which the same claims had been published.

The individual from the web site and apparent co-author of the book claimed to be a descendant of the subject at hand, this was not difficult to verify, as I always find the most original source in my research and check the credibility of the individual making such claims and because the claim seemed a bit far-fetched, I just had to investigate the source material for those claims.

Making contact with the individual who apparently is the source for all the claims made on the now closed downed web site and the book, I was assured that the information was in his personal possession but to this very day have never received as promised the information to verify the claims made.

With initial contact I took notes of things I was told, one of which concerning how the ancestor in question lost his arm, I was told he lost it in a mill accident, but as it would seem, the story has grown into an almost unbelievable event.

Over the years I have also checked the qualifications and character of the author of the book, a man I would not suggest looking into, with what I would say is a very questionable back ground. A relative of mine served as a Physiologist and Captain at the Utah State Prison, he had known the author of the book quite well having talked with him many times over in his career, while his residence at the prison was had, I was told he served about 8 years for beating his wife to death with a 2 by 4, needless to say, the credibility of this authors integrity and qualifications were diminishing. More often than not some just believe or want you to believe that just because they are decent of some firsthand experience, that this somehow makes them an expert in the field.

However giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, I continued to inquire and research hitting nothing but dead ends in trying to verify the many claims made by the descendant of FWC, which so far was the only truth I had found.

I decided to start at the root of some of the claims and contacted several of the Historic Royal societies in England, with today’s internet capabilities; it has become much easier to track down not only contact information but resource material as well, vital statistics, travel records etc...

One such claim that almost seemed unreal and was the reason for contacting the pre mentioned societies, is the claim that FWC was the illegitimate son of Frederick III, German Emperor and King of Prussia. 

Frederick III, Father of Kaiser Wilhelm II
Not the Father of FWC Hathenbruck

To my surprise, none of those contacted, had ever heard anything of the sort, no accounts of Frederick III being promiscuous were among them, and none of them had ever heard of the Fraulein Louisa Hudinburgh, (Hanna Louisa Haddenbrock, A Fictitious person, having supposedly been born 1825 entered on two Genealogy sites) in fact to this day I have  not been able to verify that she ever existed and with several different variations of spelling. After all these years I am convinced she is a complete fabrication, perhaps someone can provide some form of proof of her existence.

However each of those whom I contacted suggested or was eager to tell me the story they each felt the claim came from, and that it occurred at nearly the same time. It would seem that it was not Fredrick III who had the affair, but Frederick III’s Father Wilhelm I who was promiscuous, the Kaiser Wilhelm’s Grandfather or who would have been the Grand Father of FWC IF in fact the claim made by the co-author were true, from this point, the story relayed to me was near identical in detail as to the story I was originally told by the co-author many years ago, yet differs from the printed story in some detail.

Kaiser Wilhelm I, The Promiscuous one...
Father of Ferdinad Emil Weinrich
Not the Father of FWC Hathenbruck

It would seem the well-known story among the Royalist History groups, was in that Wilhelm I had an affair with the widow Bertha Caroline Shonborn resulting in the bastard child Ferdinand Emil Weinreich being born in Konigsberg, East Prussia, the illegitimate son of Kaiser Wilhelm I. This event occurred at nearly the same time making Emil Weinreich about the same age as Hathenbruck. Apparently it is a well-known story among the Historic Royalists. Emil eventually settled in Denmark and married, some of his descendants joined the Mormon Church and moved to Provo Utah and to my knowledge Emil Weinreich never came to the states.

Ferdinand Emil Weinreich, the illegitimate son of Wilhelm I,
King of Prussia and Half Uncle to Kaiser Wilhelm II 
(See Ferdinand Emil Weinreich: His Life Story)

To this day, I have never seen definitive or even remotely curious evidence that shows even the slightest legitimacy of the story told concerning FWC being the illegitimate son of Frederick the III, there is absolutely no evidence what so ever not even the slightest implication other than the imaginative story fed to the descendants of Hathenbruck, It would appear the story of Emil Weinreich has been high jacked.

It would seem from what appears to be reliable information depending on Hathenbruck’s motives, What I have found believed to be true is that he arrived in the States in 1866, when he got here it would appear he was married at age 17 or never officially married as I cannot find any record of it, in the 1900 12th Census he stated that his parents were both from France, he being born in England. In 1920 in the 4th census, he answers the question again, Born in England, Father being French and French listed as native tongue, but this time he shows his mother as being from Holland and native tongue as Dutch, and he is marked as a manager in a Slate Quarry. I do not know what to make of the designation of the parents, personally I do not think Hathenbruck ever had the idea in his head that his Father was the Kaiser, I believe it was created by a glory seeking nobody, I don’t care how much someone would want to keep it quiet, he would have told someone.

From the 14th or 1920 census

Among many other claims made in what appears to be the only source concerning FWC’s origins and now appearing unreliable, my attention was drawn to the very tiny photos found on page 210 and 211 in the book in question. I always wondered why such small photos were used in the book when larger photos were in the possession of the chest pounding story teller. I do not know where the story teller got the photos but one source who knew the co-author in the 1990’s claimed he was told by the co-author that he had stolen the pictures from two Hathenbruck brothers from Cedar City. If anyone recognizes the photos presented here in as evidence to be weighed against the very large claims made with each of the tiny photos found in the book, please do tell and inform the rightful owner. It is rumored that other things were stolen as well.

Looking at page 210 and 211 of the book in question of the co-author previously mentioned, we see to first of several photos which are from the same early 1900’s photo shoot session with one exception being the photo in the top right of page 211 with the text beneath it “Hathenbruck Wagon” This claim could very well be true, as the middle individual even in this barely discernable picture is without a doubt FWC, this photo is of a different source. So with that said, let’s move to the other pictures which creates much concern and in my mind destroys the credibility of the claims and deals a large blow to all other information which has been used in the so called Hathenbruck Legacy. I wanted to believe the wild stories of the ancestor, and although I suspected some exaggerations, I had no idea how bad this exaggeration was.

Keep in mind, the original photos in their large format were available to the co-author at the time the book was publish, why would anyone use such small photos when such large claims are being made?

Claim #1 page 120

Actual size as printed in the book

Now when I first saw this page, having written many research articles, I could not help but wonder why this image was so small, to my knowledge no camera takes such small photos and if they did, why have the camera? The authors of the book would have to scan the photo for publication so unless the operator of the scanner was a complete idiot, there had to be a reason for the very small photos, I can think of a couple.

Some years ago a fellow researcher shared some old western photos from the basin area with me, at the time I was not concerned with where they came from, I just needed some old western photos, I had no idea he was handing me the very photos which are used on the pages in question. Having looked at the photos many times, I became familiar with them. It wasn’t until I opened the book again years later and happened to turn to page 210 that I realized the photos were one and the same. Wow! I thought finally I can see the outlaws in the photos, needless to say I was very disappointed, and angry at the same time. I went from photo to photo only to find the same disappointing results. This is the first real time I made this research a matter of priority rather than accepting the author’s word for it.

Lets look first at the 2nd claim attributed to the photo and go right to the specific individual in the photo mentioned. (Claim: Hathenbruck is third from the right.)

Picture # 1 The Overall Larger Image

Now please feel free to correct me if I am wrong but this man is definitely NOT FWC and this man would appear to be about late 30’s to early 40’s but most noticeable is this man has both arms. FWC had lost his arm long before this, there isn’t one man in this photo shoot who is missing an arm. These pictures although the exact date is unknown, were taken sometime around 1900 to 1906. This same man appears in picture # 3 on the far left.

Now lets look at the 3rd claim pertaining to this specific photo, it is said that the man on the right with open vest is Matt Warner. The first claim of this photo is that these are FWC’s gunfighters, but based on the overall picture from this photo shoot, all men are carrying Shotguns, One man is holding the kill of the day, a sage hen or pheasant, right by the pheasant is two bird dogs, a Labrador and a Britney Spaniel, in another photo from this same photo shoot not used in the publication is a dear hanging from a tree. Also one of the men is wearing a shooting vest made for shotgun shells, not one man is seen as wearing a pistol and since when do gunfighters run around in Wagons and a carriage? Something just isn’t right.

                                                                            Matt Warner Prison Photo

Matt Warner

The same man above said the be Matt Warner is also in picture number 2 second from the right with a strange man all the way to the right dress in white, we’ll come back to him. He is also in picture # 5 back row and second from the right. Now I am not line up expert but this is not Matt Warner, maybe you think it is. 

Now let’s look at the second photo on page 210 on the right and second picture down from top and the claims made with it.

Claim # 2 approximate actual size of photo as it appears in the book

Lets have a closer look at all the men starting from left to right.

The man on the left in the above picture is said to be FWC, this man is clearly in his late 30’s to early 40’s, and as you can see, holding a shotgun with his missing right arm is not possible, however just looking at him, it is clearly not Hathenbruck. Also notice the man on the right wearing a shotgun shell vest and at his right knee you see the head of a Britney Spaniel. This is the man who is claimed to be “Elza” Lay in picture # 5, His name is actually Elzy.

The man in the middle is the one which is claimed to be Matt Warner.

I will leave it up to you to see if you can find a match for any of the names mentioned as being in the photo.

Elzy Lay                                   Elzy Lay? I don’t think so.

I have no idea who Henry “Hen” Lee is except that he is mentioned in a book written by A.C. Wlkerson nor Iowa J. Hall.

The following images are according to the authors of the book in question, Bub Meeks but they call him Bob in one photo and Bill in another, His real name was Henry Wilbur Meeks (Bub)

Man Claimed to be Bub Meeks Same Man from other photo


Young Bub Meeks                                                   Older Bub Meeks

And from the third photo is the same man, however the authors claim in this photo that this man is Butch Casidy?

The Conclusion for me is an absolute, this is not Bub Meeks, or Bill or Bob.

With this let’s move to the 3rd claim on page 210 bottom left photo.

Approximate size of actual photo from the book

Photo # 3

The only real claim from this photo is that the man standing in the center is Butch Cassidy shown previously.

Now just in case the authors made a mistake, here are the two men to the right, and the three on his left, and once again, I do not see Butch Cassidy in this picture.

Left                                                                 Right

Butch Cassidy

Man in the middle said to be Butch

 Claim # 4 Page 210

Now I’m not certain what the author was implying here as there is no such thing then or today as “Hathenbruck Crossing” or gunfighters for that matter. In case you haven’t put it together yet this photo shoot was a hosted hunting party in the Uinta Basin area near Blue Bell and likely the photos were taken somewhere between Sand Wash and Twin Pots, wait till you see who the guest and primary host of this hunting party was, the authors of the book apparently never saw it.

Claim # 5 page 210

We have pretty much already covered each of these, in addition let me say Bub Meeks was no small guy, said to be the second from the left, front row in the picture below.

Bub Meeks? I don’t think even close.

Still no Elzy Lay

Keep in mind in the following the authors of the book claim the photos to be form 1905-6, and this might be a good time to point out from much more reliable sources, the Elzy Lay was arrested in 1899 and held in Prison until 1906, according to the source he never saw the now defunct Wild Bunch Gang again.

Bub Meeks was imprisoned in1897, he did at least 12 years, (1909) after which several sources cannot agree.

Matt Warner About 1896, while on a prospecting trip, was ambushed in a gunfight, killed two, wounded a third, was arrested and convicted. After serving four years of a five-year sentence for this shootout, he was pardoned and released by Utah Governor Heber M. Wells in 1900. In the early 1900's he became a Justice of the peace, deputy sheriff, night guard and detective in Price, Utah. Matt Warner’s real name is Willard Erastus Christianson.

Butch Cassidy or Robert Leroy Parker, made his plea for amnesty in 1896, while awaiting, he happened into more trouble and as a documented fact he fled for New York in 1901 and sailed to Argentina where he remained until

at least 1908 where in it is said he was killed but at this point in 1908 historians cannot agree some believe he lived out the remainder of his life under an assumed identity.

At one time on the web site of the co-author, it was said that Kid Curry and Doc Holiday were also among the men in these photos, however the web site no longer exists. I guess it was discovered that Kid Curry died in 1904 and Doc Holiday in 1907.

This one is by far my favorite of the photo shoot but not for reasons you may think. As you can see neither of the two man are Hathenbruck, how could someone as familiar with Hathenbruck as the co-author not know? Was it because he thought no one would ever see the large photos? The other man is referred to as a companion ON A HUNTING PARTY? I guess it wasn’t as easy to hide the same dog in this photo even by using a small photo as it was in two other photos with the same dog.

I do not know who the man on the left is, but I do know who it is not, but the man on the right I do know who it is, and it is not Hathenbruck either, I can’t understand for the life of me why the authors of the book did not see it.

Now just to recap, nowhere in this photo shoot, and exempting the photo of Hathenbruck’s wagon as it was not among the original photo shoot, Hathenbruck is no where to be found and apparently has nothing to do with the photos.

Now, who is this man on the right and primary guest of this hunting party? The Man on the right is Kaiser Wilhelm II the very man the authors claim is Hathenbruck’s half-brother? but as you have read there is a problem with this claim.

It is the photo above from this set of photos that causes me with all other evidences the hunting party having taken place around the turn of the century. The Kaiser was born in 1859 and in 1899 would have been 40 years of age.

Kaiser Wilhelm in 1899 Age 40

There is no doubt in my mind that this is the Kaiser in this photo, the man on his left is also in the other photos which ties the photos together, and so I ask, what was the Kaiser doing here? Trying to secure the Gold of the

Rhoades mine? Sounds good but I don’t think so; I think he had a much bigger fish to fry. It is only fair to say at this point that the Kaiser did indeed have a withered arm from birth and according to historians and the many photos of the Kaiser, he was in the habit of hiding it from the camera, the reason he is seen posing for a profile photo with his left side protected. Notice his pants are torn which likely occurred in the overturning of the wagon shown in the photo shoot.

If the Kaiser were interested in the Rhoades mine, which is possible, would he handle it himself or would he have used his right hand man, Baron Von Horst? We know that land was being purchase at Sand Wash in Blue Bell prior to 1914, the newspaper articles confirm it was the Kaiser who was buying the land, but the name used in the transaction was his man the Baron Von Horst. I have yet to obtain the earliest of records of the indicial purchase.

It was rumored around 1914 that the German Kaiser had land in the Basin, there are many articles relating as such.

From the Vernal Express 03-28-1913

This is an interesting article as it shows communication “by correspondence” between Hathenbruck, and Baron Von Horst, the Kaisers suspect representative, keep in mind the man was also suspect of being a German spy in England and was arrested as such and by record, shows to be frequently traveling around the world and back and forth from the states to Germany. Did Hathenbruck have part in this?

The interesting thing is, the Kaiser came to the Basin, likely to see the land for himself, I would suspect Baron Von Horst set up the Hunting trip to the Sand Wash area with the hunt taking place sometime prior to 1906, and brought the Kaiser along with him but under a false name, the other hosts of the hunting party likely never knew who he was. No one to my knowledge ever knew the Kaiser came here but the evidences are difficult to refute. Below are the land records showing Baron Von Horst was the man paying the taxes which he often lets go delinquent. Recorded history of other sources does not show the Baron was even in Utah but the many news

articles shows he was without a doubt here, and was frequently in the Basin as late as 1928. The land in question in the below photo is Sand Wash near Blue Bell.

After this recording is was always signed by his brother, E. Clemons Horst until sold in 1942, prior to the entries above it was signed as Mrs. Baron Louis Von Horst, the original purchase date was a company/corporation Call
T. R. Watts which is a surviving company to this day and presumed to be one and the same in Sommerset England, Patent Date was 1913

Hathenbrucks efforts to lease enormous amounts of land on the Reservation came to a halt in 1905, of all the land the Kaiser could have had, why Sand Wash?

Now let me bring you back to the mysterious man that shows in two of the photos. On the co-authors web site the mysterious individual in this first photo was said to be Josie Basset Morris, but this is not the case. It is also claimed the photos were taken by FWC, which I suppose is possible. 

The claim and photo which still exists on Pinterest.
SEE Claim # 6

So if FWC was taking the photos, how could he appear in some of the photos taken likely the same day? If you look closely, two different men in the claim photos accused of being Hathenbruck, are in this photo, so how could he take the photo?

Based on all the evidence gathered from the picture, this whole photo shoot is a hosted hunting trip, the host is most likely this individual due to his nice dress, his presumed nice carriage he is standing by, and his guest is likely the Kaiser. This individual is highly suspect of being Baron Louis Anton Von Horst. I have searched for years for a photo of the Baron, and only recently has one been made available. Judge for yourself.

In reading the many articles regarding the Barons dealing in the Basin it is said he was working with his brother. His brothers are; Ernest F. G. Horst, Werner E. A. Horst, E. Clemens Horst, Paul R. G. Horst, Adolf E. Horst. I wonder if one of these brothers has an Alias?


Now I can’t prove a thing at this time, But there is no record of Hathenbruck in his 3 claimed trips traveling to the states twice, and once to Germany although I suspect only one trip TO the states, obviously he was using another name, what name was it?

The genealogist in the Hathenbruck Family would like to believe that Hathenbruck is an alternate spelling of some other form, I do not believe this. I believe the very name Hathenbruck had no existence prior to FWC Hathenbruck and for some reason he was traveling under either his real name, or another assumed name. I would like just as much as any of you to learn the truth of this to discover the true identity of the mysterious man Hathenbruck.

We would all like to believe that the ancestor Hathenbruck was some Doc Holiday, Kit Carson, Butch Cassidy, Thomas Rhoades and Aron Lee Ralston all wrapped up in a ball, but I prefer to think there is a much more interesting and exciting story behind this man, a story of secret agents spies, deceit, betrayal and mystery.

How can anyone of the Hathenbruck family know who they truly are until it is found who Hathenbruck was? Because it would seem quite clear to me that the currently believed fabricated story created by a couple of imaginative and creative minds apparently seeking glory, is a complete and utter fallacy. I just don’t see any truth to the claims of Doctor, Engineer, signing Custer’s death certificate, etc…

Concerning the claim of the 24 year old Doctor Hathenbruck, signing Custer’s equivalency of a death certificate, the State of Montana had this to say,

“The State of Montana does not have death certificate for the person listed below. Montana was a territory at this time and not a State. We only have death certificates starting from 1907 to present if reported to the state.”

Sharon B.
Montana Vital Records 406-444-4251

The History of Custer written by qualified individuals states the following;

“When the main column under General Terry arrived two days later, the army found most of the soldiers' corpses stripped, scalped, and mutilated.[65] Custer's body had two bullet holes, one in the left temple and one just below the heart.[66] Capt. Benteen, who inspected the body, stated that in his opinion the fatal injuries had not been the result of .45 caliber ammunition, which implies the bullet holes had been caused by ranged rifle fire.[67]

Following the recovery of Custer's body and that of his brother Tom, the remains were buried on the battlefield side by side in a shallow grave, after being covered by pieces of tent canvas and blankets.[68] One year later, Custer's remains and those of many of his officers were recovered and sent back east for reinternment in  more formal burials. Custer was buried again with full military honors at West Point Cemetery on October 10, 1877. The battle site was designated a National Cemetery in 1876.

It would seem Captain Benteen who inspected the body had no issues about who the body was, and the fact that he was dead, however a death certificate may have been required in the State of New York where he was ultimately buried. However their response received just seconds ago as I type this, was;

“The New York State Department of Health (DOH) began filing birth records in 1880 and death and marriage records in 1881.

"For records prior to 1881 you may wish to contact the registrar or historian of the locality where the event occurred to see if they have earlier records. It is possible that no official records may exist for such early events.”

Now one more interesting tid bit relating to the claim of Hathenbruck being a doctor, I was browsing the many newspapers of the past searching the earliest publication of “Hathenbruck” when I discovered this article I had not seen… it is a lengthy article from Salt Lake Herald, 1887-04-10, and so I will give the two sections where in Hathenbruck is mentioned.

The earliest mention of Hathenbruck is found in 1885, what I find interesting in the article is in that Hathenbruck supposedly being a doctor at age 25 and apparently qualified and important enough to sign the nonexistent death certificate of General George Armstrong Custer and now has 35 years under his belt, is working at the Territory Insane Asylum not as a Medical Superintendent, not a physician or even a physician assistant, but as a Steward? Again the evidence doesn’t match the tall tail.

The earliest record of him in the states is 1867 “arrival” under census records, but immigration year shows 1866.

All in all, I don’t care what the truth is, as long as it is the truth. As it would seem, the credibility of the two so called authors has fallen to 0% for me.

There are also many articles in the digital newspaper collections, I highly recommend to any of Hathenbruck’s descendants to search them out at digitalnewspapers.org this alone helped me to understand the man known as Hathenbruck much more. It wouldn’t hurt to research Ferdinand Emil Weinreich, Baron Louis Anton Von Horst and histories of the Kaiser Wilhelm II.