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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Friar de Niza 1539 Expedition

In 1539 March 7th, Father Friar Marco de Nica (Niza) departed the small town of Saint Michael in the Province of Culiacan, and embarked on a journey into the north just 1 year prior to Coronado and his devastating actions towards the indigenous. The Friar is regarded by the Spanish and a majority of historians as one of the first Europeans to venture into the west and discovering the place known to them as Cibola and or the place of 7 cities of Cibola. However, despite what the Spanish explorers or historians of today and the past believe… None of them ever found the place referred to as the 7 Cities of Cibola, Septem (Seven) Ciuitatum (Cities) Patria (Patrimony or Inheritance) and the Friar wasn't the first... not even close... they are free to believe as they will…

The following portion of his journey occurred very near if not at the place you see on the map crop above cited as Ceuola which is likely the area of today’s Hopi reservation. The place the Indians he encounter described to him through Sign Language, as being much further to the North as you can see on the map of earlier origins… Keep in mind, Friar de Niza was not necessarily on a crusade to convert the indigenous… else wise, why was he inquiring concerning precious metals?... However this is not my reasons for this article today… I just felt like getting some facts straight… the Friar and his colleagues encountered nothing but hostile or standoffish tribes all the way up the coast, until he had crossed a vast desert and with mountains in his north view, a group of Indians which marveled to see him as if some long lost family member had returned…

Occasionally as I do what I do… browsing through the many histories of the past and I happen upon something that causes my jaw to drop… I have posted this before and as I recall, no one saw what I saw… let’s see if you see it… What I am referring to requires a little bit of religion knowledge… more specifically Book of Mormon, to those of you who do not subscribe… just enjoy the article… as it is interesting, regardless… 

From the Collection of exploration documents…
Relation of the Reverend Father
Frier Marco de Nica, Touching
His Discovery of the Kingdom of
Ceuola or Cibola, Situate about
30. Degrees of Latitude, to the
North of Nueva Espanna

Evidences of Ancient Asians in America PART TWO

Keep in mind that the Chinese were not the first Americans, however the first American was Asian or who are of the original children of Japheth... The title to the first American belongs to one of the most original peoples, that being the Altai Mongolian who is the Mothers and Fathers to all Asian people, Chinese or the distinction of, did not exist at the time the first Americans arrived 4400 years ago.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Evidences of Ancient Asians in America

We have all heard the story of the News Article that appeared in the Phoenix Gazette in 1909. Since this time academic authors have slothfully written to discredit the whole thing,

At this time I wish to point out, the article DID NOT say, Egyptians... it said Egyptian LIKE artifact and even mentions a figure resembling a Statue of Buddha holding a lily in each hand... does this sound Egyptian to you?

Whether there was actually a cave found or not is not the focus of this post, as I was reading one of the critics blogs, I am certain when he finished he was patting himself on the back thinking of what a good job he did writing his one sided report...

In the article he uses this very same book in which the story I give today comes from, as evidence not to support the suspect find in the Grand Canyon but uses it as evidence that the so called Reporter who wrote the Gazette article used the same source material to foment the story of the underground city purportedly found in 1909, the blog critic claims the reporter and author Alexander M'Allan used an earlier source which was published in 1875 written by Charles G Leland who although was a qualified author and translator of Chinese, was not a supporter of the whole concept of Chinese, or better said, Asians in America long before Columbus.

What the blog writer does not tell you, is that the former writer Leland in 1875, make no mention of a canyon which is found in the 24 Histories of China or otherwise known as Standard Histories (zhengshi 正史) and are the Chinese official historical books covering a period from 3000 BC to the Ming dynasty in the 17th century and is considered as the official history of China. In fact the 1875 writer does not even quote from the history in which the canyon is spoken of, he quotes from the Fusang covering a period as early as 200 BC, yet the author Mr. M'Allan not only quotes from the same book or period of time in the Chinese History, but from the period covering and from 1100 BC! when the canyon was described.... 

So, If the Gazette purported ASIAN cave with what was describes as Egyptian LIKE artifacts was a hoax, the hoaxer certainly did not get the idea from either of the written works. The Blogger also make the same mention all the critics do, that Mr. KinKaid nor Mr. Jordan were ever a part of Smithsonian and no record of them has ever been found that they even existed.... My question is... why not?  I found them, and both worked NOT FOR Smithsonian but definitely were associated and contributors... 

When you research something, if all you want is to disprove, you will find exactly what you seek, even if it is a truth... and if you seek to prove a thing, it is all you will find, even if what you seek to prove is a fallacy. SEEK TRUTH with an agenda to prove or disprove in an effort to FIND THE TRUTH, no matter what that truth may be.

Enjoy the following, I wish I could read Chinese, as I would love to read the original text which has not been translated to my knowledge into English. The following will be given in two parts. The book is one of the books in the recent offer of 16 books I recently made.

MORE in PART 2 Coming soon....

From The Mysterious West

Excerpts from The Mysterious West
Brad Williams and Choral Pepper

What an incredable find this would be... 
Perhaps some of you who live in the southern California area or Las Vegas
might want a bit of a challenge...

I'll just leave this here...

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Chaco Canyon Ruins 2012

Chaco Canyon 2012
Photos by my friend Valerie Southwick

Sellect Photos...

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Highlights from Dinosaur National Park Part One

Some of the highlights from Dinosaur National Park

March 14th 2015
Photos by Rhett Riding, Daniel Lowe and/or Amy Crockett