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Thursday, March 10, 2016

More Buckhorn Wash Digital Reconstruction

This familar to many panel is one I have worked on off and on for moths, never being able to complete it to my satisfaction, what I found as I worked on it using several old methodes and some new methodes such as D-Stretch is that it became apparent that the most recent painting was done in part over older paintings, Did the intended meaning change? Quite possably if you believe it had a meaning. I chose the later painting according to my perception of the details. I would dare say it is near accurate with possibly missing very small details to faint to include. This project has brought to light two previously unknown entities in the panel, and a 3rd which is likely from the original pictograph but not shown.

After finishing this left side I decided to merge it with its well know adjacent panel on the right, which also for many years details were previously unknown due to and intended destruction of the panel on the right.

My goal in this was two part, clarification for study and to quench my need to share....
I hope you enjoy this as much as I did digitally repairing it...

After Digital Reconstruction

Before Digital Reconstruction

Both Panels Merged

Right Side Panel Befor Digital Reconstruction

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