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Monday, March 14, 2016

Digital Remastering of Buckhorn Wash

After 25 years of wondering what did this fantastic group of panels look like when the author[s] painted them, and looking for ways to bring back what was lost, faded, difficult to see and or intentionally destroyed... For the most part, I am finished with the Buckhorn pictographs... with one more to follow... I think...

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The photo below was one of the most desired of the project, but I saved it for last, well almost... although it remains in fairly good condition for a several hundred year old painting...  the more I dove into it, and the use of modern technologies, I feel confident of about 90% accuracy if not more. Keep in mind, in reality I only enhance what remains  as little as it is at times. All of this is for my own purposes in the study of the Native American Glyphs, my need to see what we have always believed was impossible, and my need to share the results...

I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I did, a project that started near 25 years ago when I first saw the site, I just knew that someday, we would be able to see what seemed to have been lost to time... who would have thought back then or even imagined that it could actually be done....
Untill the technologies become even greater... I can put this one to rest except for color corrections and detail improvement due to my maticulous nature... The last panel at Buckhorn undergoing digital reconstruction should be ready in the next day or so...

For more detail see the Digital reconstruction video, Buck Horn Wash 3 Extended Version on (YOUTUBE)

Thank You!
And many thanks to the creators of D-Stretch.

As the panel appears today

After Digital Remastering

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