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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pots and Baskets (Updated)

Many years ago, I was taken to the following panel, my studies pertaining to the theories of LaVan Martineau were short of in its infancy however there were certain symbols I had learned quite well at this point in my efforts to prove or disprove his theory.

My friend who took me being a friendly skeptic and member of the Utah Rock Art organization, asked me what I thought it meant. Without hesitation I explained to him that it tells of where a sizable pots and baskets stash is and how to get to it, he then asked, where do you think it is? and I pointed across the drainage where I had determined the cache is.

My friend in a nice way, rolled his eyes and said, I think they are moccasins, to which I returned the favor. I fully understand why he and many others believe this because it is what they see and they see no further.

Just weeks later I was talking with one of my friends who lives in the area, talking about this area he volunteered information having no knowledge of my visit just a few weeks prior let alone the conversation which took place. He told me, "did you know that near that place," (and not referring directly to the panel,) "my friend who has been with BLM for near 30 years told me that there is a large pots and basket stash", he said he found it when he was 14 and it is difficult to get into. Had I not known better, my jaw would have dropped.

Not many years later, speaking with another friend, he was telling me about his brother in law who grew up out in that area and that he had found a large stash of pots and baskets, my eyes popped open and just to test the theory I volunteered to mark where it was on a map and asked my friend to send it to his brother in law and ask if I was correct. He did so and the response came back as a surprised Yes... but he asked how I knew? I just couldn't tell him... he was in an archaeological field and I have not had much success with those involved in the academic fields. And so, I told him, it was a lucky guess I suppose. ;-)

Why it means what I am suggesting it means is irrelevant in this case simply because the reader generally makes up their mind as to what they think it means based on what they perceive upon first view  or what they had been taught to believe... and that is the end of it, whether from the academic world or not, if the mind is not open to new possibilities, whats the point?

Some day I would like to go get pictures of the pots and baskets stash...

Since this time I have visited another site nearby, again a new friend whom I have met just recently when viewing the following glyphs and I shared my opinion, he explained that he has found a sizable stash of pots and baskets, this friend of academia is not close minded and when he gets done with his current project, we will make a visit... he knows who he is...

If you believe the marks on the rocks is just art, a message of the past meant only for the author, cowboy scribbling, hunting magic or the like, feel free, your thoughts are just as valid as any ones... and I won't argue with you... However, I believe that the Native American glyphs is a hieroglyphic form of writing, and I believe this because I have taken the time to prove or disprove... I'm not in the habit of some one else dictating to me what to think...

Monday, November 16, 2015

Clear Creek Digital Reconstruction

Before and After

"Stupid is as Stupid does..."


Before, but after target practice...


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Butler Wash (A Future Digital Reconstruction Project)

One of the most facinating and recognizable panels out there, have you ever wondered what it would look like with all the natural hindering occurances removed? Although the panel does have bullet holes the primary obstructions are natural. This is a project I have wanted to do some digital reconstruction on for years. Although there are many excellent photos of the panel, it is difficult to see the minor details.

Click the Images for Larger view

Monday, November 2, 2015

A few undisclosed sites

If you know the locations of these, please DO NOT disclose...
And Enjoy!

Some digital highlighting exists for better viewing...

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Map Rock of Northern Arizona, Aztec (Digital Reconstruction)

There are literally thousands of ancient petroglyph and Pictograph panels out there in danger of being destroyed forever, what is considered as "Art" by many, and all I can say about that is... To each his own. It is a message from the past, intended for future generations... I am only one man, but I will stop at nothing to continue documenting and putting forth the effort to preserve and restore whenever, wherever, and however possible and with whatever method needed, Gasp!... I do not care whose feathers it may ruffle as long as it does not include an unlawful practice. I cannot tell you how bad I have needed help in the past, but as it would seem some just feel it is more important to put up signs near glyph sites warning us of "Delicate Dirt"... Really?... , and I hope to soon have a resolution  for this problem of many years... My apologies to those who don't understand my attitude which is largely based on past experience, or the amount of coffee I have consumed before I commence writing... ;-)

The following is with out any doubt one of the most difficult digital restoration projects I have ever undertaken. I don't think there is anything more I can do, except keep studying it. Unfortunately and obviously it is not a physical restoration, If Only...  My first objective was to restore to the point making possible the study of the panel in its entirety, the second is to share... I hope you enjoy...

Many years ago a friend told me as we drove down the road near Kanab about a map rock that a Native American had told him about that was in the area and supposedly showed details of the 3 lakes site and other things in the area documented/enscribed by the Aztec. Although the details he was told did not quite match to the following, I could not help but wonder if it is not one and the same that he was told of but to my knowledge the one he spoke of was never located, or has it been?

Some years later a Navajo friend from the area took me to show me a petroglyph site near Kanab, it did not dawn on me until after I documented the entire panel trying to learn what it was and discovering that it is more than likely the very map rock that my friend was told of.

After being taken to this site, and trying to solicit rock art organizations for help with no success, we decided to take upon ourselves the project... consulting with an BLM archaeologist,  My friend Glen, his wife JoDee and I set out to the site to undertake what we felt might be impossible due to the massive amounts of graffiti at the site which made it very difficult to document, this was near 15 years ago. Many days had passed documenting this site meticulously using a mirror to cast light under the overhanging ledge where it was always shaded except in winter months capturing even the finest details and being very careful to distinguish between graffiti and Native American glyphs.

When we finished I knew we could not get all of the entire site into one picture and so we took photos starting from left to right and moving from top to bottom. It would be 11 years before Randy Bradford put enough pressure on me to finish the project which I could not in previous years due to the lack of capable software. The painstaking process of putting the pieces or individual photos together began in about 2006, My only critics have been, the very people whom I sought help from, but received no response. Quite to my surprise, I posted this one year ago, and apparently there are some who just do not understand, this is not "Art" it is an ancient message from the past... a message intended for future generations... and whatever it takes to preserve that message, I WILL do... I don't care what the critics have to say...

Some say I obviously have animosity towards the academics, Ya think?...  my response is two fold, I have absolutely no problem with the academics IF... they discontinue the practice of throwing out the evidence for the sake of the theory... and second, yer damned rights I do! and have you EVER thought to ask why? their time would best be spent creating delicate dirt signs.... I have many friends of the academic world, these are those who took the time to ask and to understand...

I wish I could tell you the half of what you are looking at and what it took to recreate this image... but this photo is the results of all the work that Glen, JoDee and I put into it, not to mention 11 years later meticulously converting the photos to black and white and then matching them side by side etc... to get the end result you see here..

This map as I call it, shows not only the 3 lakes site north of Kanab but also things pertaining to the presumed underground cities of the Aztec, one presumed to be found in the grand canyon, and things some would think has to do with the legends of Moctezuma and other things I am certain you would not believe should I tell. Why is this panel so important? Because it is a Historic event and validates some things found in the Aztec Record.

This panel talks of "the People" fleeing before an enemy and showing details of their tactics to evade them but was this the Spanish invaders, or some other unknown culture? It also shows the location of the cave in which the Aztec came from anciently and was their home for near 300 years after they had been expelled from their homeland of Aztlan. Most anyone can see the implications of the 3 Lakes site of which you can find North of Kanab and you will notice the hieroglyph activity at the 3rd lake or south lake, including two hieroglyphs showing broad movement or enter at the 3rd lake and "fleeing" from it.

There are so many things that this panel ties to, including an incredible story given to me by a friend many years ago having to do with a cave of the Indigenous, and of enormous dimensions containing amounts unknown to any man. Fortunately, as the people fled the enemy, they did not go to this ancient place likely because the enemy was not far behind them, and the enemy never knew of its existence. This panel also shows a navigation hieroglyph (nick named the key glyph) in which was used to travel back and forth between Mexico and their home of ancient times, it even shows in part how it is used in navigation, it is believed to be the very signs and symbols used and mentioned in the Aztec Record of Diego Duran 1581, which is in and of itself one of the many projects of documentation I am tied up with.

However... Take it all with a grain of salt, I'm sure the experts are right, it is likely just hunting magic, cowboy scribbling, just plain doodling.... or just rock art.... and should you go to visit this site, although the signs are not yet there... please stay on the trail so anyone and everyone else can find it, and please... be aware of the delicate dirt.... I can see I need more coffee....

Anyone who has a serious interest in the study of the Native American Glyphs may inquire about receiving a much larger image for study. email tuscoro@gmail.com

PS... Those who leave comments, I generally do not get comment notices in my regular email, it is sometimes weeks before I even know a comment has been left.