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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pots and Baskets (Updated)

Many years ago, I was taken to the following panel, my studies pertaining to the theories of LaVan Martineau were short of in its infancy however there were certain symbols I had learned quite well at this point in my efforts to prove or disprove his theory.

My friend who took me being a friendly skeptic and member of the Utah Rock Art organization, asked me what I thought it meant. Without hesitation I explained to him that it tells of where a sizable pots and baskets stash is and how to get to it, he then asked, where do you think it is? and I pointed across the drainage where I had determined the cache is.

My friend in a nice way, rolled his eyes and said, I think they are moccasins, to which I returned the favor. I fully understand why he and many others believe this because it is what they see and they see no further.

Just weeks later I was talking with one of my friends who lives in the area, talking about this area he volunteered information having no knowledge of my visit just a few weeks prior let alone the conversation which took place. He told me, "did you know that near that place," (and not referring directly to the panel,) "my friend who has been with BLM for near 30 years told me that there is a large pots and basket stash", he said he found it when he was 14 and it is difficult to get into. Had I not known better, my jaw would have dropped.

Not many years later, speaking with another friend, he was telling me about his brother in law who grew up out in that area and that he had found a large stash of pots and baskets, my eyes popped open and just to test the theory I volunteered to mark where it was on a map and asked my friend to send it to his brother in law and ask if I was correct. He did so and the response came back as a surprised Yes... but he asked how I knew? I just couldn't tell him... he was in an archaeological field and I have not had much success with those involved in the academic fields. And so, I told him, it was a lucky guess I suppose. ;-)

Why it means what I am suggesting it means is irrelevant in this case simply because the reader generally makes up their mind as to what they think it means based on what they perceive upon first view  or what they had been taught to believe... and that is the end of it, whether from the academic world or not, if the mind is not open to new possibilities, whats the point?

Some day I would like to go get pictures of the pots and baskets stash...

Since this time I have visited another site nearby, again a new friend whom I have met just recently when viewing the following glyphs and I shared my opinion, he explained that he has found a sizable stash of pots and baskets, this friend of academia is not close minded and when he gets done with his current project, we will make a visit... he knows who he is...

If you believe the marks on the rocks is just art, a message of the past meant only for the author, cowboy scribbling, hunting magic or the like, feel free, your thoughts are just as valid as any ones... and I won't argue with you... However, I believe that the Native American glyphs is a hieroglyphic form of writing, and I believe this because I have taken the time to prove or disprove... I'm not in the habit of some one else dictating to me what to think...

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