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A place where you can come and read not only of the past and those things that have been hidden up, but the ongoing progress of those who have taken the stories serious enough to investigate them, to try to prove or disprove them in an effort to discover the truth. Rumors of lost Treasures of the Spanish have lingered in the west since the days the first immigrants arrived in Utah and Arizona.

Many stories have surface since the days the white man arrived and many things found since which seem to give credibility to the stories. Some stories have been made up and even falsified claims. We know the Spanish explorers came for the sake of mining to the west and up from Mexico and Santa Fe, but just how far north did they go to find the precious metals? Some say they ventured as far North as Montana, some say they never ventured much further than Northern Arizona. At Tuscoro.com we hope to provide you with many stories of the past and share the things that we have found and to encourage you to do the same or the like. Get up off of that couch! And get out with your family, for health’s sake! And for the sake of learning the true history of this beautiful place here in the west we have come to call home.