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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pictographs of Dupont Cave

This is a site I had the pleasure of being invited to go see in 2006, some incredible things were told about this site, one regarding the excavation of several small children of which today, is denied by Smithsonian.
I guess the one thing that really moved me, was not that the burial cysts were of small children, but seeing the burial cysts and then seeing the small hand prints of children, perhaps the very children who were buried at this site.

Dupont Cave after excavation in about 1920

During Excavation

Archaeological Destruction of Dupont Cave

Several years ago I was invited to visit a site which for the most part seems to be forgotten. It is privately owned property, and has a new owner since my visit in 2006.

Dupont Cave nearing the end of excavation. (1920)

This cave was excavated between 1908 and 1920 by Jesse Nusbaum who was the first National Park Archaeologist. It is said that this sites earliest occupation was around 217 AD in part determine by "Tree Rings" according to the report.

Since this caves excavation, several archaeologist and some unlicensed thieves, have tried to sneak into the site over the years according to the care taker of the time. He told me that the most exciting thing found at the site was the fact that in almost every burial plot called cysts that you see in the photos, was containing small mummified children. I would tend to believe the man in charge of that time, not only because of the testimony of several locals  but because the many small hand prints, yellow and red painted on the walls of the cave were small like children's hands. I see no reason why this individual would make anything up. I decided to contact the Museum of the American Indian of the Smithsonian Institute, which still exists... and I asked about Dupont cave and if they had the records of the excavation. They seemed quite helpful and sent me copies of the original reports made by Jesse Nusbaum. To my surprise there was no mention of any bodies being removed and when I called them back to inquire, they told me that the have no record of excavations of human remains being removed from the site. Several people who had family members take part in this excavation, directly or indirectly have confirmed that mummified children were removed from the site.

 Dupont Cave After Excavation

However the missing mummies is another matter and is not necessarily my purpose for this post and it is not my intent to criticize the practice of Archaeology although it is well known my love hate feeling towards its seeming agenda to control information by the Smithsonian thumb. My intent is to point out what I am certain was not considered at the time of excavation, and it is my hope to bring it to the attention of the archaeological world in order to prevent it from happening in the future.

If you will notice, approximately 12 to 18 inches or so or earth had been removed from the site all around the burial plots, the exact amount I do not recall but the report should confirm. Notice how neat the site appears in the early photos after excavation. It is my opinion that the fill dirt removed should have been replaced around them supporting the stones after excavation at least around the plots so that the construction of them could remain as they ORIGINALLY were. But because this was not apparently foreseen, the plots are falling apart and the originality of the site further compromised as you can see in the following photos taken in 2006. 

This site has been off limits to the general public before and ever since it's excavation, the damage done is much greater than if it had been publicly known... Now the place looks as though it has been destroyed due to looters, or are we talking about a different form of legalized looting?

It would seem that once the purported mummified remains were removed from the site, all interest in preservation disappeared. Why couldn't they just leave them be? How long before they are digging up my Grandmothers grave?

I am reminded of watching a History Channel documentary recently concerning some cliff tombs found in Peru. I found it very interesting and informative. However, I was disturbed when the commentator said that it could take months to get permits to excavate which left the site vulnerable to looters. Then after obtaining the permits, he comments that they were lucky to obtain the permits before looters were able to steal from the site. This was said at the moment documentary footage was shown of the archaeologist rapidly removing several mummies and skeletons. The only difference that I can see in the looting process is that one is a licensed thief. Back to Dupont cave, what would looters do with a bunch of skeletons? Sell them on eBay? What do these archaeologist do with them? Why is it they were seen as a threat? Was there something highly unusual about them? What would the DNA tell and this I assure you this is the reason... I am at a loss as to why they would be removed, and then lie about them ever being there...

Burials in which I have been fortunate to see in the past are always associated with a nearby water source and in many cases, food, often grains such as corn on the cob is found among the dead as a source for the spirits to have food and water. The following two images were found in one of the cysts among the small mummies.

The Following images are what the site looks like today...

Pictographs of Dupont Cave

To my archaeologist friends, It is not my intent to offend or diminish the archaeologist, it is the individual themselves and the often close minded attitude of some people who happen to be an archaeologist, paleontologist etc... those who are convinced of their own superiority and believe that knowledge somehow comes from a paycheck with their oh so familiar cliche... "I get Paid to know!" and never realizing or understanding that the opposite is in fact the truth. I think it is time  that the agenda of Smithsonian set up by E.G. Squire and J. W. Powel, be wiped out, rewritten, and to include full disclosure regardless of what item is found in a dig and how much it does not fit, and destroy the concept of Manifest Destiny including the un-spoken agenda. Let the evidences speak for themselves, remove the tight reigns and control over the museums in what they can display and what they can't retaining of course the wishes of the Native American. If GIANT Skulls or skeletons are found, SO WHAT!, It IS WHAT IT IS!.. who cares if the public sees it or knows it, SO WHAT if in the middle of a presumed Native American site excavation and obviously at a consistent depth with other items, is found a strange sphere of possible obsidian, with unusually intricate beautifully inscribed Egyptian "LIKE" hieroglyphs all around it!

BE a true representative of what archaeology is supposed to be... not what Smithsonian, the curriculum, your predecessors and your peers try to keep it because it might refute their damned theories STILL being taught as fact.... but first and foremost, Be True to Yourself!


Thursday, December 18, 2014

The 3 Amigos

About 8 to 10 years ago the local news aired a story about a local of a new subdivision discovering some petroglyphs in the area, a big deal was made out of it like it was a major discovery, to this day the new city has a picture on its city hall wall as a commemorative. When I saw the broadcast I could not help but smile
as it was about 15 years prior that I and my friend were driving down the dirt road which was fairly remote at the time, no civilization within miles. That day my friend Ron Lee of the Rock Art Association, and I   were looking for new glyphs, we saw what appeared to be a good suspect area and pulled over.

I chose to follow a small out crop heading south and at the end of it was the very glyph that so much fuss would be made over 15 years later. My friend named it the 3 Amigos, Ron always had a good name for new glyphs.. LOL. If any of you are from this new development, you may recognise it. In those days, I would share the glyphs locations with the BLM Archaeologist of the day and mark locations on their map, withholding many locations.

For those of you in the area of the following pic, FYI... there are over 300 panels not far from it... less than half have been added to the BLM records, I know because I marked the maps.

Although this glyph was unknown to BLM at the time, I am certain another saw it long before I stumbled upon it.

As it appears today, I hope

Scanned 35 mil original photo from about 25 years ago.
Why the photo came out green I have no idea.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Before and After Destruction

Fortunately with todays technologies we can at least repair the damage digitally to a degree, that was done by Ignorance.

After the destruction... irreparable damage... 

Many may not understand but when I walk up on a panel and it is shot full of holes, it is like an archaeologist finding an ancient scroll, unrolling it to find it is full of holes like the following image... 

Digitally Repaired...
Unfortunately there is no way of assuring accuracy,
but it is the best we have in this case.
If only we had a picture from before the panel was shot up.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Somewhere on the Arizona Strip (Documentation Project) Possibly Help Needed

I wish I had it in me today... to say more about this place... but I don't... Enjoy.

UPDATE: But now I do.... I don't know why but this place I keep closely guarded, maybe it's because there is so much more to see, photograph and document, this is a site I could use some help on... to make matters worse, about a year ago the individual that took me to this place, told me about another place near by, the property is BLM and is landlocked with Private on one side and Paiute on the other side, he said that in this hidden canyon is ruins, and a ledge about 1500 feet long (I am sure this is a bit of an exaggeration) and covered with petroglyphs... still I find my mouth watering... he explained this is virtually an unknown site with very few who have ever seen it... 

I just received word that relations with the private land owners in one case essential for access, may now be possible, however I am still leaning on going through Paiute land which appears would be almost as good of access... I can't wait to get in there... If anyone is interested in helping with documentation and being a part of this expedition, let me know, I will tell you NOW, I am limited on finances and could use a little support on this one, fortunately I have couple of places to stay nearby as I have many friends in the area... however fuel and such I am short as it takes all I have at this time to support my family and make up for lost time from work if I even have any work...

This is a fairly long canyon at about 2 miles long with 8 side canyons ranging from a quarter mile long to as much as 1/3 of a mile... four wheelers are a plus if we can access through private land...
Based on description this could take a couple of days to several resulting in return trips... IF anyone does wish to contribute I need your word of non disclosure...