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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pictographs of Dupont Cave

This is a site I had the pleasure of being invited to go see in 2006, some incredible things were told about this site, one regarding the excavation of several small children of which today, is denied by Smithsonian.
I guess the one thing that really moved me, was not that the burial cysts were of small children, but seeing the burial cysts and then seeing the small hand prints of children, perhaps the very children who were buried at this site.

Dupont Cave after excavation in about 1920

During Excavation


  1. Excavating and finding treasures are amazing. I can not believe that this cave is full of hand prints of small children buried at this site. Do you think this is where they use to play and then they buried all of them in the cave? excavating contractors

    1. I could not say, yet I am certain they lived nearby, it is a most beautiful canyon.


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