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Thursday, December 18, 2014

The 3 Amigos

About 8 to 10 years ago the local news aired a story about a local of a new subdivision discovering some petroglyphs in the area, a big deal was made out of it like it was a major discovery, to this day the new city has a picture on its city hall wall as a commemorative. When I saw the broadcast I could not help but smile
as it was about 15 years prior that I and my friend were driving down the dirt road which was fairly remote at the time, no civilization within miles. That day my friend Ron Lee of the Rock Art Association, and I   were looking for new glyphs, we saw what appeared to be a good suspect area and pulled over.

I chose to follow a small out crop heading south and at the end of it was the very glyph that so much fuss would be made over 15 years later. My friend named it the 3 Amigos, Ron always had a good name for new glyphs.. LOL. If any of you are from this new development, you may recognise it. In those days, I would share the glyphs locations with the BLM Archaeologist of the day and mark locations on their map, withholding many locations.

For those of you in the area of the following pic, FYI... there are over 300 panels not far from it... less than half have been added to the BLM records, I know because I marked the maps.

Although this glyph was unknown to BLM at the time, I am certain another saw it long before I stumbled upon it.

As it appears today, I hope

Scanned 35 mil original photo from about 25 years ago.
Why the photo came out green I have no idea.

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