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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Massive Mine dump? Or natural slide?

Using certain tools over the last few years I have been able to locate many mine dumps of the past throughout the Uinta Mountains. How long ago each was an active mining project cannot be said at this time. Some are confirmed targets and others are awaiting verification in some manner by someone willing to go look for certain evidences.

Sometimes features similar to this are found, but none have been this massive, even the mine dump of the highly sought after Mina del Rey is dwarfed by this feature. The unconfirmed mine dump for the Mina del Rey is about the size of 5 football fields. The Mina del Rey is the primary suspect mine for which a majority of the wealth found aboard the Atoche is thought to have come from, including the Emeralds, don't make me explain that.

Profound evidence of severe open face mining is abundant in these areas and indicated on more than one old Spanish Map, indicating mining operations having existed for hundreds of years, even likely long before the Spanish era... but by whom? I think I know and it wasn't Indians. The more I learn and see the possible antiquities of these mountains, the more I understand the Utes in guarding what little land they were left with.

This feature discovered about a year ago using certain tools developed by myself, is over 3 times larger than the dump of the Mina del Rey, (About 400 yards square). If not as a result of a mining operation similar to open pit or open face mining, then what is it? I suppose a natural slide is possible but when a closer look is given considering the mass, slope, precision and other details, impossibility becomes a stronger consideration. Of the two geologists who have looked at it have both stated that "a natural slide first comes to mind," but neither has an answer as to how... Both admit however "It definitely looks man-made, but how could it be this large?" How could this occur and leave a near 100 foot depression where it came from?

I am looking for qualified individuals to visit this site along with a few other sites not far away to try and validate or invalidate this possibility.

We are just a few months away, I could use a good drone, camera and operator and a few hikers whom I will inform as to what to look for. To serious individuals I will share coordinates. 

What do I think it is? I don't know, I only know that every time I look at it, the thought comes to mind, "what the hell is this and why is it here?"