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Sunday, June 30, 2024

Spectacular Treasure Cave! of the Wasatch Mountains

Random Cave Photo

Sometime in the Mid to late 1980's a Cat hunter who my friend Rick use to hunt with, was running his dogs on a mountain pass when the dogs caught scent of lion. The dogs disappeared into the forest with the sound of their barking fading. I believe he was using a tracker of sort and eventually it began to loose signal also... Looking over the situation he knew the dogs had descended down into the main canyon and decided in order to find them he needed to drive down off the mountain traveling around and into the main canyon. Reaching a point in the canyon and beginning to get sketchy signals, he chose his route to hike up to the suspect location. He and his daughter started off on their steep hike up the mountain side. After some time of tracking he could faintly hear the dogs and when he finally caught up with them he found them going in and out of a cave. Making his way in he notice on the side walls was some of the strangest writings he had ever seen painted all along the walls. In relaying the story he said it was not Indian writing, Chinese, Egyptian or any other he knew of. Making his way a little further back into the cave he could barley see the cave opening up into a sort of cavern and high upon a ledge within, the cat sat. He abandon the cat hunt and gathered the dogs. He said he always wanted to go back and explore the cave but not many years later he passed away. Rick has spoke with his daughter but she says she couldn't find it again in that to many years have passed.

Now of course we have better instructions than what is told in the previous... but as in all stories passed along we always hope for some validation, better understanding of direction or more information to urge us even more so. Rick and I have discussed this one many times conjuring up different ideas on how to find the cave again... but without the resources needed this one will end up urban legend in not many years and just another story found flowing from the regurgitating lips of a wanna be treasure hunter in some future rendezvous.

Now as I mentioned above in that we always hope for some form of validation... Whenever you hear stories such as this you wonder.... not many days ago a new found friend shared an experience he was familiar with, having no prior knowledge of the previously written account of the Cat Hunter, and he told me the following....

His son had a friend who was apparently one of them die hard hunters, I know a few of them and have found them to be my best hikers... It was during the Elk hunt likely in the same or near time frame as the cat hunter... after hiking a steep draw or mountain side he saw in the distance a cave opening... being the curious type he ventured across the draw to investigate... Entering the cave in which he said, in plain view standing in the entrance, was a spectacular treasure! Nephite relics and piles of Gold Bars! He gather a few things up and I am sure with every intent to return when suddenly a very large man appeared on the scene, no description was given... He was told to put the things back that he had taken and to leave and never return nor talk about the location or description or he would be killed. He was a young man of his 30's and in great shape, but within the month he dies of a massive heart attack.

Are these two accounts the same cave? Are there two different caves of the same cavern system? The instructions to get to the location are near identical.

Now although on a different mountain I am reminded of the STRIPLING WARRIOR CAVE and also the SUGAR LOAF GOLD story which is NOT where everyone presumes it to be... and even the MUMMY CAVE and several other discoveries of the past... the trick in which is to develop the ability and understand what it means to read between the lines and think outside the box... and it isn't as subtle as some would think... and always remember who is in control... In the last 30 plus years I have discovered things regarding these mountains here in Utah that helps me to understand why so many spectacular things remain hidden within them even with all the trails, roads, technology, hunters and such, if only the people here in Utah who should already know... knew of the things that have transpired in the past in their own back yard, those things which are seemingly sealed... and unobtainable by most... but not everyone... not many days will pass when these things will begin to come to light to some... some already have... that which is said to be sealed is recoverable... without breaking said seal...

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Espejo Mine Search Update



Well here we are one month after my post “Expedition time starts”...

Off to a rocky start, we finally got some participation and made it to the Espejo map location with the agenda to validate mine #3 location and move onto locating mine #4 location, keep in mind I need motivation these days as I just don't move as well as I use to and after years of hitting brick walls doesn't make it any easier... I want to thank Walt and Mike for cracking the whip behind me to get me out, I likely would not have gone had you not shown up... and Thank You Rick and John for the surprise visit.

I am happy to say that we have confirmed mine location #3 is not a mine... why would I be happy about that? Well in doing so had pressed us to look at other suspect locations from previous trips and I am now pretty certain that we have mine site #3, however it would be impossible to open without heavy equipment, it is badly caved... again keep in mind, these mines haven't seen the light of day in 440 years, a lot of over growth and mother nature has all but reclaimed them, however at least we were able to satisfy, and move onto the next location.

In search of mine #4, we entered the suspect canyon, none to our surprise and thanks to Mike and a keen eye we found the old trail still very visible as long as it was in the wooded areas. I suppose the Forrest provides protection from the inevitable erosion of these old trails, but I am none the less baffled that after 440 years we can still see the path of those who made it so long ago.

The first day I did not do so well, I made it about ½ the distance up the canyon while Mike of course did much better. The trail was apparent and only made us more ready for the next day in hopes to follow it to its end, not knowing that wasn't going to happen as the end we found out later, ends some where far beyond our target. On the way back down I or Mike, I forget which, spotted an anomaly of sort that was clearly man made, but not giving it a thorough examination and not attributing it to a potential mine we made note and continued down. We lovingly named it the pit.

The following day now better prepared, we returned, however this anomaly weighed on my mind but we started out following the old trail and on this day I made my way to about ¾ of the distance while Mike again was able to cover a bit more ground. At this distance it was much more difficult to see the old trail due to the narrowing of the canyon causing often the trail and the natural drainage to merge, and again not knowing at the time that the two separate again near the top and the trail running off to some unknown point to the north west where I have mild interests.

Knowing clearly we had missed some side trail to the suspect mine, we started down again, but found no evidence of a suspect deviation, and unintentionally ignored the anomaly on this return trip. Resting up for a bit in old blue, we waited out a few downpours and thunder bumpers, but this anomaly kept popping back into my head... wanting to go back up and give it the examination it deserved but not wanting to get wet, we decided to take a drive up to an inviting jeep trail... A few thunder bumps later the pit was invading my every thought with the words in my head, you need to go back, your not done, you need to go and take a second look... on and on it went... Mike seemed happy with the idea of going back mainly because he still had a lot of fuel to burn and I don't mean gasoline....

Returning to the pit once again and standing this time in it, instead of outside casually looking at it... with much overgrowth and dead fall... we just gazed... and after a few moments it hit me... this is the mine your looking for you dope, but where is the dump? Further investigation through the foliage and dead fall it became apparent that we we standing on it and later confirmed by its boundaries which are not easy to see with so much over growth and dead fall.

For those of you who have seen dozens if not dozens of dozens of old mines out in the deserts as I have, this isn't the same, not even the same as stumbling across some old mine of 100 to 200 years in the mountains... After 440 years mother nature is well in control of reclaiming the doings of man and the visual evidence.

Being a little gun shy due to the mistake in identity of mine #3, I knew Rick would be here the following day, and he at least having a degree in Anthropology, unless I have got that wrong again... he would at least serve as a professional in the field as to his assessment of the site. I already knew the answer to the burning question, but I took Rick there the following day, I just needed to hear him say it... Is this an old mine site?.... oh absolutely, he said, yes it is... Further planning is in the works...

Was the last winter and winters before worth it? Well... I'm going to say at this very moment in time, yes... but I do not want to do it again...

I do not mean this in a derogatory way, but I do not know how to get it through my friends heads... I DON”T THINK THE SAME as you... I am reminded of this every time a potential discovery is made... we need to claim this... we need to be quiet about this, we need to do this and that... all concerns which are valid, thoughts of what it may contain, is there anything left inside, was it mined out and left etc... All of my thoughts are directed first towards the history and the question first in my mind is will it bring me one step closer to the goal which is proving the theory/story... and then the question, is this the one that will get me out of this can of worms I am in?... yes I ponder the same questions they do, but the priorities are different. My advice in all of this is just remember who is in control and I certainly don't mean me.... and above all for Pete's sake... have some faith... but know that I am not very good at heeding my own advice...

Much has happened lately and much information has come my way in the last few months from an unsuspected source, however being under oath I cannot elaborate except in where it has complimented my current project and I wish to say thank you to this new found friend, I won't let you down.

Even with the new developments and excitement... we are however still at ground level... We need help with...

LIDAR, LIDAR, LIDAR followed by Magnetometer... is anyone capable listening?