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Saturday, December 30, 2023

Giant Mummies in the Deserts of Utah

 Near 30 years ago I was talking with my friends father whom I worked for at the time in Industrial Waste Water Management.

We were talking about petroglyphs at the time out in one of the many deserts of Utah and when it seemed we were done, he broke the short silence and asked me if I would believe there were mummies out in desert, I told him I would have no doubt. He began telling me about a time when he was out in a certain area building roads for BLM, I presume back in the 50’s, and he decided to do some hiking around in his spare time. He told me that he found a cave at a certain elevation and said there are many caves at this place. He went into one of the caves and he said there were several mummies on shelves and some of them quite large. He pointed out to me that these were not just dried carcasses; they were actual wrapped mummies like you would see in…. I hate to say it but Egypt.  NO THESE ARE NOT Egyptian mummies… they are Hebrew origin, and I knew when he told me… Apparently I showed too much interest and he shut down and over the years he wouldn’t talk about it any more… he never did trust me, and his son and I have been friends now for 56 years. 

I never went to the place he spoke of, I suppose I could have and likely might have found it, but I just never went… some 20 years ago another friend approached me and told me he had something to show me. He said I am going to email you a sketch of a mummy cave a guy drew that came to me and wanted my help. He told me the guy that found it was a little off as the whole incident freaked him out… at some point they got together and was on their way to the site and just short of it a half mile or so, the guy began to freak out and decided not to show my friend. The guy who came to him was technologically challenged and could not operate most electronic devices… but some how he managed to get an elevation. Not much good with a camera either but he could at least draw. After this friend gave me a false location and wasted much of my fuel, money and time… he supposedly came clean and gave me the right location with some excuse as to why he gave me the wrong location, but nope… again he gave me a false location, but at least closer but I never got the chance to confront him as he passed not long ago. No matter… 

Another friend called me just months ago and mentioned something about a guy who found a mummy cave… to make this part short, as it turns out it is the same guy who drew the sketch of the cave. This time we have the general location and no surprise to me, but it looks as though it is the same location as my first friends father who has also passed away had told me of many years ago… This place is belly aching to be found and documented. The largest mummy measured at 7 foot 9 inches, there are 7 mummies in all including a baby. There are weapons of various kinds, shields and there is a sword which measure 52 inches! Keep in mind a standard length of a larger sword is about 31 inches. I am hoping to put together a team to go search the given location. 

The image above is the sketch made by the guy who found it, but with several details removed. You will hear more of this one in the future...

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