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Saturday, December 16, 2023

The Pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge of the Salisbury Plain

 The following article was written some time in 2011 or 2012 and in its earlier form, is included in the Book Nephite North, however this is an expanded version.

The Great Pyramid


Sometimes the lack of evidence is the best evidence. I was asked some time ago as to why no one in the old world wrote about any changes in the North Pole at the time of a pole shift at the crucifixion of Christ. Well, the reason they may not have written about a change in the old country is that they never noticed the change. From the perspective of those living in and around Egypt the North Pole as far as degrees, changed by maybe 1 degree if at all, and in Greece maybe up to 4 degrees but it most certainly moved towards them some 2000 miles closer at the Crucifixion in which they most certainly suffered from a drastic climate change and ocean level changes and this was written about. Today Egypt lies at about 30 degrees N Latitude which of course has a climate similar to southern Texas to Northern Mexico which are also at 30 degrees N.

Prior to this last pole shift, north was at a distance of about 2000 miles further north from Egypt putting them at a location equal to that of today of central to northern Peru (being at a distance equal to 500 miles below the equator). In BC times, rest assured, Egypt enjoyed a tropical environment. It is because of knowledge of these things which is my justification of following statements.


We have been led by the nose concerning Egypt ever since Smithsonian came into existence and I am sure even earlier… I’m just going to say it people… As far as the original ruins of Egypt, that which was discovered after the great flood and specifically the 3 pyramids and Sphinx, Egyptians did not build Egypt, In short, Since the first of Egyptians discovered these ancient ruins, they moved in and began to add their own touch to the place, way to much credit has been given to these Egyptians of old.


In one of the many books that the academics would like to see go away, the Book of Abraham 1:23, we read that Egyptus (meaning Forbidden) in which Egypt gets its name, was the one who first discovered The Land of Egypt. She being the daughter of Ham and her Canaanite mother also named Egyptus, one of Moses’s wives… It is said however that when she discovered this Land of Egypt it was under water. How do you discover a land which is under water?


If this is true, Egyptus being the daughter of Ham who was the son of Noah, it would seem that she discovered it not long after the great flood. The North location at the time would have been some 3000 miles to the North West at 296 degrees (Iceland). The waters of the Earth were at that time being pulled to the North at a much greater degree than today and even so in the days after the days of Peleg but to a lesser degree. This is the reason why Egypt was under water at that time, at least until the most destructive  catastrophic pole shift event this earth has seen, came in the days of Peleg “when the Earth divided.”


There are still a few points to address. In these scriptures, it says that Egyptus later settled her sons in the Land of Egypt which implies that the waters had receded some 500 feet. What could have caused this? Another pole shift. This is the reason so many cities were build along the shoreline of the day, that are now considered sunken cities in the Mediterranean, but they are not sunken cities…


How long after the flood were the days of Peleg? The other point; how did Egyptus find a Land that was under water?... unless something was sticking up out of the water such as the Pyramids? Have you ever wondered why it is that the pyramid of Khafre seems to have this nice place at the top seemingly so well preserved and then down about 100 feet it would seem that this section was exposed to a little bit more reason for decay? Could this be because it was under water and sticking out of the water while the lower portion absorbed more moisture softening the sandstone? If this is true, how many of you realize that Egypt was under nearly 400 feet of water along with a fair portion of Northern Africa? This a documented fact.


The erosion pattern of the pyramid and of the sphinx makes it clear that the were built prior to the great flood in spite of those who still try to convince us that the sphinx was underwater over 12,000 years ago or that it was never under water.


After the flood, Egyptus would have enjoyed the night skies of the Iceland North Pole with North being only 3000 miles away with a celestial body above it instead of today’s distance of 4000 miles. This is very well the reason that the waters were at an increased elevation and the pole having moved from its former location of nearly 5,000 miles away. From the days of Peleg to the time of the Crucifixion, (approximately 2400 years), North was about 6,000 miles away from Egypt.


Who Built the Pyramids?


We have heard all the orthodox belief or should we just say indoctrinated belief as to who built the pyramids even from those who believe “Im Ho Tep” was responsible whom I believe was non other than Ye Ho Sep or Joseph of old who was sold into Egypt, either way he came along way to late in the game… I don’t know who Khufu or Khafre was and after browsing the works of Champollion and Budge, I’m not sure they did either, I’m not even sure the words exists… But lets venture out into another book that Egyptologist would just like to see go away…


We find in Antiquities of the Jews by Flavius Josephus.


Now this Seth,

When he was brought up, and came to those years in which he could discern what was good, became a virtuous man; and as he was himself of an excellent character, so did he leave children behind him who imitated his virtues. All these proved to be of good dispositions. They also inhabited the same country without dissensions, and in a happy condition, without any misfortunes falling upon them, till they died. They also were the inventors [Discoverers] of that peculiar sort of wisdom which is concerned with the heavenly bodies, and their order. And that their inventions [Discoveries] might not be lost before they were sufficiently known, upon Adam's prediction that the world was to be destroyed at one time by the force of fire, and at another time by the violence and quantity of water, they made two pillars, [Monuments] the one of brick, the other of stone: they Inscribed [Encoded] their discoveries on them both, that in case the pillar [Monument] of brick should be destroyed by the flood, the pillar [Monument] of stone might remain, and exhibit those discoveries to mankind; and also inform them that there was another pillar [Monument] of brick erected by them. Now this remains in the land of Siriad to this day. (Also see Isaiah 19:19-20)


There has always been controversy over the writings of Josephus. He has been proven more than once to be accurate. I cannot help but wonder where he got his information. It is my opinion that the Brick Pillar is none other than the Pyramid of Khafre or possibly the one considered older, the Step pyramid, No matter. The Stone Pillar that he mentions, in my mind, is without a doubt none other than Stonehenge in the land of Gilgal (Circle of Stones), regardless of where academia wants to place Gilgal. There is no other land anywhere that could even come close to being worthy of holding this name unless it was destroyed. It would seem that Egypt or the old world provides more clues than we would think. I would highly recommend reading a book by Bonnie Gaunt called Stonehenge a closer look. Without going into the details of it, Bonnie comes closer to revealing what Stonehenge and the Pyramids really were, unlocking their concealed secrets  what they stood for, more than any other that I have ever seen yet never made the final connection simply because she lacked certain knowledge. So who built the Pyramids? Well it seems the same people who built Stonehenge. 



At this time and possibly never will I go into the finer details of Stonehenge, not because I do not know but because it likens to the distribution of, and the receiving the principles and powers of the holy Melchizedec Priesthood, let it suffice that it holds the keys to more scientific knowledge than has been obtained in these times. At this time I will only cover a small and seemingly not so important secret (comparatively speaking) of what it reveals as it relates to the subject of this article. In all that is written about Stonehenge and the many theories thereof, there are only a few that barely grace even a small part. Of the many things Stonehenge is accused of; a giant chronometer seems to be the most popular. By definition a chronometer is a Time Keeping Piece. It would be more accurate to say that it is a time regulating piece but even this is a small part of what it is. It would be most accurate to say that it is a physical manifestation of the principles of creation, the  Key to all Living Things, even the Power of God, set in stone. In the book of Ezekiel we are given a small part of it in 1:16 but he only brushes on the results of the principles used within and with respect to The Living Creatures of which according to common perspective is not Life at all, but did Ezekiel know this?  In one version of the Bible, Ezekiel says, that when the living creature flew away, he heard it cry out, Oh Gilgal! Meaning… (Circle Of Stones). What was this flying living thing?


One question for those who believe that Stonehenge’s soul purpose is a Chronometer, Why would anyone, even profoundly stupid people, build something such as this using 60 ton stones just to cast shadows, when the same thing can be done with Dominoes? Unless of course it was intended to last forever which I suppose is understandable…


One thing we seem to be certain of is that Stonehenge is considered a Solstice site, and with this I can agree only because it would be a natural result of its full intended purpose. If this is true and it is in some way a sort of Chronometer or any other of the things that it has been accused of, would you think that a North reference might be an important part of it?


Of the various characteristics of Stonehenge, most are written about the Sarsen Circle, the Trilithon, the Avenue, etc… In the image below, see if you can find anything within the structure of Stonehenge that could even remotely come close to being a North reference? Why would this most important and essential part of this time piece, chronometer, Solstice Site, etc… be nonexistent? Looking at the following image and knowing that the Avenue refers to the Solstice Sun rise, what would you think were the North South reference markers? Now at this very moment there is some educated yo yo out there saying to himself, Well north never changed, why would they have to mark it? They knew where it was. Yes they did! But apparently the yo yo did not.



Now, had I removed the words North and South from the Burrows you might have never spotted them but primarily because they do not line up with the compass rose on the left representing todays north. Of all the features of Stonehenge, the ones most ignored and least written about are the North and South Burrows, Why? Because they have no idea what the burrows are or what their intended function is because they are of the orthodox belief that North has always been as it is today. Oh if you only knew what you are looking at, the principles of all creation, the atom, the principles of the moon, earth, Sun, Solar system, Galaxy and Universe. Seth was indeed full of knowledge and it would seem that at least two others in our time who understood a part of these principles, we know them as Ed Leedskalnin, the builder and architect of the Coral Castle in Florida, and Nikola Tesla. I would highly recommend reading these men’s stories.


Now that I have shown you the North and South references in Stonehenge that no one seemed to think existed; How does this line up with our previous BC North? BC North as I call it or the North pole between approximately 2400 BC and up to the Crucifixion, was located about 600 miles S/W of Anchorage Alaska at 188 degrees. Anyone with Google Earth downloaded Edition can check this with a great deal of accuracy and you will find it is not close, not almost, it is a perfect alignment as you will see in the following image, however a few questions come to mind. From the perspective of Stonehenge, if North was some 2390 miles further away at the time when Egyptus first discovered Egypt, wouldn’t this mean that in relationship to Latitude, Stonehenge would be much farther down towards the equator resulting in a different sunrise position? If so, where did it rise in relationship to Stonehenge and what then was the purpose of the Avenue?


To answer these questions, let’s first look at when Stonehenge was supposed to have been built. According to Josephus, whom I tend to believe, Stonehenge was built before the flood or first pole shift, so why didn’t Seth (if the Author of it) build it according to his time and North location?


The answer is very simple, he knew what was coming and the purpose was to preserve the knowledge for future generations in future times, not his own. So why doesn’t it match the North location after the flood at Iceland? The answer is the same, Seth knew this period of time would not even know of Stonehenge’s existence for a very good reason in that he knew this part of the UK would be under water for near 300 years when we would again suffer another severe catastrophic pole shift, the very same even felt half way around the world and is the cause of the fall of the Great Tower of Babel, of which today the only evidence remaining is  a big hole full of water... sorry, I had to throw that in... . Did you really think Seth was concerned about the Pillar of Stone being destroyed by a world-wide flood somehow moving 60 ton rocks?


Where do you think those missing stones went to? And yet it survives! Hint: Look down stream and good luck. Now, do you understand why it may have been built using 7 to 60 ton rocks? Did you really think they needed to use such large stones to create a chronometer to cast shadows when they could have used dominoes? Maybe...


In BC times, Stonehenge would have been located at a position nearly equivalent to N 17 latitude or just 500 miles below the BC Tropic of Cancer. At that latitude, assuming that the Earth was still the same distance from the Sun, and oriented as it is now but with a different North location, Solstice Sunrise would have been at approximately 68.68 Degrees at an elevation of 12 degrees and from the outside of the Sarsen Circle looking at the heel stone, the sun would have been perched nicely on top of it! Instead of behind it as it is today at 1 degree elevation. The Sunrise was in nearly the Same Place yet it was more accurate than today! How is this possible?



Now here is where it gets strange, Bonnie Gaunt missed this in her book, now follow me here…


Egypt was located at approximately 17 degrees N Latitude, west is unknown. BC solstice sunrise was at 68.68 BC degrees at 12 degrees elevation. 68.68 divided 4 is 17.17, 3 X 17.17 = 51.51. Today Sunrise at the solstice is at 51 degrees. The difference in North locations was approximately 17.17 at a Latitude difference of approximately 34.34 and divided by 2 is 17.17. With BC North in play, Stonehenge was at about 17 degrees N at nearly 5100 miles and with our present North location, it is at about 51 Degrees N. We might also point out the significance of the key number in the creation of the Great Pyramid which the foundation of is 51.51 degrees! And one last thing… some of you sharp characters out there might be wondering … What about Magnetic Declination, True Magnetic North, was this considered? Well… ya got me… I must admit I paid it no mind… why? Because the Declination is 0.17 Degrees.

One more thing I just have to add that I just noticed... Checking the location of my determined BC North location, I find it was VERY NEAR 51 miles north of todays  51.51 N Degrees and 151.51 W !!


Which scenario would you think was intended? I would guess both. This is way beyond coincident.


Only the son of Adam or Adam himself could have come up with this ONE near perfect geographical location that yields the same numbers for this monument to serve its purpose in TWO separate Times. There is so much more to this. But before leaving Stonehenge, there is a seemingly unrelated point pertaining to the focus of this article that I would like to leave with the reader to ponder. In Bonnie Gaunt’s book she points out that a line drawn from west station stone to and over and beyond the east station stone would go directly to the Great Pyramid, but she never attempts to see where it goes in the other direction, maybe she didn’t know, in fact I am sure she didn’t as I spoke with her many years ago, do you know? Some of you will see it and then ask yourself, what does the New Jerusalem in Jackson County Missouri (Adam Ondi Ahman) and Egypt have in common? Remember that Josephus said;


 that in case the pillar of brick should be destroyed by the flood, the pillar of stone might remain, and exhibit those discoveries to mankind; and also inform them that there was another pillar of brick erected by them.


And does not this alignment from Stonehenge identify this brick pillar? Egypt is the land in which the children of Israel was brought out of… The New Jerusalem is the place in which a covenant was made, that they should obtain, and Jackson county is in the center of the promised land.


Now who built the Pyramids and Stonehenge? Seth and his people and by the way, in them days man was an average height of 15 to 16 feet tall, how much easier do you think it was to maneuver those large blocks and stones...

I read Daniel’s book as a favor for a friend. Little did I know that it would give me a whole different perspective on a lot of things. I grew up in Kansas in a Catholic family. I had already found that the Bible actually differs with Catholic dogma and doctrine. Still, the Bible refers to several things which I have wondered about. In Daniel’s book I find a few answers which I would have never have pondered. I am referring to the firmament in the sky and the size of some human skeletons. (Some were found in my area.) These have been blips on the radar screen of my insurmountable topics of study until now. Daniel gives a clear “theory” or hypothesis which makes their explanation plausible. Daniel gives compelling evidence also for “BC North”. Indeed, if early monuments at archaeological digs can be found to point to a solstice sunrise, he may very well be onto a great discovery which will set the archaeological community on its ear.

Daniel gives a treasure trove of information which will surely be debated for years. I for one do not believe everything that I hear or read. I am not sure that I believe everything he has written here, but I tend to believe that it should be taken seriously rather than with the “grain of salt” that Daniel suggests many times in his book. I have found the book very compelling to read and as his editor, I have found this work a labor of love. (I offered my assistance as editor because I was very impressed and felt that I could help improve it without changing his message.) I highly recommend his book because it contains a wealth of information that you cannot find in any one place. He has brought together in one book many items which should be read by Mormon and non-Mormon alike. Until now, I am unaware of any definitive work which gives compelling evidence for the validity of the Book of Mormon with regards to the ancient history of this hemisphere. Buy the book and read it. It will expand your sense of perspective as it has mine. You be the judge.

Sincerely, Ron Guilfoyle

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