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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

The Salt Domes of the Gulf of Mexico


I have been asked many times over the years regarding my thoughts of what I believe the Salt Domes of the Gulf of Mexico are or more specifically what the academics refer to as the Sigsbee Escarpment being the one primary feature you just can’t miss or excuse away, as there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world.



So what are the Salt Domes? Well they are the same thing as the Sigsbee Escarpment other than the Salt Domes comparatively speaking are in their infancy. But why are they here in the gulf? 

For a good laugh or eye rolling, one would do good to read what the academics claim is the reason why these unique features exist. They would have us believe that for some odd reason excessive evaporation of the ocean, only right there in the gulf mind you… and caused excessive amounts of salt to drop out of the water and this is what caused the formation of these features, they also try to tie it into the Pangea/tectonic plate movement horse pucky theory implying that this some how had something to do with it. So now we are to believe that in all the world, some event took place and cause excessive evaporation in this one place in the entire world, the whole idea is for a lack of better words, one of the dumbest things I have heard coming from so called scientists. There are just some things Smithsonian cannot hide, but they can sure put these so called scientists in front of us and carefully over the years in our education system mold a majority into believing all that they say, daring not to question them. 

At this point I would encourage the reader to reflect upon or read the chapter in the book Nephite North titled “Ye are Salt of the Earth.”

Before I continue on our journey to find the cause of this strange unexplained anomaly, let’s see if we can find out where this enormous amount of salt may have come from because what science says just plain isn’t the truth. Let’s look at the drainage area of the Mississippi river.


That’s a pretty big area, but even with thousands of years I just don’t think we could get enough salt, presumed natural salt, to build these unique features. One more thing we might touch upon, what exactly is salt? I am almost afraid to read Wiki’s take on this one… but lets just say, that every living thing is composed of 72 minerals, salt is the smallest existence of these minerals with out converting into a gas. If it were not for plant life, there would be nothing to convert the metals of the earth; into a smaller compound we call minerals. The salts are even smaller than the minerals and I may be off on this just a tad… but as it relates to this article let me say, you truly are salt of the earth. If 50 men died all at once and we dug a hole and threw them all in and buried them, I don’t know how many years it would take but at some time in the far future, all that would be left if you were to dig them up, is salt.

Reflect upon the story of Lots wife from Genesis of the Bible, and when the Lord was about to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because of their repulsive wickedness. The Lord appealed to Abraham and told Lot, his wife and two daughters to leave and do not look back! But Lots wife just couldn’t help herself and upon turning around to look at the horrible scene, her body was instantly reduced to nothing but the salts of which we are all made up of. If you have ever wonder what became of the thousands of people of Sodom and Gomorrah, they likely suffered the same thing as Lots wife, and if you want to find them, just look down steam, go no further than the dead sea. 

I wonder how many are now thinking about the Great Salt Lake and Lake Sevier… that is a bit of a story… 

Before I expand upon this idea which you are no doubt beginning to see, let’s take a look at some pretty convincing evidence to help build the case. How many battles would you think took place in the Mississippi’s drainage area over the last 4400 years since man first stepped foot on this land after the great flood? Well let’s get some idea. 

Now since the pole shift of 2000 years ago, there have been many battles between the two primary cultures that existed up until about 400 AD. The academics call them the Mississippi mound builders or more specifically the Adena and the Hopewell cultures; I prefer to call them Nephites and Lamanites. There was also another culture mixed in during the first 400 years AD which are known by some as Gadianton, I like to call them the Greeks and or Romans of the Western Roman Empire. How many were killed in these battles over 4400 years? Well let’s look at some evidence.


Now just to clarify, in the images above each of the smaller yellow circles you see represent by estimates due to archaeological surveys, 12,000 to 120,000 Fluted or Clovis arrowhead points. Of these sites I personally believe many of these could be just good hunting grounds. But lets look at one of the larger circles which represents based on discoveries and an estimate established at 2,400,000 to over 5 million points estimated to be in that area. Now this sounds more like a battle site to me. What I am driving at is, prior to the event 2000 years ago, many more battles took place in the Mississippi drainage area. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of men were slaughtered time after time and the most common practice in these massive wars in order to dispose of the bodies was to throw them into the rivers to be swept away to the sea. 

I would highly recommend a read of what I consider as thee most accurate plausible history of this land, being none other than the Book of Mormon. 


3:3 And now as many of the Lamanites and the Amlicites who had been slain upon the bank of the river Sidon were cast into the waters of Sidon; and behold their bones are in the depths of the sea, and they are many. 

Alma 2:34 And thus he cleared the ground, or rather the bank, which was on the west of the river Sidon, throwing the bodies of the Lamanites who had been slain into the waters of Sidon, that thereby his people might have room to cross and contend with the Lamanites and the Amlicites on the west side of the river Sidon. 

Now one more thing that would puts this more in line… the Salt domes are located at where the Mississippi river enters the ocean today, and are much younger than the larger feature found more centered and in line with the larger and presumed much more ancient formation the Sigsbee Escarpment in which the Mississippi emptied into the Gulf much further to the west and apparently was much larger at the time based upon the topography showing how vast this river was in the past…


The image above shows where the effluent was and how wide and large the Mississippi was in ancient times. The red line shows where the Mississippi flows today and the approximate size. Where would you think all the dead bodies ended up and now where would you think all that salt came from? If what science says about excessive evaporation and this being where all that salt came from is true… I would like to talk to them regarding the Great Salt Lake, and the Dead Sea. Where are the salt domes in these two lakes where in the salinity can be as much as 9 times greater than the ocean? Where did all that salt come from in the Dead Sea… how about the Great Salt Lake? 

“Yea, and the city of Onihah and the inhabitants thereof, and the city of Mocum and the inhabitants thereof, and the city of Jerusalem and the inhabitants thereof; and waters have I caused to come up in the stead thereof.”

3 Nephi 9:7

SEE Article: Cottonwood Marble Tablets 

And I am not going to talk about the salt in Sevier Lake… yet… ;-)

However, SEE: Lost History of Sanpete Valley

Mathew 5: 13 Ye [truly] are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.

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