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Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Stripling Warrior Cave

I’m going to get a little more personal in this article than I would normally do. I hope it is taken well and not too much read into it, however this article will shed some light on why I do what I do, it is the core of what drives me and has compelled me to dig deep… to find what so many do not know to uncover, find it too difficult, or more often than not, just don’t care nor see the importance of it… they would rather hold onto their idol’s coat tail. In this article, if you are paying attention, you will find me tippy toeing into a side of me that many of you did not know, even many of my close friends, into a spiritual side of it all.

Sometime in about 1989, I was going through some of the worst times of my life, or so I thought, these were the days just following the days where in I was on top of the world and I knew exactly where I was going and what I was doing… Or so I thought… on this I will simply say by way of intended advice… be careful what you pray for.

One day I was out hiking searching the mountain which had become a favorite place in my pursuit of my sanity and what would become my new found love, the study of the Native American Petroglyphs. I had spent 3 years on this mountain alone searching every possibility I could devise. These were the humble times wherein I lost myself in the one thing that was not about me and my troubles, and it seemed to keep the gun out of my mouth.

To this day if you were to go to the Salt Lake BLM office, there are some very large books which contain USGS maps with notations and dots placed upon the maps of the many archaeological finds throughout the state, many in places you would not think. Upon a couple of certain maps are the very dots I placed upon those maps working with the BLM archaeologist of the day, Mel Brewster, a pleasant and large 6 foot 6 full blood Indian, half Paiute half Goshute.

Mel accompanied me from time to time to this mountain, to this day I believe I had found many panels, many which he had never heard of nor had anyone else mentioned before, I placed many dots upon those few maps, and I showed Mel many of the sites he had not seen. But there were just some sites I felt at the time, compelled to keep to myself for some unknown reason, and keep them obscure. These are the days where in I was learning to listen to that still small voice, which today I refer to as listening to my gut, or follow my gut, actually today I have no choice as my gut gets to anyplace I am going before I do.

One particular site I kept to myself, I had spent many weeks on, studying the glyphs trying to discern the intended meaning. It was a strange site, a site just like two others I had recently discovered, what I mean by “strange” is, there was the feeling of a presence. I knew the glyphs I was looking at was speaking of a cave, and somehow was giving instruction as to how to find this cave. After several months of trying to discover the answer I felt that it just wasn’t time, and I knew someday I would return to this site and hopefully by that time I would have better understanding. It would be 18 years later before I returned.

Sometime around 2007, I met with a friend and colleague, in talking about various projects he perked up and said, “Oh I have to tell you something”… He told me of a man who made a very strange discovery and had a very strange experience and he went to his Bishop and told him about it, and after hearing it the Bishop told him, “You need to get in touch with this guy, (Being My Friend) and tell him.

The man came to meet my friend in the mid 90’s as I recall and my friend asked him to tell his story… the story went something like this. He said he was over on the (Directions given) of a particular mountain hiking when I came across some petroglyphs. These are the very same petroglyphs I mentioned earlier, and I knew it and my ears perked up because I knew what was to follow, I knew the location, but my friend did not know this yet. The man told him after looking at the petroglyphs he hiked up further and found a small opening which was under a small white ledge, being curious and having his usual hiking items such as a flashlight he decided to investigate the small hole. He crawled in on his belly where it opened up and to his surprised he was met with some very amazing things. He said to my friend, I never knew we had anything on this continent like this… my friend ask what do you mean? He said, “There was all kinds of strange artifacts like Egyptian things, [BUT NOT Egyptian] there was weapons, armor and many other kinds of things! I just never knew” “ it freaked me out and so I hurry and started crawling out of the opening and just as I am coming out I notice these two large feet wearing sandals standing in front of me! I followed up his legs to see a large man wearing the same armor I had just seen! And he raised his hand pointing away, and told me “Go from this place and never return least ye die! You have been allowed here as a witness for others that will come!” then he says to my friend, by the way, what is a Stripling Warrior? My friend asks “why” He then says, “well he told me that he was a Stripling Warrior and that it was his commission, calling, or that he had been ordained as guardian over this contents of this cave."

After hearing this and forcing my mouth shut, I headed out after 18 years to see those glyphs again and to hike up again where I had been 18 years prior, looking for a cave. Not 5 years later I would hear the exact same story from another person who also met with the finder. I am told he has not nor will he ever talk about it again, 

Make no mistake people… And feel free to take this with a grain of salt… There is more of these things in this area than you would ever think.. The question is, why? Within 50 miles of this place has been reported, 7 cloth wrapped mummies in a cave, the largest being 7 foot 9 inches, another cave found around the 30’s said to contain “many Aztec’s" sitting in a circle, and they had their horses with them!” Several wrapped mummies in a cave near Fish Springs resting on shelves, and other things I ought not tell. Extending out 100 miles even more incredible things and 250 miles to 300 even more…

As it turns out, and I never knew it would come to this, but there are certain glyphs to look for, and in certain places… but as it would seem… has it all been for nothing, a way for me to function and keep my sanity? or for some unknown purpose not yet realized? I don’t know but I admit, I grow week in all respects… regardless, I am grateful for the experiences.

This is just another of the many types projects on my list...

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