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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Seeking Interested Dedicated People

Digitally Reconstructed

I am looking for some good people; people preferably centralized in Utah but it is not necessary, People who have an unquenchable thirst for wanting to understand the Native American Petroglyphs and what they may mean, I am looking for those who can’t get through the week without going to some new site. I am not looking for the casual enthusiast, I need dedication, the ability to go at the drop of a hat on a new adventure…  someone not prisoner to a job.  

I have a Non Profit organization, but lack the ability understand it, let alone run it, I am looking for people who wish to take advantage of this as well and help me bring it to realization. Knowledge of organizing and running a non profit is definitely a big plus…

This group is intended for the purpose of participating in the Preservation, Education and Documentation of the Many Native American Pertroglyph and Pictograph sites throughout the west. Preservation includes the digital reconstruction of those sites in danger of being lost forever. Education includes exploring the possibilities and expanding on the research of LaVan Martineau, which in my mind and as a result of 30 years of trying to prove him or disprove him, has proven to be the only source of a plausible answer to this ongoing mystery.

If you have an interest I invite you to contact me for further details and to discuss the possibilities. Tell me why you can help, How and offer any suggestions. You may contact me preferably at tuscoro@gmail.com to open a channel of communication.

Thank you for considering… Daniel Lowe.

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