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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

2600 Historic PDF Books, articles and/or papers.

OVER 1300 of the Earliest Discovery/Archaeology Books of this Continent Recorded and DOCUMENTED by those who Experience it with Indian Legends (See List Below) $68


Near 2600 historic pdf books including the above mentioned books/articles with the Historic LDS based book collection of over 1300 books, (See List Below) $98

MOST of these books can be difficult to find, and expensive! Solution? PDF Books

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For the Serious Historic Researcher

See Complete List Below

 Book Cover of Aztecs by Lucien Biart
Translated by J. L. Garner 1887

The History of this Continent and the indigenous people are so vastly misunderstood, and as time goes on the ignorance seems to grow and what was once known, as little as it was comparatively speaking, to the full truth which may never be known, seems to be suppresses and diminished the more time passes us by.

Over the last 30 years, I have made it my own personal vendetta to rediscover the things once known by the first colonists and/or those first Europeans who first arrived on this continent known in the accepted histories. What was told to those earliest of explorers and archaeologist and what they experienced and seen with their own eyes is vastly different from what is told today. Now we have presumed educated men today telling us what these early explorers really saw or not, and what they really meant, how does that work?

Of those who were most notable and respected even into the early 20th century who did not succumb to the whims of Smithsonian and its Bible of Manifest Destiny, these men of truth who reported exactly what they found who were once respected scientists and explorers are now refuted and diminished by those of the orthodox academic world today.

Since the arrival of the first historically accepted Europeans, the indigenous tried to tell there story, their history, their origins and migrations. Many of the first explorers of this continent listen to them, saw the evidences with their own eyes, a majority of which is now brushed aside, ignored and labeled as fiction and myth and those once highly respected men are now excused and many labeled as visionary, pranksters or hoaxers.

It is the reasons above I started my collection of books of those most early encounters, books that due to changing financial struggles left me no choice but to discontinue collecting actual hard copy books, books often very difficult to find and if you could find them they were very expensive. Because of today’s digital informational capabilities, many of these hard to find and considered controversial books have been digitalized, Photo copies of the original first edition books, not retyped-republished and edited to fit today’s orthodox beliefs. To me, collecting these books is as important as it was for the Aztec to preserve their histories and genealogies of which was the most important thing to them along with their religious beliefs, regardless of how corrupt or indifferent they had become.

I see society today, diminishing the intelligence capabilities of our young ones, steering them away from learning of the truths, causing them to cast of the legends, histories of their very roots, confusing and destroying the roots of their religions, knowledge of their origins and teaching them not to think for themselves but to be good little conformists and do as Caesar tell them to do.

I highly recommend, that you acquire as many of the old books as you can as the day is not far in the future where in you will see a literal destruction of the most ancient of histories, including those of the creating, forming and foundation of this country we now call home. History is full of information genocide, vast destruction of knowledge to dumb up the people and cause them to forget what they are fighting for…

Find out what the earliest of explorers saw with their own eyes and were told by those whom they first encountered. Don’t let the truth be buried and always try to discover the true histories of the continent as it is the most incredible story yet to be told, and some day I hope to tell it although I know it will be written off as pure conjecture even though the many evidences cannot be denied.

* What did the majority of those first explorers conclude by observation as to the origins of the Indigenous after living with or spending many years with them? What archaeologist today had that benefit?

* What was told to those explorers who asked regarding the Petroglyphs and Pictographs found all across this nation? Art or a written Message? AND Who really Made them?

* What were they told concerning their legends of the vast changes of geography, creation of mountains, lost rivers, ancient inland oceans and our coast lines?

* how is it that these Indigenous knew so much about the many stories and tradition of things contained only in the history of our Bible, which is believed to have never been known by the Indigenous?

* Why is it that the God of the Academic world, is so hell bent on destroying the concept of God, and knowledge of what the Ingenious knew?

* What was it that caused E.G. Squire and J.W Powell to team up and alter the course and original purpose of Smithsonian?

* What is it so many expeditions beginning as early as 2400 BC of cultures previously unknown, were looking for and the reason they have been coming to this land? Who was here when they got here?

*Land Bridge or by boat? 14,000 years ago or 4400 years ago?

* 7 ancient cities? 7 enormous caves?

* 7 and 9 foot giant skeletons?

One of many 9 foot skeletons located near Kanab Utah

 One of 30,000 artifacts written off as a hoax

Stone ax written of as a hoax

Copper large shoe sole, weapons and farming implements

Who had time to make 30,000 fake artifacts and why, place them in over 1100 mounds, over a period of 300 years and sometimes beneath 5th generation oak trees?

Although today a majority of these books can be found and freely downloaded, just to give an idea of the time that has been spent and in all fairness when I started this project, the download time was much greater… Just the collection of 180 exploration documents dating from 1000 AD to the mid 1800’s and translated to English in the late 1800’s, took TWO of us 4 days to download. You are not Buying the books you are compensating me by donation for the time spent.

I have put together just over 1300 (Inludes many articles) of these hard to find books in digital format, original scans in most cases of the original books of these first explorers and what they observed.

I offer this digital collection of 1300 plus books and articles which is about 16 Gig, for $68 and this includes the cost of the flash drive it will be sent on and shipping.



You may buy the complete 25 gig collection of my research resource books for $98 which includes the religious LDS based HISTORIC book collection and articles for a total of over 2600 PDF books/articles, SEE LISTS BELOW) and I will throw in my own pdf books! (see below pic) (Add $15 for 32 gig flash drive and shipping)

If you have an interest and would like either collection….

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Books by Daniel Lowe

 Below are the majority of Book Titles of about 700 or more of the 1300 Historic Books with Author name and date

Click on the Image Below for Larger Image if needed.

A Majority of the LDS Based Historic Books and Others
(Partial List)

Excellent Quality scans... of original books

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