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Monday, February 1, 2016

3 Kings Panel Dryfork

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I have shared this one many times in the past, it seems to be a fovorite as I get request for it often, it is just one of those places I just can't get enough of. 

I wish I could tell the half of this site and what it means, what has occurred here and what remains hidden... the mystery of this panel. Much speculation exist concerning this site, and those things in which I say about it, should be considered as the same, for the truth lies within... whether it manifest itself to you or not, is another story. Truth has a way of escaping the common eye and is only seen by those who seek truth diligently with a true love of the truth and an eye single to the glory of the creator.

What mystery does this panel speak of? Does it have to do with the Utes, Anasazi, Aztec, the Roman Colonies, King Solomon or perhaps even King Aurthor? Does this panel have to do with the mythical seven cities of Cibola and the mysterious missing lake Copala? Perhaps not... Perhaps... Some things are just best left unsaid... I am still asked to this day how I got these photo shots.... well... ya do what ya gotta do...  it will remain my secret ;-)

Regardless... enjoy...

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  1. Awesome! Very interesting to think about, so many things could tie in.


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