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Sunday, June 27, 2021

An old Spanish Monument

 In August of 2005, some friends and I were traveling up a well known canyon when I gazed to my left and up high and saw what appeared to be a monument.  We pulled over but not for long as we had some Woolsey Trees to go see... Taking out the binoculars and spotting the suspect  monument, it was quite clear it was indeed a monument, but who built it?... I had my thoughts at the time and suspicions that if it was indeed an authentic monument, what message did it carry? why had none of the so called experts who had spent many years in this area never mentioned it? I wouldn't know the answers to these questions for another 16 years... 

Over the years and driving past this monument many times, each time I would stop and look still wondering... I don't know why but I just never went up to it to see. A few weeks ago we were traveling the same canyon going on a recon mission to investigate a very strange site, once again we stopped and looked... but this time I decided it was time... I knew I wasn't going to hike up to see it so instead I found the roads that lead to a half mile from it just as it was from where I stood, but at least it wasn't a half mile straight up. Not able to find contact information for the land owner, I decided to contact my very loyal friend, Tracy Gardner, who has a drone. Today Tracy went to the site but not to fly the drone, I should have known better, he makes it look as simple as it use to be for me... Today I finally got my pictures and although still uncertain of a few things, I'm pretty sure it is an authentic Spanish era monument and it does indeed carry a message which points to the Red Ledges some 4 leagues away. Gee, I wonder what could be there? 

Anyway... thank you Tracy for all you do.

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