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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Who Are They?

Who are They?

Part One

In the above photo taken in Hereford Texas in the year 1920, there is at least 4 significantly important individuals, unknown heroes from the Civil War era, two men and two women, can you find them and identify them?

SOME of you know the answers, please don't spoil the fun... yes, to me it is fun and I thrive on it, there is nothing more invigorating than discovering the truth. “And the Truth will set you free!

It will be years if not decades before the American society comes to the knowledge of the actual events of the Civil war. As it would seem some are beginning to figure it out and apparently, the powers that be seem to be threatened by that, I can't imagine why... I would elaborate on this but feel it would go unread and without any concern where in if one would delve into it and learn the truth of it, they would be shocked... if they cared at all...

For the same previous given reason is also why I will not at this time reveal the 4 individuals... If I were to tell it would create disbelief and scoff. “Some” from the world of the academics simply could not even consider it and why? Because the curriculum has so carefully taught or should I say indoctrinated the student, they dare not question... I don't claim to understand but it is so well taught, many loose the ability to think otherwise or for themselves....

Now... Concerning the 4 individuals....

The first man and most significant is most always portrayed as a thoughtless, ruthless, blood thirsty, murdering, scoundrel and thief, and he was some of those things yet he was so much more and is one of Americas greatest bona fide yet unrecognized heroes. A man who truly fought for the freedoms of the Republic and against the worst enemy we have ever had, still have and will ever have, However, “Great will be the fall!”

The second man is the father of the first, yet you will not find this in history and I'll bet you can't guess why?... Remember the Victor writes the history and it is the Victor of that war who is now trying to erase that history, they don't want you knowing these men were heroes nor why. This man is known for his first act in the Civil war and because of orthodox history, (the Victor), most would never hold this man in any kind of regard, they would instead hold up and build statues hailing another man, Americas first Caesar and first president to committed treason against the Republic and from his own mouth admitted his destruction of the once free Republic.

The first woman is the first mention mans wife. This was no common woman, this woman has done more in defense of the Republic than any other woman since, except her mother in law. Behind every great man, is an exceptional women...

The second woman is the mother of the first man mentioned and yes, the wife of the 2nd man. Like her daughter in law, this woman has done more in defense of the Republic, along with her daughter in law.

It isn't the propaganda or what history has fed the public for the last 160 years that the Victor is trying to hide from you, it is the truth of what that war was really about that they are trying to get rid of, because there are many who are awakening and beginning to see the truth, the victors worst enemy is NOT truth, it is growing knowledge of the truth. They know that a lie can never stand against exposed truth.

Perhaps in a few days I will identify the four individuals and maybe four others in this photo from 1920.

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