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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ya, It's the Little Things # 4

Ya, It's the Little Things...

Stressed? Bad hair day? Maybe... Central Utah Glyph

Old Cabin of the not so distant past Near Hannah Utah

A small seeming meaningless glyph near Ivins Utah

Another one of them "Summit" Monuments... Because some can't see the forest for the trees?
This one was near 10 feet tall... and still not on the Summit. 

Wreck it Ralph, Arizona Strip

Mountain Strawberries at 10,000 Feet  and the size of a small marble...

Central Utah

Mountain Moss and Fern, 10,000 feet

The 3 Amigo's Utah County

My favorite desert critter from childhood, the Horned Toad sitting on a specimen taken from a Silver Vein high in the mountain near Fillmore

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