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Sunday, February 1, 2015

November of 2010 Stansbury


  1. I have journeyed there countless times since the late 1970s. Taken friends, family. led a Friends of the Great Salt Lake group and held Fall Equinox ceremonies there. My son was conceived on that Island as I led the rock art sculptor to see the actual image which he'd sculpted in 3d from a photograph. When that son turned 21, he wanted to return to see the rock art. A huge pit remained of many of the art which had been pecked on the boulders. We were disoriented and fully aggrieved. Where were they taken? (I know the Utah Museum of Natural History had one (1). I documented them all in the 1980s. If I can post a photo, I will send the work done by J.D.P.

  2. It is likely you were at the wrong point, it has happened to me as well... I am certain they are still there...


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