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Friday, February 13, 2015

A glimpse into the not so ancient past...

Some of the things you might come across while 
venturing out into the unknown.

Hmmm? What is this? A few may have seen this, but, have they seen the next three clues that have been missed for near 150 years? My friend Todd didn't miss them... 

My first authentic carving, this tree using an increment borer dated at just under 500 years, Checked and re-checked by a professional.
It is now dead. "Turn around, 120 Degrees, go one league"

Whose Cabin was this?
Located just off Indian Land.

Rumored Old Spanish Mine, found by loggers.

Let me guess, a sheep herder monument?

the remains of an old stone cabin just south of the Utah Border...

One of the two dugouts found on the road to Toroweap.
My friend Mr. Warby after he got back from Viet Nam was building fences for BLM in the area, when he came upon these dugouts he investigated a little closer, he pulled several arrowheads out of the door frame. It is said this dugout belonged to Preston Nutter, yes the same Preston Nutter know as the Cattle Baron of Nine Mile.

I'll bet there are a few who recognise this, and the historic significance of it...
"Wolfskill Expedition, 1830-1831" Not far... from the Gap...

As it appears today                        Enhanced                        Enhanced and repaired

The Expedition symbol, and a map? It doesn't get much better than this.

This tree is now right at about 300 years of age. There are four other trees nearby with instructions by way of signs. Interestingly enough, Mel Fisher told a friend of mine that much of what was found on the famous Nuestra Senora de Atocha which sunk in 1622 off the coast of Florida, came from the mountains of Utah. Mel Fisher spent two years in Utah searching 3 specific places. Where this tree is located, is one of the places Mel was searching, but Mel never found this one. This site is associated with an expedition into the Uintas and documented in 1771. The tree above was discovered by my good friend Wild Bill. The next tree carving in succession along this now unseen trail, is found on the map of 1771. 

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