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Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Mysterious Appearing Boulders

Many years ago in the first few years of this passion, I found some glyphs on the side of the mountain. Even in those days I was very thorough when searching a given area. I photographed everything that existed on this hillside. About 8 years ago or so I was talking to one of my Rock Art friends, and she mentioned two  large boulders that had mysteriously appeared at this site. Sure enough when I revisited the site, there they were. I wondered for some time where these had come from. Since we have found that these two boulders were taken long ago, by whom we do not know, and "May" have been on the BYU campus but I don't think these are the same ones. I doubt they were put back in their proper place, but at least they have returned, assuming it is the place they came from. Here are the pictures I took of the two boulders.

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