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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Southern Utah, A Treasure Trove of Glyphs sites and remnant of ancient villages...

Many years ago, one of my many guides in southern Utah took me to a site which he just knew I was going to love, he was right, as we stood and gazed at the many glyphs, he asked what I thought they meant. I told him I could not possibly tell the whole of it, but some of the glyphs are referring to a village hidden from this location, he asked where I thought it was. I told him according to the glyphs the village was to the east and on that hill ...pointing....  you would have though I told him there was gold buried over there as he and one other scampered off to the hill which was near 300 yards east. Sure enough, there is was.

These photos are of the Glyph site we were standing at. These photos are courtesy of Rick Crawford as mine have disappeared. There are actually several sites like this one in the area... if you are familiar with this site and visit it again, go to the east and see the ruins... walk softly ...

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