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Monday, February 9, 2015

15 Minute (1/62,500 Scale) HISTORIC USGS TOPOGRAPHIC MAPS for sale (Digital Collection) FROM AS EARLY AS 1860!

In an effort to raise funds for upcoming adventures and feed the family! I am selling copies of my digital Historic Map collection.

THESE MAPS ARE NOT from the free download web site of USGS Historic Map collection, of which many features HAVE BEEN REMOVED! This collection comes from (In Part) from one of the largest physical Map collections in the Nation of over 72,000 topo historic maps. I donated a very small portion of this many years ago. I am not at liberty to say who has this collection.

HOWEVER... I am offering my collection of digital high quality maps for a
$40 donation. (Western States Collection)

If you want the
additional States and the Western States $80.

Why would you wants these?
*These maps show you many clues in your research such as, where were the old trails?
*How long has this road been here?
*Old building or town sites for the coin shooter people which might not other wise be known!
*Sometimes the maps show ruins of which are no longer on the historic maps of USGS
*Many old mine sites have been removed...
*Use your imagination, I have been using these for many years to provide evidences to resolve mysteries and will continue using them!

* Western States collection includes all 15 minute maps and some times others, (few exceptions if any) that existed from as early as 1882 to 1949, California and Nevada have additional maps beyond 1950.

* Near 1200 Topo Maps included with the Western States collection of;

Arizona 129 Maps from 1883 to 1946
California 630 Maps from 1882 to 1956
Colorado 110 maps from 1889 to 1942
Idaho 55 maps from 1891 to 1946
Nevada 98 Maps from 1860 to 1949 and 161 maps from 1950 to 1959
Utah 94 from 1885 to 1958
Wyoming 53 maps from 1885 to 1945

Additional states collection includes over 1700 additional maps;

Alabama 67 maps 1885 to 1947
Arkansas 48 maps 1887 to 1947
Florida 66 Maps 1890 to 1944
Georgia 78 maps 1888 to 1964
Illinois 203 maps 1890 to 1950
Indiana 31 maps 1897 to 1944
Kansas 99 maps 1884 to 1948
Kentucky 111 maps 1884 to 1947
Missouri 209 maps 1884 to 1951
New York 311 maps 1884 to 1946
Oklahoma 67 maps 1892 to 1951
Ohio 223 maps 1890 to 1945
Pennsylvania 243 maps 1885 to 1953
Tennessee 63 maps 1884 to 1968

ANY DONATION EXCEEDING $80 get a free Copy of the World Maps! Over 200 Historic early maps of the world and the west! and high quality in most cases!

Please help me and my family by donating now!


PayPal recipient     crickett4@cut.net    (My Sweet Amy's account)

Or for other arrangements....
Email me with details of what you want at        tuscoro@gmail.com

Examples of quality of maps;

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