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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

The old Spanish Gold mines above Kanosh Utah


One of the first accounts of Spanish in Utah that I heard some 40 years ago was mention that somewhere above Kanosh Utah was a massive Gold Mine dump... I always wondered where this idea came from...

On April 15 1900 this article appeared in the Salt Lake Mining review, for the most part it would seem it did not catch much interest, but a few even to this day have taken the time to investigate further. The following two accounts are likely never to be revisited by myself but hopes remain.... It would seem those with the ambition and interest are growing few. Discoveries such as this seem to be almost non existent today, or is it that some of us have just learned to keep our mouths shut? Oh how I wish I could tell, perhaps someday if and when I find that right time, and the right man... In the meantime enjoy...

One Year Later

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