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Friday, February 24, 2023

Corazon Treasury of New Mexico


Last night I and the kids watched one of our old time favorite movies, Romancing the Stone, as predictable and simple as it is… the Corazon Map he had resonated

Today I was rummaging through the files and stumbled across this map. For the life of me I do not recall where the first one came from, perhaps one of you could shed light? Maybe it was created for a movie that never happened eh?  whether the map is authentic or not I cannot honestly say, however what little research I have done leans towards authentic despite the obvious mistake in the date of Roman Numerals Originally MLCXVI, but possibly intended MDCXVI (1616) and changed by me, although I believe the true date is much later.

Of all the documents I have seen over the years, it was common to mistake the values of L and D and to interchange them. Those who are quick to discount the authenticity of documents due to laziness would be all over this like flies on dung as to why it is a hoax, you see, it is much easier to pretend intellect and call it a hoax rather than give credibility, put forth the effort and prove it. I have my reasons as to why I am fairly sure of its authenticity. 

This copy has had four words removed from it by me, but for those who recognize certain geographical features will have an idea as to where it is. I am open to any input as to what certain markings might mean, I have already figured out the Spanish text. The one word that most catches my attention most is ALMACEN, (store) or better fitting, a depository because it sure as hell isn’t a 7-11 or Smiths Food King. 

Not long after I acquired this map, I was describing it to one of my New Mexico friends, apparently it reminded him of a map he had acquired of which he sent to me, and since then I have been given clearance to share it, but I decided to remove the same identifying words. I believe the area in question is well within the area or on the edge of the western boundaries of the Peralta Land Grant. I can’t help but notice the many coincident of things compared to the Peralta Stones. Although it is possible the Coazon of the Peralta Stones may be one and the same with this one, I have strong reason to believe they are separate. Depositories are more common than anyone will admit.


But we have our Peralta Stone skeptics also, but I’m telling ya… if you knew the whole story from the Peralta Land Grant trials, and the travels of Mr. James DeNoon Reymert and other details, they might see why I am near certain of the authenticity.

This is just another of the many projects I wish I could get to, but unfortunately it becomes clearer every day the unlikelihood of this desire as I am reminded each day as to why I cannot at this time. I could tell you about my recent dealings with SSA but I won’t, chalk it up to business as usual. And as a reminder, I know things are tight right now with this current administration, boy do I know it… but if you can please donate to help me keep this up and running.

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