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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

A strange Story indeed...


Ok people, This could possibly be one of the stranger stories I have told. I don’t recall exactly when I was entrusted with it but one file suggest 2012. I was asked by a friend to look at all the information in order to help resolve it and I was asked to keep it to myself. 11 years has past and my friend who shared it with me has since passed, he was also told to keep it to himself as well, however that person has passed some time ago. 

Still… my gut tells me to keep certain details to myself, I hope you understand. Also please understand I cannot deny or confirm the authenticity of the story, there are things which I cannot disclose that has me leaning towards authentic. I have yet to travel myself or send someone to confirm details. 

The following is two versions of the same story told at two different times, the first is the story told by nick name, Apache Jim whom it happened to back in the 1950’s, the second is told by my friend as he remembers it being told to him in person. Some details have been left out. (Jim was a very good artist and could sketch out anything in just minutes.)


Image drawn by Jim


Saucer Odd Map story


:…. "This map very well be the key to many hidden treasures such as the Arch of the Covenant and other things. I need to find out what language is here.

To tell you what happened, I was driving down the old Wash Road to the Gilsonite mines when I seen this woman walking down the road. I thought it very goofy that someone would be out here walking since its a long way from anywhere. I stopped to pick her up and the strangest thing happened. She said she had been waiting for me! Damndest thing ever. There was nothing out here in those days, nothing at all for miles and miles, so I thought anyways. 

We had been working at a small outpost where the two Rivers meet. Anyhow, she insisted that I take her to what she called Twin Buttes. She took me off the main dirt road towards the west and out in the desert. She said they had something for me that I was supposed to do and I had been chosen. I was scared shitless. Anyhow, we rounded this little butte and there half way buried in the sand was a saucer, like a dinner plate that turned out to be a spaceship that she said had crashed. They came to retrieve the dead pilot and his cargo. When we passed the crashed ship I looked up and there was a spaceship standing on three legs just plain as the day is long! She said her name as Lolowan. 


Image of woman drawn by Jim

She was a beautiful young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. When we got to the spaceship she told me to come inside. As we went up the ramp a man came out to meet us and he looked like she did, blonde hair and blue eyes and very tall. I was still scared and thought I was going bye bye in the sky. The man told me I had been chosen for a very important mission.

Once inside the ship he showed me a strange Black Box. She the girl said there were other Boxes and one big one was in the State of Washington. We talked for about an hour. The man gave me information on so many things it's hard to recall them all. How about the Arch of the Covenant being in Sanpete is nuts! Anyway, the man said the box was something that would be hard to comprehend since man had not seen things like this yet. He was right! He opened the box. It folded out like a suite case would. There inside was a 1,000 tiny discs he called wafers. He slid one in small slot and said each little wafer contained 100 years of history from the beginning. He had me put a hood over my head and the next thing I knew I was seeing a movie right inside that hood!! Damn thing was crazy!!

Lolowan told me that the wafers contained things like everything imaginable like science, medical, cures, ancient languages and other great things. He said mankind has no knowledge of the box except a chosen few. That thing left a deep impression on me and believe it or not, I learned a few things in a very short time. They told me I was to take the box to Sanpete where a man would meet me in the town of (town mentioned) to collect it. They said I had to go to a certain butte where there was a map carved in the side of it and I was to make a copy on paper then very carefully cut the map out of the rock and take it to Sanpete with the black box. 

A portion of the map


Very similar to Greek Cursive 100 BC-400 AD


After a while I said goodbye to those people but before I left they told me they are watching all the time. And the time will come when things will be made known to all mankind. Scared me! Wow!

So, I found the butte using their directions. [this is not far from the Henry Mountains] It was a rough trip out there because there are no roads so I had to make one and it took a while. I found the map and copied it then took about two hours or more to get the rock and into the back of my truck. Oh, they told me there was a huge cache of gold near that place. They told me that the Thunderbird People guard the cave where these things are hidden up. I found out later that Johnny B. knew them or some of them. He said there were Indians that called themselves Walapie [Hualapai] that helped in the protection of these ancient sites and said there are three caves in Sanpete that have stuff in them. Two on the east side and one on the west side. 

Anyway I took all that stuff to Manti and that's when I met John B. He didn't give me much but enough and didn't say too much about the caves only that they are well hidden and protected and that they were very old. He said that NSA was after the boxes but how they knew he didn't say. I thought the aliens said not too many knew of it. Anyway that's about it. When I see you again I'll tell you more cause I will remember more." 

The following is the story written from memory by my friend and sent to me presumably around 2012.

Strange Map


"I got the map from Gail (Not Gale Rhoades) who got it from Johnny B. The story of the map and what it represents came to me by an Indian who knew Apache Jim. Jim  was working in eastern Utah on a Gilsonite mine.


One day while driving out to the site he spied a woman on the side of the road. He stopped to ask her if she needed help, to which she replied that she did. He asked her where she needed to go so she told him she would show him. Soon they came to a small dirt trail coming off the main road which she pointed at and told him to turn onto it. The narrow road wound through the desert and finally ended at a large knoll. She told him to come with her so he got out of his truck and followed the woman around the knoll to where he was shocked when he saw a spacecraft much like a flying saucer!


The woman told him she wanted him to meet her partner who turned out to be a man. Both the woman and the man were blond haired with fine facial features. He was told that he was chosen to take on a special mission or assignment, that they would give him information that he needed to complete his mission. These people were not aliens but from earth but from (place mentioned). They took him inside the ship where he was shown around. Soon they took him to a bench where a large black case was. They unfolded the case like an accordion case to reveal a screen much like the old tv screens in the 40's. They showed him a tray within the case that held hundreds of small round disc looking items. They told him that one of these disc held a hundred years of history of earth time. There were disc that told of ancient math and more. They told him he was to take this case and deliver it to a man in Sanpete County, Utah. But first he had to make a map from a petroglyph site they knew of. The man gave Jim a map showing him where to go to find the rock map. Russell left the pair in the ship and headed out. He had no idea what man in Sanpete County he should give these things to. He then remembered that the Man told him that the person in Sanpete would contact him.


Jim followed the map to a mesa outside of Hanksville, Utah. Jim was able to drive pretty close to the mesa. He searched the area for quite a while before finally finding the glyph. He brought some tracing paper with him so he set up tracing the map. After he had traced it he chiseled the map out of the rock and placed it carefully in the back of his truck wrapped in burlap bags to keep it from breaking. Within a short time Jim found himself in Sanpete County. He was sitting in a cafe in Mt. Pleasant when a thin framed man came and sat down at another table. Soon the man asked Jim if he was looking for a man to give something to. Jim, wide eyed said that he was! The two men left the cafe and went to Jim's truck where he showed the man what he had. This man told Jim that he had been contacted by two persons that told him to secret these things away once he got hold of them. Where was he going to hide them Jim asked? In the "Cave of the Ancients" came the reply. This man was Johnny Brewer! The cave he spoke of is east and north of (city named). The cave held relics from past history and from other countries as well as from here. Even the Arch of the Covenant is housed there. Jim gave everything to Brewer.


Whether or not Brewer took Jim to the cave is not known but I think perhaps he did because Russell knew too much to have not gone there. These great artifacts will come forth at their due time. All that man has done for a thousand years are on those little disc. The next person to see them will be called from on High for sure. The map shows where an ancient city was in the Henry Mountains or at least on the (0mitted)  flank of (Omitted) The mesa is Factory Butte just north of (Omitted) and west of Hanksville. Keep this story to yourself."


I am reminded of two stories, The Underground City of the Snake Kingdom and the following...


The author of the following story is a Navaho Indian. He revealed this tribal secret which he learned from the Paiute Indians, who inhabit the Great Basin and Mojave deserts of Utah, Nevada, and California. This native American, who went by the name Oga-Make, related the following account in appreciation for a story on the Navaho which appeared in the Spring of 1948 in a magazine which was carrying numerous articles on the mysterious "signs" or "fires" in the skies which were causing an enormous amount of confusion and debate during that same year, as well as the years following. The article on the Navaho nation, which appeared in an earlier issue, told of the suffering that their tribe had gone through during past winter seasons, and encouraged the readership to send goods and supplies to help them through the upcoming winter of '48-'49, which many of them did. In appreciation of this, Oga-Make related the following 'legend' which told of the secret history of the Americas which ran it's course, possibly thousands of years before white men set their foot en masse upon it's shores:"... Most of you who read this are probably white men of a blood only a century or two out of Europe. You speak in your papers of the Flying Saucers or Mystery Ships as something new, and strangely typical of the twentieth century. How could you but think otherwise? Yet if you had red skin, and were of a blood which had been born and bred of the land for untold thousands of years, you would know this is not true. You would know that your ancestors living in these mountains and upon these prairies for numberless generations, had seen these ships before, and had passed down the story in the legends which are the unwritten history of your people. You do not believe? Well, after all, why should you? But knowing your scornful unbelief, the storytellers of my people have closed their lips in bitterness against the outward flow of this knowledge. "Yet, I have said to the storytellers this: now that the ships are being seen again, is it wise that we, the elder race, keep our knowledge to ourselves? Thus for me, an American Indian, some of the sages among my people have talked, and if you care to, I shall permit you to sit down with us and listen. "Let us say that it is dusk in that strange place which you, the white man, calls 'Death Valley.' I have passed tobacco...to the aged chief of the Paiutes who sits across a tiny fire from me and sprinkles corn meal upon the flames...


"The old chief looked like a wrinkled mummy as he sat there puffing upon his pipe. Yet his eyes were not those of the unseeing, but eyes which seemed to look back on long trails of time. His people had held the Inyo, Panamint and Death Valleys for untold centuries before the coming of the white man. Now we sat in the valley which white man named for Death, but which the Paiute calls Tomesha The Flaming Land. Here before me as I faced eastward, the Funerals (mountains forming Death Valley's eastern wall) were wrapped in purple blue blankets about their feet while their faces were painted in scarlet. Behind me, the Panamints rose like a mile high wall, dark against the sinking sun. "The old Paiute smoked my tobacco for a long time before he reverently blew the smoke to the four directions. Finally he spoke. "'You ask me if we heard of the great silver airships in the days before white man brought his wagon trains into the land?' "'Yes grandfather, I come seeking knowledge.' (Among all tribes of my people, grandfather is the term of greatest respect which one man can pay to another.) "'We, the Paiute Nation, have known of these ships for untold generations. We also believe that we know something of the people who fly them. They are called The Havmusuvs.' "'Who are the Havmusuvs?' "'They are a people of the Panamints, and they are as ancient as Tomesha itself.' "He smiled a little at my confusion. "'You do not understand? Of course not. You are not a Paiute. Then listen closely and I will lead you back along the trail of the dim past.


"'When the world was young, and this valley which is now dry, parched desert, was a lush, hidden harbor of a blue water sea which stretched from half way up those mountains to the Gulf of California, it is said that the Havmusuvs came here in huge rowing ships. They found great caverns in the Panamints, and in them they built one of their cities. At that time California was the island which the Indians of that state told the Spanish it was, and which they marked so on their maps. "'Living in their hidden city, the Havmusuvs ruled the sea with their fast rowing ships, trading with far away peoples and bringing strange goods to the great quays said still to exist in the caverns. "'Then as untold centuries rolled past, the climate began to change. The water in the lake went down until there was no longer a way to the sea. First the way was broken only by the southern mountains, over the tops of which goods could be carried. But as time went by, the water continued to shrink, until the day came when only a dry crust was all that remained of the great blue lake. Then the desert came, and the Fire God began to walk across Tomesha, The Flaming Land. "'When the Havmusuvs could no longer use their great rowing ships, they began to think of other means to reach the world beyond. I suppose that is how it happened. We know that they began to use flying canoes. At first they were not large, these silvery ships with wings. They moved with a slight whirring sound, and a dipping movement, like an eagle. "'The passing centuries brought other changes. Tribe after tribe swept across the land, figting to possess it for awhile and passing like the storm of sand. In their mountain city still in the caverns, the Havmusuvs dwelt in peace, far removed from the conflict. Sometimes they were seen in the distance, in their flying ships or riding on the snowy white animals which took them from ledge to ledge up the cliffs. We have never seen these strange animals at any other place.


To these people the passing centuries brought only larger and larger ships, moving always more silently.' "'Have you ever seen a Havmusuv?' "'No, but we have many stories of them. There are reasons why one does not become too curious.' "'Reasons?' "'Yes. These strange people have weapons. One is a small tube which stuns one with a prickly feeling like a rain of cactus needles. One cannot move for hours, and during this time the mysterious ones vanish up the cliffs. The other weapon is deadly. It is a long, silvery tube. When this is pointed at you, death follows immediately.' "'But tell me about these people. What do they look like and how do they dress?' "'They are a beautiful people. Their skin is a golden tint, and a head band holds back their long dark hair. They dress always in a white fine spun garment which wraps around them and is draped upon one shoulder. Pale sandals are worn upon their feet...' "His voice trailed away in a puff of smoke. The purple shadows rising up the walls of the Funerals splashed like the waves of the ghost lake. The old man seemed to have fallen into a sort of trance, but I had one more question. "'Has any Paiute ever spoken to a Havmusuv, or were the Paiutes here when the great rowing ships first appeared?'


"For some moments I wondered if he had heard me. Yet as is our custom, I waited patiently for the answer. Again he went through the ritual of the smoke breathing to the four directions, and then his soft voice continued: "'Yes. Once in the not so distant past, but yet many generations before the coming of the Spanish, a Paiute chief lost his bride by sudden death. In his great and overwhelming grief, he thought of the Havmusuvs and their long tube of death. He wished to join her, so he bid farewell to his sorrowing people and set off to find the Havmusuvs. None appeared until the chief began to climb the almost unscaleable Panamints. Then one of the men in white appeared suddenly before him with the long tube, and motioned him back. The chief made signs that he wished to die, and came on. The man in white made a long singing whistle and other Havmusuvs appeared. They spoke together in a strange tongue and then regarded the chief thoughtfully. Finally they made signs to him making him understand that they would take him with them. "'Many weeks after his people had mourned him for dead, the Paiute chief came back to his camp. He had been in the giant underground valley of the Havmusuvs, he said, where white lights which burn night and day and never go out, or need any fuel, lit an ancient city of marble beauty. There he learned the language and the history of the mysterious people, giving them in turn the language and legends of the Paiutes. He said that he would have liked to remain there forever in the peace and beauty of their life, but they bade him return and use his new knowledge for his people." 

Could these have been the same people Jim met and talked with but from more ancient times? Could this be the people of Melchizedek of the early Bible which no one seems to know where they went? they disappeared around 2000 BC. As I recall, all that was said was that they went into the North Countries. Who were these people Jim encountered? Perhaps they once occupied the underground city of the Grand Canyon and the city under the Henry Mountains? Maybe the story is made up, and maybe it is true, what if it is true?

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