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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Underground City of The Snake Kingdom In the Henry Mountains?

 Originally Posted July 4th 2021

There are many unbelievable stories circulating the internet these days, stories of Egyptians coming to America, giant birds thought to be a surviving Pterodactyl, Giant Humans of the past ancient underground cities in the western regions of North America and even giant snakes... As a skeptic, some of these things I do not currently believe and some I do, but I assure you if I do or do not, I have very good reason to or not to...

One of those things I do believe in is giant snakes... Why? Because we have a record of them, not only of ancient times but in modern times as well. But what is considered a giant snake? In the story I am going to tell shortly, it is mentioned within that the snake is an estimate of “well over 28 feet” and “over 35 feet,” Is this possible? Of course it is... I read all the time of stories of giants of the past giant men, not snakes, I have heard of reports and some quite credible of 7 to 9 foot giants, truth be known, these are not giants, in fact neither are those reported of 15 feet tall. Giant to us indeed, but truly not giants, the giants of the past were much larger... I will leave it at that.

Have you ever wondered why various species were much larger in the past? So have I, but have you ever wondered why wasn't man? Probably not because scientist have clearly explained to us that these species lived millions of years ago and man wasn't here... do you believe them? I don't, but Enough of that...

The largest snake recorded and made available to the people for their knowledge, was 42 feet, said to have lived some “60 million” years ago so that you will never question it, and estimated to have been a one ton “behemoth dubbed Titanoboa,” Sounds scary doesn't it? and said to be a “descendant”, but I think they meant ancestor of the boa. The largest living snake in these times, some “60 million” years later, was recorded at 25 feet and 350 pounds however there is a conflicting story of an Anaconda measuring 27 feet and weighing in at 500 pounds... science, of all people believe the Anaconda “can” reach up to 30 feet. I guess I just wanted you to know this before I tell the following story.

Having slept a time or two and had a beer, some years ago I and some friends were sitting around the camp fire, when one of my friends who had remained some what quiet through a similar story just told... and after, that silence that generally follows a good story, broke. The man I speak of is one of the most credible individuals I know. He said, over in the Henry's there is an ancient underground city, said by the tribal people to have been large enough to house 50,000 people at one time. He proceeded to tell how he and his two friends had came to know of it, and how they found it. There are some who might read this who need to know, he never told us where it was, he is a man of his word and if he gave his word not to show anyone, he would never do so. He did however described a tunnel they had found, of some 80 feet which lead to very large stone doors. He describe the curious working of the doors and explained that at the beginning of this tunnel one would start out in ankle deep water, but by the time you reach the 9 foot tall stone doors, you would be up to your armpits in water. One of us asked why he hadn't opened the stone doors, his answer made perfect sense, water was leaking through and from the tops of the doors. He said he sat there for an hour in water, just studying the doors, trying to come up with a way to get access. Later after our trip he showed evidence of what he had told us, evidence of which I did not have to see, as I knew he was being nothing but truthful.

Not long after my friend had broke his silence, I sent him the following story, although he would not say how it was related to what he had told, only that it was... 

The story below was published in about 2010, as the story went.... 

More than twelve years ago, an elderly Piute Indian lady and a male friend – both from Price, Utah – were chasing down a Piute story from the lady’s youth. The lady’s grandfather had said there was an underground city, and gold mines, under the Henry Mountains in Utah, near the former site of what the grandfather described as the “Serpent Temple”. The grandfather had a hand drawn picture of the entrance to the temple – showing giant snakes carved in rock. He claimed the picture was from his family and the temple had been destroyed and buried to hide the site. To shorten the story substantially, in their searches of the mountain, the male claims to have been watching some cattle at a spring near the site and suddenly saw a monstrous snake strike a small under 1 year old calf of say 150+ lbs in size. He estimated the snake to be over 35ft in length. He claimed it knocked the calf over and quickly wrapped around it and he watched fascinated and terrified as it took a rather long period of time to engulf the calf.



Ultimately he claimed to have seen it and other of similar size multiple times, and went so far as to ask the local rancher if he had been losing any calves. The rancher replied rustlers were apparently taking 10 or 12 a year in the area.

The lady claims she was sitting on rock beside the dirt road one day and one came out from a hole in a pile of rocks nearby. Terrified, she remained frozen as it raised up to her face height and somewhat opened its mouth so close that she could even smell how foul its breath was. Oddly, the lady, who said she used to capture and eat snakes (especially rattlesnakes) routinely in the mountains in her youth, claimed the snake was like nothing she’d ever seen. She described it’s skin as being leathery, rather than having the scales she was used to seeing. Furthermore its head (“bigger than my head”), had some kind of dorsal ridge down it. After a long moment, it lowered its head and crossed the road at a diagonal, disappearing down the hill on the other side. The tail apparently was on one side of the road as the head reached the other. The lady and the guy claim to have measured the distance at well over 28ft.

I’ve visited the site. No skins, no massive snake scat to be seen. The couple however remained insistent in their stories. They claimed the snakes lived inside the tunnels in the mountain where the temperatures are constant, with plenty of water since the springs came from there. The Piute claims the snakes where put there to protect the site which incidentally is also supposed to contain a chamber with wall lined with gold or gold tablets upon which the history of mankind is written.

If the “snakes” were put there, how come they didn’t spread out? Oddly, that might be the easiest part. The Henry Mountains are literally an oasis in the desert, with water, large numbers of deer and one of the largest buffalo herds in the country. But the area around the mountains is rather inhospitable. It would likely be difficult for a cold-blooded creature (or is it cold blooded?) to travel far.

It’s a fun story. Is it true? I believe the Piute lady is dead now. She and her companion stuck to their story over the several years I talked with them. They said they wanted to prove their story to others.


I to have visited this site many times, it is a very strange yet beautiful place...

What connection does this place have if any to Calakmul and the Snake Dynasty of Kaan (Sky)? Snake Kingdom, or the ancient city of Culiacan? The snake serpent diety of Kukulkan? Is this the same Kaan Columbus was looking for? That's ridiculous!, Columbusaccidentally” discovered America, and if you don't think so just ask WIKI!

As it would seem, the two friends of my friend are likely the sons of the “Paiute” woman, but she was likely Ute. She wanted to show the world and prove it, I have the same ideas... however it seems her sons have different ideas... I have made several trips to this place and although I cannot say any of this is true... I feel that it is... I can say there is something very different at the Henry's... It is a feeling I cannot describe, something ancient... it is as if you are constantly being watched... And be warned... you cannot take enough spare tires…

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