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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Hopewell Spearheads

 "Ceremonial Purposes"

The default Academic explanation when they don't know 

what to say, and avoid the obvious answer.

"it must have been" "it was probably"

"It is thought to be"

3 ways to say, "We don't know" 

when pride won't let you tell the truth

Keep in mind, the people responsible for making these spearheads,  

were an average height of 7 to 8 feet tall.

Hopewell Obsidian Spearheads
Obsidian from Yellowstone Wyoming

A thousand years from now the Academics will stumble across in a dig of what is left of the Salt Lake Valley, a Kohler Porcelain toilet, they will have no idea what it is but will announce that it is 10,000 years old, and probably of Egyptian origin and thought to be for ceremonial communal drinking  purposes in worship to the Egyptian god Kol Lar, but the plastic Evian  bottle will completely perplex them but they will likely state that it must have been some type of musical instrument having its origin in Africa.... and thought to be 100,000 years old... Probably.

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