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Monday, December 5, 2022

Seeking Donations please


Hello everyone…. 

First and foremost I would like to thank you all again for your support!

I suppose some of you are wondering how I was able to pump out 11 articles this month?

Well the short of it is, I am in between bids, wish me success…  which means I have nothing better to do. 

I am writing today because I have had a friend pushing me to monetize my blog site, I have always steered clear of this for several reasons. As the still acting administrator of the Treasure of Utah Forum/Message board, created by my dear friend Randy Bradford and still up and running but mostly inactive… we always did our best to keep the site free of adds.

I wouldn't mind adds appearing on my blog site but I don’t want it… what about my readers, what do you think? 

Lord knows I could certainly use the money. I would like to see what my readers have to say, you can comment here but your comments will not be made public, or feel free to comment in Messenger (Daniel Lowe) or Tuscoro.com on Messenger. My friend has also suggested I implement a membership fee, and this is out of the question. Please know that I created this blog site to share my discoveries and research, it has never been about the money. I enjoy it when inspiration comes, and I love to share it. 

However because times are tough right now due to winter, the season and the recent need to change my business connections, I make this plea. 

So here I am again, and I leave it up to you, keep in mind I have every intention of continuing as inspiration continues, and I will never turn this into a member fee site. 

I DO welcome and encourage donations, as long as there is a need… and right now could certainly use them... if it were not for a few very generous friends; I don’t know how I would have got through the last 6 months. Please if you are able, toss in a few bucks, if every viewer threw in a buck or two every month, I would have no wants.

So if it is not to much to ask, please do so, my family would greatly appreciate it, as much as we appreciate your support in coming to this site. It sure would take a load off my shoulders.


Methods of donations can be made by;

Venmo…  @Amy-Crockett-Lowe

PayPal… crickett4@gmail.com

Metapay (Facebook)… Amy Crockett Lowe - on messenger

Or direct deposit at America First Credit UnionAmy Crockett living in Duchesne Utah


Thank you and may God Bless you in these trying times….


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