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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Now THIS... IS Rock Art

Hidden away in the regions of the deep gorges of the Grand Canyon are many caverns or caves, some are are so large as to compare to some of the largest caves known throughout the world. However a majority is never brought to public knowledge and the areas in which they are found are then restricted from hiking which is why we keep the locations unknown. Here is a recently discovered cavern and rare photos you will not otherwise see... The cave is thought to have been discovered by a BLM employee who tried to share his photos but was told to take them off the Internet by his employer, but others have been visiting the site for some time, fortunately, and unfortunately, the cave will likely never be made public knowledge partly due to its remote location, and so, I share these rare photos taken before the cave was barred from entry. There are some interesting Pictograph and Petroglyph sites nearby... Should you find a site such as this, walk softly and to not touch...

Not far from this cave... as a crow flies, we still seek the "Cave of the Indigenous" which according to the old document "contains amounts unknown to any man"....

Photos Courtesy of... Well... You know.... ;-)


A Spider frozen in time

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