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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Aztec Navigational Glyph

My reason for presenting this here today is to give some general information that I hope someone here may be familiar with. One aspect of my research is pertaining to this hieroglyph that is found in various places in the North and particularly Northern Arizona. This hieroglyph has been called many things, Water Glyphs, Key Glyphs and recently termed by an archaeologist report, Cup and Channel Glyphs. It is suspect that this hieroglyph is a key in navigation of the Aztec to and from their former lands in the North and to their more recent homeland in Mexico.

We have discovered near 130 locations of these hieroglyphs with GPS and photos for study. We have also found what seems to be a trail of them heading towards Mexico down the Rio Grande in Texas but have not received any confirmation of any in Texas. They are found between Saint George Utah (Some Say Nevada) to Page Arizona and from southern Utah to northern Arizona with a few exceptions of some found near Winslow and south of Holdbrook.

My question is to all of you, have you seen a hieroglyph such as this and matching the following description?

There are in almost every case found to be circular to oval shaped and about 45 centimeters to 60 centimeters in diameter. The tail as we call it is in almost every case where the glyph is complete and not damaged, about 90 to 120 centimeters long. The tail and the dots are carved deeper and wider than the rest of the hieroglyph at about 5 centimeters wide. The remaining part such as the line forming the circle and the straight line within, are not as deep or wide.

It is believed the trail of suspect hieroglyphs may head North out of Mexico towards and maybe east of Monterrey and then to the Rio Grande and following that drainage to their ancient homelands. It is suspect that these can and will be found between the two points along the way. They are in almost every case found horizontal and on the highest bluff or rock in the general vicinity, when groups of them are found they are generally in a crescent configuration.

If you know of any location of this hieroglyph between Texas and Mexico, please take pictures from all angles, please note the compass degrees in which the tail points (the Tail being the 4 foot line extending from the oval) and a GPS location (Set GPS Datum to WGS 84) . This is NOT a treasure symbol as some would believe, it is believed to be navigational in purpose and it is one of the many focuses of my research dealing with the ancient inhabitants of the Americas. Your assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.

Variations of what the hieroglyph may look like based on 130 locations are as in the following illustration.

Some Examples of variations

If you have any information concerning locations outside of south western Kane County, South eastern Washington County Utah or the extreme northern parts of the Arizona Strip in the areas of Fredonia, Colorado City and Pipe Springs area, please contact me at ...


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