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Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Cottonwood Tablets

In July of 1916, the headlines of a local newspaper read,

Mysterious Tablet Is Uncovered In Cottonwood Archaeologist Explore Workings of Ancients

For the next 4 days consecutive news articles appeared. It seems two miners working a copper mine in Cottonwood Canyon broke into what appeared to be an ancient tunnel. At first it was believed to be one of the many old Spanish mines believed to be in the area yet further exploration into the sometimes partially cave tunnels, produced no evidence of Spanish mining tools. Instead what was found was a labyrinth of tunnels with a hieroglyphic form of writings on the walls and sculptured reliefs. Upon discovery the site became closely guarded as archaeologist investigated a small part.

Like many archaeological discoveries yielding controversial artifacts, this site for reasons unknown, was never labeled as a hoax. Perhaps because the whole thing disappeared after just 4 days.

After 3 days of excitement and efforts to better clear the tunnel leading to this discovery, the miners are said to have set off a blast that caved the workings that led to the amazing archaeological discovery. Nothing was ever said of the find again and those artifacts which were brought out of the tunnels just seemed to disappear.

Among the many copper and iron implements, and pottery that were found, some curious tablets were found as well in the tunnels. 3 items were removed from the site and photographed for the newspapers, a Marble Tablet with hieroglyphic writings on it, a Copper Tablet/Plate with hieroglyphic writing and a collection of ceramics consisting of two plates and two pots. Where these items ended up, no one seems to know, the story, miners and artifacts just dwindled into the past and was forgotten. However two things that came from this event has survived.

In about 2010 the re-discovery of this remarkable find was found in the many old newspapers by my good friend and researcher. (Thank You Darrel) The digital scans of the newspapers were of very poor quality and so we made arrangements to go see the originals for ourselves which paid off. (Thank You Ryan)

In 1916 one man made an attempt to translate the tablets which resulted in the legend of the Salt Princess, No Ni Shee, his translation was accepted as factual and survives to this day, yet those who have heard the mythical tale, do not know it was created in 1916 by Herbert S Auerbach as a result of these artifacts and who in fact had no experience with ancient hieroglyphs or even any related field. In my humble opinion, I think his translation is way off and superficial. It is just my take but I see that it tells the story of the creation of Lake Bonneville and the events that brought it about.

If you have any personal knowledge as to the whereabouts of these presumed artifacts or if you would like to read the entirety of the News Articles, to obtain Pdf Copies of the 1916 original news articles or large images contact me at Tuscoro@gmail.com

Below is the the Marble Tablet, the Copper 
Tablet and the Ceramics brought from the tunnels.

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