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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hebrew? In the Northern Mountains of Utah

Somewhere in the Northern Mountains of Utah is a high mountain valley with a meadow, next to the trees, and there exists a strange arrangement of seeming hewn stones and seeming natural in their appearance and placement. It wasn’t until I and a friend were investigating the area concerning what at the time was thought to be unrelated. However as we sat on a large stone which we did not know was part of this arrangement and eating our lunch, my freind brought my attention to an arrangement of stones laying seeming quite natural as if they had always been there.

He asked if I had ever looked closer at them, “No” I said wondering why he would even suggest it. “Why” I asked… then he told me that they just seemed to be unnatural, and they seemed to be laid out in what appeared to be a Golden Ratio Triangle. “What is that” I asked, and he explained it to me… so we decided to get some basic measurements using only pacing, and the results showed that what he had spotted was worthy of further investigation… I will ever be grateful for this friend and his keen eye which saw that which I nor any other may have ever noticed.

Doesn't look like much does it?

NOTE: Those of you who may recognize this arrangement I ask you humbly to reframe from commenting with identifying words.

So much has occurred since the discovery, I could not tell even the half of it, but could write a book just on this site alone, I cannot tell what it is, but will share a small portion. For years what appeared to be an unidentified base measurement eluded me, but in more recent years I have found that the Cubit was used in this configuration. Of which of the many cultures who have come to this land, used the old Biblical measuring system, the Cubit, Span, Handbreadth and Etzbah? and don’t anyone say Egyptian or I will hunt you down and slap you…

I know there are some who find a portion of my statements as conjecture, and at times they may be but when I say this, it is based on much study, pondering and evidence… The Egyptians of old never went anywhere, they were lazy yet powerful, controlling and idolized, anything they ever accomplished was on the back of the captive Hebrew, and their claimed beginnings were of a culture long before the Egyptian existed... without the Hebrew, they were nothing… How’s that?

Take a look at this configuration of what is believed may be hewn stones, It looks like natural stones laying in a meadow.

However closer examination reveals there may be much more to this…  Follow the pictures to see the development of possibilities, and even after this, there is so much more to tell. Although I believe I know what this is all about, I cannot say… I hope you understand

Even the stones themselves yield interesting numbers...

Man made? or Natural?

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