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Friday, March 10, 2023

Origins of the Mystery Glyphs


It has been near 33 years since I stumbled across my first Indian petroglyph panel. In about my 4th year in studying the glyphs I recall reading of some petroglyphs found near Fillmore Utah that were very different from what I had been studying. In the beginning I would have thought that these strange looking hieroglyphs had no connection to the typical Native American Glyphs that I was use to studying.


Many theories sprang up as to who may have been responsible for their making. Over the next few years other sites were found and made known. First the Fillmore site, then Manti, Ogden and Nephi. About 1999 I heard of another panel being found in Provo and learned who it was that found it and I learned that he was also studying the possible origins of these type of glyphs. I recall at the time that I was anxious to find someone who had similar interests as I had, because up and until that time, I had no one to share my findings and discuss these things with. 

I managed to find the name of the individual and his contact information and arranged to meet with him. This is when I first met Terry Carter. Terry was and is an interesting character, a seeker of truth, ambitious and full of energy. Looking back on our first meeting I can now see that he was just as wet behind the ears as I was. But both of us had burning questions wanting to know exactly who was responsible for these very nicely carved hieroglyphs. It was Terry who gave them their name in which most refer to them today as the Mystery Glyphs. Terry was and is a record keeper. As the years passed a new site was discovered, and then another, and another and the list of sites began to grow, state by state throughout the western United States. It began with Utah, then Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California… a pattern began to immerge. 

Of the more popular ideas as to the origins of the Mystery glyphs was fomented around the 1960’s by a seeming delusional man by the name of Jose Padilla and his delusion has been since believed by many and even picked up by certain books authors. I have seen and photographed over 30,000 petroglyph panels, I like to think I know what to look for and I would like to believe with some merit that they were carved by none other than Moroni, but I just can’t and it is nothing more than wishful thinking of the dull minds of presumed intellect. Some have even tried to blame their existence on the Mormons as a hoax trying to foment their religion and this is no more ridiculous than the academics when they find themselves stumped for a solution to some problem then they usually lay the blame on Africa, the last ice age, polar wandering, continentals drift, the earths molten lava core, a 3.5 billion year old earth or some other made up fantasy. 

It is often brought up by the academics the obvious tool used to inscribe the glyphs like this was some surprise, but there is no doubt that a metal tool was used, as if that was supposed to convince me of being a recent make as if the ancients didn’t have metal tools? Some have fallen for this nonsense put out by those who control the academic agenda. There is no doubt the glyphs were carved using a metal tool, but this is not what has formed my theory. 

There is now 32 sites if I am not mistaken throughout the west, and with one maybe two exceptions every site is in a most difficult to get to place as if they were not intended to be found easily, and there is a railroad near by and a mining area of the past more specifically, around 1880’s to 1920’s. For several reasons I am convinced the Mystery Glyphs are not a hoax of any kind but are indeed authentic and of a recent make, as recent as 1860’s to as late as 1920’s. But what was the intended purposes?

It would not surprise me if eventually we hear of new sites in North Western Texas but not limited to, Montana within 50 miles or so from Butte, other locations in Wyoming and Idaho and Eastern New Mexico. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if a site showed up near Auburn Washington...

Had the academics considered certain reading material they were in fact taught to avoid, they could have very easily seen that the Mystery Glyphs of those examples we have, are near to or identical with the Ojibwa or Sioux hieroglyphs. (SEE Indian Sign Language by William Tomkins) Oh… we didn’t know the Sioux, Ojibwa, and Lenape for that matter had writing systems… I am not surprised considering the schools we attended as they directed the agenda of Smithsonian, but don’t feel bad, most of us fell victim to this indoctrination program called “educate” (Latin: Lead or led out), I don’t see any implication of something being learned or experienced. 

But… why would we find Sioux Ojibwa Hieroglyphs here in the west? The Sioux are pretty much indigenous to the upper Midwest and Ojibwa in the North East.

I have noticed due to my broad research of topics over the years that at times certain seemingly different topics come together and resolve a mystery. I could not help but take notice where in my studies of the true events of the Civil war, Jesse James and the Black Book, the implications found… I came across this map one day while searching deep.


If you look carefully and you are familiar with the Mystery glyphs and Sioux glyphs, it is very apparent that several of them were used in this map said to be created by Jesse W James himself.

When I saw this map, I swear I heard bells sound off and a voice cry out, “What do we have for him Johnny!?” It all fell into place.

Jesse W James was once asked: if he knew of any Golden Circle secret records. He replied, I certainly do. They are in my head and there are Confederate signs, often confused for Indian markings, on rocks throughout the West 

It is well known that two of Jesse’s top operatives were Sioux Indians, Jesse himself was well versed in Indian languages, sign language and the Indian writings, especially Sioux! He was married at one time to a Sioux Indian named Margaret Wabasha.


Margaret Wabasha, One of Jesse’s many wives 

and mother to Joe Jesse, father of Lee Hawk.


Jesse was also quoted as saying there is Confederate depositories all over the west and specifically mentioned all the states in which the mystery glyphs are found. 

How many of you have heard of the Hopi Code Talkers of World War I and the Navajo Code Talkers of WW II? The Confederacy had their code talkers as well. But the radio had not yet been invented. In all my research concerning The Black Book and authenticating the book, I can place Jesse W James and/or his alias in every Mystery glyph proximity. Many of the locations have had a significant robbery nearby such as the Nevada California Comstock Load Heist. “A decade ago, (1963) a national magazine writer charged that at least $50 billion in U.S. gold had "just disappeared" today’s value of near 3 Trillion.


In case you have not put it together yet, It is in all probability, that the many mystery Glyphs sites throughout the west, were made by KGC, Confederacy operatives in the time of Civil War to as late as 1920. The Glyphs sites are no doubt associated with depositories of the Confederacy. No, they were not carved by Moroni, no they are not ancient, yes they were carved with a metal tool, yes they are real… but they exist for reasons none would ever think. And I have to say this because there are those… you just simply have to tell… DO NOT dig a big deep hole under the glyphs if you find some, there is nothing there! 

If you wish to learn more about the Mystery Glyphs, Indian Petroglyphs, Sign Language and the true story of the Civil War and  Confederacy, I recommend the following books and Article.


The Black Book, Jesse James was One of his Names

Death of theRepublic

Indian Sign Language By William Tomkins

The Rocks Begin to Speak By LaVan Martineau

The NativeAmerican Petroglyph and Pictographs (6 Part Article)

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