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Monday, March 6, 2023

440 Year old Mine


March 6th 2023


Good Afternoon everyone, despite the ongoing battle with new challenges occurring it seems every day… I found myself with nothing requiring attention or the inability to do anything about those things needing attention, I decided to take a break from one form of pondering and focus on another that was aroused this weekend while meeting up with a group of friends.


As many of you know I have an obsession going on with what I have named the Espejo Land Grant, some 144,000 acres located in the Uinta Mountains, I suppose the reason that it pulls at me so much is the possibilities and profound implications of not only antiquity, but profound antiquity with possible connections of a Roman Colonization era sometime between 775 AD and 1050 AD, near 450 years before Columbus, 500 years prior to Espejo’s proven travels into the Uintas in 1588, near 300 years prior to what we have been conditioned to believe in that Father Escalante was the first of his kind, to enter into Utah having traversed through some 20 miles or so from the Uinta Mountains, and this is lightly put, pure bullshit.

A quick recap of Espejo…

Antonio is said to have been born in Cordova Spain in 1540, the academic story is simple in that Espejo came here a poor soldier of fortune who managed to become a successful cattle rancher with his brother, however a skirmish with a ranch hand ended up in murder charges against Antonio and his brother. With his brother arrested Antonio fled to the northerly most outpost at the time in Chihuahua. All the while Espejo is writing letters to the King requesting license to go further north into the outreaches of New Spain seeking apparently… a land grant. Espejo manages to side step this option however when he hears of an expedition soon to take place to go north in search of two priest who were left behind by a previous expedition, and possibly killed. Espejo offers to fund this expedition eliminating his efforts and need to obtain license. Reading the account of this expedition it is clear Antonio had ulterior motives. Shortly after the return trip Academic pens then run out of ink and they fabricate his demise in a return trip to Spain and stopping in Cuba saying that he died there in 1585. However… profound evidence shows that Espejo was carrying documentation of his ancestors seeking a land grant from the Roman days, and determined to find his family patrimony, evidence shows he did find it, while taking the liberty to travel further north during the expedition of 1582-3. 

What the academic pen didn’t know however is that sometime between mid 1970’s to 1990, An Apache Navajo would befriend a man who would later become my friend and at one time his new Indian friend brought to him, copies of several maps which he said came from dead Spaniards killed by his grandfathers long ago… One of those maps is the Espiritu Santos Map of 1588 signed by none other than Antonio de Espejo.

Since receiving this map it has become an obsession to prove its authenticity. The objective is the validate locations upon the map of which does not appear in any other map which may cover the same area but no other Spanish map has ever been found… Of the many things upon the map, several things have been verified, it is long past an attempt to prove. 

SEE More on Antonio de Espejo HERE 

Roman Vaults In Uinta Mountains


Last year while studying one portion of the map and focusing on one particular mine site of the 13 shown on the map, I determined what could only be the correct location of the mine. This excited me because you never know what it is going to be found upon locating it, I mean, the possibilities are that this mine, if found to be sealed, could mean no one has been in the mine for near 440 years! And if my suspicions of Espejo and what he was really doing for the 4 years of his second expedition are correct and depending upon whether he ever entered this mine, could mean that what ever is on the other side of the mine plug, has not been seen for near 1200 years and what might be found? Ancient Roman tools? A couple of dead Romans? A treasure hoard left behind? Enough Fantasy… 

It wasn’t long after realization of location I contacted one of my colleagues who apparently was as smitten as I was, he made the trip to the location and hiked in… Arriving at the location presumed and almost calling it a bust after a thorough search of the area, my friend spotted a suspicious looking mound… On closer examination it most definitely was a big and very old mine dump judging by the very large trees growing in the dump. Examining the portal of the mine, it was found to be closed but a depression remained. 

In the weeks to come he returned to begin digging out the plug and verify it was indeed a plug. After 15 feet and getting a little dangerous, he decided it best to quit until help could be obtained, However it was found to be absolutely a mine plug. As it would seem who ever plugged the entrance, Indians, Spanish or even Romans, apparently trees or logs were shoved into the entrance and topped off with sand dirt and rocks. He said the trees were so old it was almost as dirt. Clearly there is an abundance of silver present.

Perhaps this year we can get back there with some help and needed support to finish digging out the plug and who knows… we just might reveal history of which current history claims doesn’t exist.


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