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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Enormous Cave found in the Grand Canyon

 Originally posted November 6th 2014

Dear friends

About 6 years ago I had an accident where a ladder went out from under me… twice… yes twice. I have been on and up and down ladders since 1969. However on this day I learned something new, fortunately I wasn’t 2 to 3 stories up. As it would seem, a faulty ladder design (by Werner) combined with setting it up on a artificial plank deck didn’t go very well together. Werner was nice enough to offer to refund me for the ladder,,, I told them to F. O. 

The first time it happened I landed on the ladder rung ass first and broke my sacrum, bound and determined to finish the job… and baffled as to how it happened… I climbed the second time and it happened again, but his time trying to stop myself I tore my left shoulder rotator cuff. Needless to say I decided I was done. With a 2 hour drive home ahead of me, and having to sit on the very thing I broke, with one arm and a stick shift, I drove home. After 3 months of pure hell sitting in my favorite chair… it became tolerable but it would be a few years before the rotator cuff showed any signs of improving. Now days I am only reminded of it when I make a wrong move… but… last night, I have no idea what the hell I did but I woke up feeling as if it happened yesterday. So yes, I am in a sling today and typing with one finger…

But here I am… still trying to find ways to feed the family…. Yes I am… playing on your heart strings… 

So please visit the ResourceResearch page and make a donation, $10, $20, whatever you feel comfortable with…  I was going to start the battle with SSI today but not with one finger… well wait… let me reconsider that…

So today going through old articles I came across the following which was a slide show… but apparently it doesn’t work any more so I am making a video slide show … Please enjoy.


Some years back my friends of the south were out doing their usual and discovered an opening deep into an arroyo of the Grand Canyon. The Fed apparently found it not long after and it has now been barred. My friends were so taken in by the beauty they spent hours taking pictures and just exploring the beginnings. The return trip however to explore deeper into the cave was prevented by steel bars… 

Is this the enormous cave containing amounts unknown to any man, mentioned by Sylvestre Prado in the Las Murayas document? 

Why… being in such a remote area why would they close it off? Any way, business as usual, this is our small effort to share with you what they will never show you or tell you about. As you watch the video notice the petrified spider frozen in time.

I would love to give credit for the photos however with my advancing age, I just can’t seem to recall…. ;-)



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