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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Evidences of Welsh, Greek and Roman Occupation here in the West. Part ONE


The following 2 part article is in part an old 2 part article, revised and added upon… originally posted April 18th 2019.

As the narrative goes Christopher Columbus sailed the 7 seas and discovered America! Forget about all the people here when he arrived in the Bahamas then off to Cuba never setting foot on American soil… 

Evidences have grown so much more over the years despite the efforts of Smithsonian to continue preaching the old narrative and control discovery… Why would they do this? 

This is a question I have pondered much and the answers I have come up with are many but at this time, suffice it to say, the more you know concerning the Americas true history, the more control you have over those who are still trying to control you to this day. 

Evidence is clear that many have visited the Americas even as far back as the days of King Hyrum. Actual successful Colonization’s Include people from India (Approximately 1200 BC), Hebrew from Jerusalem (600 BC) and although it was only for a few hundred years we must include the Greek (100 BC to 400 AD) and Romans (775 AD to 1050 AD) and among these latter visitors we have between and intermingled with the Greeks and Romans, the Welsh (Near 500 AD to 1300 AD) and Portuguese. Visitations to the Americas Include two known events of Chinese, one in 100 BC and another in 400 AD, others known as Celtic, Phoenicians, Vikings, Nights Templar and Order of Christ are rumored. Vikings however is a made up name to accommodate those who worked against the Romans, after all how could they get you to fear and hate their enemy if they didn’t give them a scary intimidating name… they knew you could put together who the real bad guy was if you knew the Vikings were likely of Welsh, Portuguese and no doubt the Scots, enemies of Rome. The European conquest they used the word Pirates and in the civil war, rebels and in the conquest of Mexico Banditos, it’s a word and mind game people! called labeling like conspiracy theorist! 

Many of you have heard the rumors of Prince Madoc visiting the Americas in the 1300’s, but lets start with Prince Madoc’s 18th direct great grandfather King Arthur. But first… lets talk about the apple… yes the fruit

Isle of Avalon or Apple Trees

What “they” want you to know

But apples were here prior to good o’l Coloumbus


What an interesting opening line…

“Apples are not native to North America

The question was… “Origin of Apples”

When “they” open their mouth and reveal themselves…


The place the academics credit for the origin of the apple is of the very same people who first inhabited the Americas in about 2400 BC and it is well known they brought with them every sort of seed… and by the way, they came by boat.  However there is other possibilities as to who may have brought apple seed to the Americas, but if you go through life believing everything academics EDUCATE you with and never seek truth, you would have never known of these other possibilities in fact, you wouldn’t care less where the apple came from or the possibilities of previous cultures visiting the Americas.




Etymology of EDUCATE


Now lets talk about the place where King Arthur was traveling to “across the sea” Called the Isle of Afflon (Avalon) literally meaning “Isle of Apple Trees” We can’t have people thinking King Arthur was sailing to the Americas now can we? Obviously apples were here in 500 AD, but notice in the borrowed snippet above, “Greeks Etruscans and Romans Cultivated Apples,” imagine that! In addition, the orthodox mis understanding of the event of Eve eating an apple would imply the possible location of the Garden of Eden as being in the Americas, we can’t have the people thinking that now can we? These reasons may seem trivial but I assure you, these followers of Satan are not stupid, they are very good at causing you to believe what ever they want you to and the majority of the people in general fall for this EDUCATING ring in the nose hook line and sinker. THEY KNOW where the garden was… but not specifically. 

Many of you seekers of truth have heard the stories of Prince Madoc or Madog, the son of Owen ap Grufudd of Gwynedd, King of Wales 1137-1170, and 18th Great Grand son of King Arthur, un-orthodox history tells of Prince Madoc who took sail with several ships in search of nothing more than an adventure…. but there is so much more to this story which we will come to shortly, and after this article, we still will not have even graced a small part nor ventured far enough back to the time of the FIRST colonization’s which have occurred in the past on this continent with the exception of those first Americans, dating back even BEFORE King Solomon sent his friend, Hyrum, King of Tyre to the termed “mythical” place of Ophir. You can read more about this in the Book The Forbidden Histories of the Americas.

Unlike the usual cry of fowl! Hoax! We generally find regarding unpopular history, today we find from the reliable [?] Wiki writers; 

(Notice the choice of word by this Wiki writer which instead of denial, the article is more so apologetic)

The legends of Celtic voyages to America, and settlement there in the twelfth century, led by Madog (or Madoc), son of Owain Gwynedd, prince of Gwynedd, are generally dismissed, although such doubts are not conclusive. The Madog legend attained its greatest prominence during the Elizabethan era when Welsh and English writers used it to bolster British claims in the New World versus those of Spain. The earliest surviving full account of Madoc's voyage, as the first to make the claim that Madoc had come to America, appears in Humphrey Llwyd 1559 Cronica Walliae, an English adaptation of the Brut y Tywysogion.[7] In 1810, John Sevier, the first governor of Tennessee, wrote to his friend Major Amos Stoddard about a conversation he had had in 1782 with the old Cherokee chief Oconostota concerning ancient fortifications built along the Alabama River. 

The chief allegedly told him that the forts had been built by a white people called "Welsh", as protection against the ancestors of the Cherokee, who eventually drove them from the region.[8] Sevier had also written in 1799 of the alleged discovery of six skeletons in brass armor bearing the Welsh coat-of-arms. Thomas S. Hinde claimed that in 1799, six soldiers had been dug up near Jeffersonville, Indiana on the Ohio River with breastplates that contained Welsh coat of arms.[9] It is possible these were the same 6 Sevier referred to, as the number, brass plates and Welsh coat of arms are consistent with both references. Speculation abounds connecting Madog with certain sites, such as Devil's Backbone, located on the Ohio River at Fourteen Mile Creek near Louisville, Kentucky.[10][11] 

8."text of John Sevier's 1810 letter". Freepages.family.rootsweb.ancestry.com. Archived from the original on 13 January 2013. Retrieved 28 August 2017.

 9. The American pioneer: a monthly periodical, devoted to the objects of the Logan Historical Society; or, to collecting and publishing sketches relative to the early settlement and successive improvement of the country, Volume 1 (Google eBook) J. S. Williams., 1842

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Was Madoc simply following in the footsteps of his 18th Great grandfather trying to claim his patrimony? Is this what his other grandfathers were doing? Cynan ap Iago, Iago Idwall, Rhodri Mawr (Makhir, Americ Mixcoatl and priest King of the Toltec)? Hint, this is a story and linage the elite, Romans or Vatican does not want you to know about. 

There is much more to this story but one needs to be careful with stories such as this, legends have a way of growing and added to until the truth of the matter is so badly tainted, it becomes unbelievable and near unrecognizable.

The above WIKI article although certainly not definitive of facts, I thought was well presented although I always love the choice of words used by the writers clearly demonstrating their belief in order to maintain their prized credibility. 

What I am about to tell you is also short of the facts, and is presented as a plausibility, based on observation, common sense, and legend but not short of VERY compelling evidences. I would like also to point out to the serious searches of truth, when researching plausible truths, or unpopular hypothesis, always seek out the “original source material” rather than books about ancient history, written by someone 5 to 10 years ago, whose own bibliography lists only books written by some guy who wrote his book 5 to 10 years prior to the first and so on… The results of this type of research results in controlled conclusion to fit the orthodox belief, which is in my estimation suppressed or falsified history intentionally or not with a seeming agenda to keep the sheep from the truth. Understanding the magnitude of this seeming agenda, would shock most. The short of this statement is, there are some, who have almost always known the truth of this continent, and that truth is the very reasons why it is kept from you.

Not so Ancient Explorations and Colonization’s 

Prince Madoc was at the near tail end of those who have frequented the Americas in the past, only to have been with or followed by Nights Templar and Order of Christ just a few hundred years later, followed by the French and the Spanish. Prince Madoc is at the near end of the Genealogical line of those who have come long before him. Madoc was following a very old trail and knew for the most part, exactly what he was looking for and hoping to accomplish, and in comparison, to those he preceded, he failed miserably yet in another sense likely found great success. Do we really think that the Templar and/or Madoc were kicking up there heals, gathering in the golden wealth of the world and chasing around the world all for the sake of an old wooden cup of a carpenter and used by his own 31st Great Grandfather?

WHO HEREIN KNOWS, the true mission of the Templar of which they appear to have strayed from as a result of their demise. ALL people whom destruction comes upon, brings it upon themselves by first falling into iniquity. Those who humbled themselves escaped to Portugal and soon became the new organization known as the Order of Christ. It is my belief that they set aside their iniquity, humbled themselves and continued with their previous vowed quest and succeeded. Oak Island was just a stopping point. 

The true seekers of knowledge in their quest for historical truth are familiar with the ancient battles and conquests of the Islamic Nations over Christian Nation, there has always been opposition and the battles rage on even today, and history repeats itself because the lust for power does not change. Oppositions even exist within the two opposites. The so called “Holy” Roman Empire has this same ancient history in its quest to control the Christian and others who refused to be controlled, they who gave themselves this title were not so Holy and set themselves up as the rightful rulers of the world, the opposition being within. They have done everything within their power to destroy the true linage of those with the rightful authority to rule. The bottom line here is, if a religion has a history of, or has or is being forced upon you or any of your ancestors, you have found Satan’s workshop and his followers rarely know it. Our own semi current history and foundation of the formation of the United States as we know it now is an example, prior to the conquest most do not understand, it was known after 1776 as the united states of America of the Free Republic (proper upper and lower case). After the conquest in 1862 it is now known as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, or United States of America, the ingenious name of the Corporation, in order to keep you in the dark yet under control.


The Tucson Lead Artifact Discovery of 1924 

This Holy Roman Empire was not any less deviant and active in their quest to control others in ancient times and an example of this can be found intertwined with orthodox history and artifacts discovered September 13th 1924 By Charles E. Manier of Tucson Arizona. 

Of course like all controversial discoveries, it wasn’t long before someone claiming authority jumps in the middle crying hoax, the internet is full of the same regurgitated opinion of Professor Frank H Fowler, I won’t go into all of the anti-truth garbage now found on the internet, the skeptic hands work as well as mine…  However I will give the actual consensus by those who actually have the credentials to comment in this excerpt written by Tara Macisaac of The Epic Times concerning  Medieval Scholar Donald N. Yates Ph. D, and his recent book, the Tucson ArtifactsAn Album of Photography.


Tucson Artifacts Suggest Romans Made It to the

New World in the 8th Century 



April 9, 2016 Updated: April 10, 2016  

Medieval scholar Donald Yates, Ph.D., is shedding new light on controversial artifacts found near Tucson, Ariz., in the 1920s. 

At least 32 cast-lead artifacts, many of them crosses, were excavated from compacted soil in the Santa Cruz River valley outside Tucson. The make of the artifacts and their inscriptions suggest a colony of the Holy Roman Empire existed in the area in 8th or 9th century A.D., Yates said. 

Contact between the Old World and the New World is conventionally held to have first occurred with Viking expeditions around the 10th century A.D. Suggestions of contact before this date—and the Tucson artifacts are not the only artifacts hailed as indications this was the case—have long been dismissed by mainstream historians. 

Holy Roman Hoax? 

The Tucson artifacts have been decried as fake. But Yates says no one with the proper credentials to assess them has called them a hoax. 

On the contrary, Byron Cummings, who was the founder of the classics program and archaeology at the University of Arizona; and Neil Judd, who headed the Smithsonian’s excavations at Chaco Canyon, believed them genuine.

“To make that decision, you have to have credentials in certain areas—in Medieval Latin and paleography (the study of ancient manuscripts) and epigraphy, which is the study of inscriptions,” Yates said. 

“I’m a classicist, I have a Ph.D. in classical studies specializing in Medieval Latin and paleography. I have a whole row of publications in that very, very tiny specialized area.”

He said another uniquely qualified person to study the artifacts was Wake Forest University Professor Cyclone Covey in the 1970s. “His position was always … [that] there’s nothing phony about them,” Yates said. 

You can read more here… 



Hill Forts “Narbo” Narbonne

Among those most known for using Hill Forts in the past, Romans, Britons especially in Wales. The reason I bring up Hill forts is that I am amazed that by doing a search on Hill Forts, not one word is mentioned regarding the hundreds of Hill Forts here in the west, especially in Arizona. One Particular site near Payson Arizona, on two separate occasions the archaeologists involved were asked by a friend, if the Indians had built the fort now in ruins?  Adamantly the answer was NO… Was it built by the Spanish? He asked, Again the answer was and adamant NO. Well then who built them… after a short pause, WE DON’T KNOW, and with that answer, he knew that they did indeed know who built them but were restrained to tell.

I had no idea how many of these hill top locations there was until I had acquired the 15 Minute Map collection of Arizona. I have also learned that not all of them have been discovered.


These hill top fortifications are generally different shapes and sizes, and often we can find an old mining operation nearby. The walls can be up to 8 feet or more and 4 feet thick. These were NOT built by Pueblo people unless it was by slave labor under Roman Rule.


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  1. I am well aware of these hill top forts in arizona as over the last 20 years or so i have hiked to several and takin pictures. One thing they all share in common is the width of the walls being around 3 feet. Not something an native would do in my opinion. I can share some pics if you like brother dan.


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